10 Celebs Who Have Almost-Famous Siblings

Have you ever wondered if showbiz talent runs in the family? We've got proof that lots of the time, it does. Not only does the talent of show business seem to be genetic for these 10 gifted siblings, but we're often seeing how wonderfully supportive these celebs are of their siblings' rising talents; it's been noticed that several celebrities work with and collaborate with their siblings. We're also seeing that having a celebrity sibling can open the door to a ton of opportunity.

That being said, it's probably not always easy to be out-shined by your celebrity sibling, so we thought we'd give these up-and-coming celebrity siblings some attention before the rest of the world catches wind of their remarkable talents - and these lesser-known siblings are so talented that it surely won't be long until the world starts catching on.

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10 Brandon Jay McLaren and Brother Brent McLaren

Brent McLaren's music video The Valedictory Address is incredible, and was actually directed by Brandon Jay McLaren. The video was released in June of 2013, and was Brandon's directorial debut which showed his genuine support of his brother Brent. The Valedictory Address was a project of true passion, and earned over 40,000 views on YouTube in 5 short days before it was unfortunately accused of illegal views by YouTube and taken down. Another reason for The Valedictory Address becoming a project of such passion and creativity was due to it also being Max Topplin's first music video project. Topplin is best known for his role as Harold Gunderson on the hit TV series Suits, and he was the Director of Photography for The Valedictory Address. More recently, Brent McLaren released his second impressive music video entitled Right Now, which truly showcases how talented he is. When it comes to acting, Brent has recently landed roles in TV shows such as Arrow and Continuum. Brent's most recent acting role was in one of this year's biggest feature films, 50 Shades of Grey.

9 Robert Pattinson and Sister Lizzy Pattinson

Speaking of celebrities working with their siblings in show business, Lizzy Pattinson was a vocalist for the hit feature film Twilight, a film her famous younger brother Robert Pattinson starred in. It looks like Lizzy might be famous soon; she's already had a couple of hit singles and her vocal abilities advanced her through to the live arena round of auditions on The X Factor. Simon Cowell admitted that Lizzy has "star quality" during an episode of The X Factor and even though Lizzy was ultimately eliminated, she reassured her fans that she will keep pursuing a singing career, as it is her true passion.

Robert is very supportive of his older sister; he told Grazia Daily that he is "so ridiculously proud of her." Just like the Mclarens, it seems talent definitely runs in the Pattinson family.

8 Jessica Alba and Brother Joshua Alba


Everyone knows who Jessica Alba is; she has starred in several popular films such as Fantastic Four, Good Luck Chuck and Into the Blue, and created her own billion-dollar company The Honest Company, a brand of non-toxic household and baby products. Jessica Alba has become a household name, but you may not know that her younger brother Joshua Alba, also has been dabbling in the acting industry. For example, he's appeared in the TV series CSI and in the film Alpha Dog.

Joshua recently told Entertainment Tonight what it's like to grow up with a famous sibling, explaining that he "got to meet a lot of people and do a lot of things" which was fun for him. Joshua expressed interest in the show business industry, so Jessica helped him land his first acting gig. She helped him get a role in an episode of Dark Angel, the TV series she was starring in at the time.

7 Kate Hudson and Brother Oliver Hudson


By now, you're probably noticing a trend that these celebrities and their almost-famous siblings often collaborate with each other on projects. It's always nice to see a star help his or her sibling out by getting their sibling's name out there more. Kate and Oliver Hudson are working together, too: Kate Hudson very recently named Oliver Hudson the new face of her popular athletic wear company, Fabletics' new line of men's athletic wear, 'FL2'. Kate also collaborates with her brother on this project by using Oliver as her go-to for feedback regarding FL2's style and function, since Oliver embodies the type of men the products are designed for.

6 Chris Evans and Brother Scott Evans

Chris Evans has had no problem finding success in acting, as he continuously stars in hit films. Some of the films he has starred in include Fantastic Four, The Avengers, Cellular and What's Your Number? His lesser-known but equally handsome younger brother Scott Evans, is attempting to climb his way up the ladder when it comes to making it in the acting world, but hasn't reached the same level of success as his brother yet.

Scott Evans has landed small roles here and there, from the mail clerk in the film Confessions of a Shopaholic, to a recurring role in the soap opera One Life to Live. Scott hasn't yet landed his big breakthrough role, but that won't stop him from pursuing acting.

5 Miley Cyrus and Sister Noah Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is definitely a household name - she blows many celebs out of the water with her huge following of over 20 million followers on both Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to acting, Miley Cyrus starred in Hannah Montana and landed a recurring guest role on Two and a Half Men. Miley is most famous, however, for her singing career as a chart-topping pop artist.

Miley's lesser-known sister Noah Cyrus, has proven herself to be a gifted singer as well. She may not have the fame Miley has, but some of Noah's YouTube videos have earned her over 250,000 views and it's not far-fetched that she may be famous soon, since her vocal abilities are quite impressive. Noah has landed some small acting roles too, and worked with her sister Miley, appearing in 6 episodes of Hannah Montana while Miley was starring in the series. Noah Cyrus is also a successful fashion blogger.

4 Jason Bateman and Sister Justine Bateman


3 Beyonce Knowles and Sister Solange Knowles

Beyonce is so famous that it became trendy to wear a t-shirt that read "Don't Worry Be-Yonce" and although she's most famous for her music and chart-topping hits, she's also famous for starring in movies such as Austin Powers, Dream Girls and Obsessed. There's no doubt that Beyonce is a household name so well-known, it'd be tough for any sibling to live up to.

Beyonce's lesser-known younger sister Solange Knowles, also works in the industry as an actress, writer, singer and performer. She both acted and performed in the movie Bring it On and she performed in several other films and TV shows such as Austin Powers and Girls. Although she hasn't had her big break yet, she may be on her way to becoming more known. In the past, Solange has expressed that it's not easy to constantly be overshadowed by Beyonce's fame, but Solange has done a fantastic job pursuing a career in show business on her own - even if she's not famous yet.

2 Blake Lively and Brother Eric Lively


Blake Lively is most famous for her role as Serena Van der Woodsen on the hit TV series Gossip Girl, and her starring roles in films such as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Town and Savages, has boosted her fame even more.

Her older brother Eric Lively, was actually in the acting game first, and it was Eric who initially encouraged Blake to audition for roles and pursue acting, but it was Blake who became super successful, not him. Eric Lively has still found some success, though. He has starred in films such as The Butterfly Effect 2 and TV shows such as The L Word.

1 Owen and Luke Wilson's Brother Andrew Wilson

It's probably not easy living up to the fame and success of two brothers like Andrew Wilson has to: His brothers Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson are both much more famous than he is, but Andrew is still off to a great start. Owen Wilson is famous for his starring roles in films such as Wedding Crashers, Zoolander, Hall Pass and Meet the Fockers, while Luke Wilson is famous for his starring roles in Oldschool, Legally Blonde and Charlie's Angels. The lesser known Wilson brother, Andrew Wilson, has landed small roles here and there, and definitely has a talent for acting, so we might see him become more famous soon.

Just like several of the celebrity sibling pairs in this list, Andrew Wilson has worked with his brothers on several occasions, as they have been able to help him get small roles in several of the movies they've starred in. For example, Andrew has appeared in small roles alongside his brothers in films such as Hall Pass, Zoolander and Charlie's Angels.

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