10 Celebs Who Have Restraining Orders Against Their Fans

Celeb Restraining Order Fans

Restraining orders are typically reserved for obsessed and possibly dangerous exes, who usually don’t quite understand that the relationship is over. People also file for restraining orders when they have a stalker, and they've tried everything to get rid of the person, short of getting the police involved. So, the general consensus is that restraining orders are not a good thing, to say the least.

It’s unfortunate when celebrities have to file restraining orders against their fans, since many celebs are appreciative of the borderline-cultish devotion they get from most admirers. However, there’s always a small group of people who take their love for their favorite singers or actors way too far. Some of these fans have shown up at a celebrity’s home unannounced and refused to leave. Others have stalked the celebrity online and made the star feel very unsafe.

It’s pretty safe to say that some of these crazed fans are also fame-hungry, and don’t really mind getting the media attention that comes with being a celebrity stalker. It’s safer to say that there are better ways to get attention than to be pegged a crazy person for hiding out on a famous person’s property. Here are 10 celebrities who have had to file restraining orders against their fans.

10 Alyson Hannigan

After a man by the name of John Hobbs stated that he would “take her to the afterlife”, Alyson Hannigan got a necessary restraining order as a safety precaution. This must have been scary for the How I Met Your Mother star, who has two daughters with husband Alexis Denisof. Hannigan is also known for her role in the American Pie movie series, and was part of the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as Buffy’s best friend. As a child, she acted in the comedy My Stepmother Is An Alien with Seth Green, who would later play her boyfriend on Buffy.

9 Ryan Gosling

8 Halle Berry

The Oscar-winning actress is known for her artistry, but has long been thought of as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Apparently, one of her biggest “fans” agrees with this sentiment. In 2011, Halle Berry had to get a restraining order to protect her from a man who tried to get into her home by scaling the wall. It’s a good thing she’s got her husband Olivier Martinez, to protect her these days. It’s a known fact that Martinez doesn’t mind fighting if need be. He and Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, got into a physical altercation, which left Aubry with some pretty noticeable face wounds. Ouch!

7 Gwenyth Paltrow

6 Justin Timberlake

Celeb Restraining Order Fans

5 Usher

Celeb Restraining Order Fans

Apparently, one of Usher’s fans has “got it bad” for the singer, dancer and actor. Usher got a temporary restraining order against a woman who managed to get into his home more than once. She even pretended to be Usher’s wife at one point! That could have turned into a serious issue, since Usher has two sons to care for with ex-wife, Tameka Raymond. Usher is also ranked as one of the highest selling musical artists of all time by the RIAA, and aside from his lucrative recording career, he has also appeared in films such as, In the Mix, Light It Up, The Faculty, She’s All That and Justin Bieber’s Believe.

4 Selena Gomez

Celeb Restraining Order Fans

3 Miley Cyrus

The former Hannah Montana star has had her share of overzealous fans. But when one stalker tried to get into her home using a pair of scissors, it was definitely time to get the authorities involved. Cyrus got a permanent restraining order against the man. The stalker didn't adhere to the order and found his way back on the singer and actress' property. He was then convicted of misdemeanor trespassing because of it. This would undoubtedly cause a considerable amount of stress, especially considering that Cyrus has had her share of media attention over the years for that twerking incident with Robin Thicke, and her relationship turmoil with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s son.

2 Rihanna

The bad girl of pop had to file a restraining order against a stalker before he could actually get to her. The man broke into Rihanna’s neighbor's home, because he was under the impression that it was Rihanna’s house. So, the singer decided to file an order that is good for three years. The restraining order gives Rihanna one less thing to worry about, since she seems to be doing quite well after leaving her ex, Chris Brown, behind for good. The singer also stars in the animated DreamWorks film Home, and continues to wow everyone with her risky and inventive fashion choices.

1 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s stalker isn't likely to be one of her ex-boyfriends, since she’s made it clear that they are never, ever, ever getting back together. This obsessed fan is a man who actually wants to be in a relationship with Taylor Swift. The man claimed to be Swift’s husband, and sent her letters stating his love for her. He also contacted her on social media and via phone. The restraining order states that the man is not permitted to contact Swift in any way. Now Swift can get back to winning Billboards, Grammys and Country Music Awards for her catchy breakup songs. She has also appeared in the films Valentine’s Day and The Giver.

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