10 Celebs Who Got Another Women Pregnant While Committed

Being unfaithful to your partner is always an unfortunate state of affairs. The reasons why some people choose to step outside of their relationships vary, but things can get even more complicated when the infidelity results in a pregnancy. This often evokes more of a sense of betrayal than simply having a brief relationship with a random stranger. Some women choose to forgive their partners, and even go on to marry them. Other women take the baby that the man has fathered as a sure sign that the relationship has come to an end.  Then there are situations in which the mistress becomes the wife.

Sometimes it can be quite easy for some women to make a clean break after they realize their partners have been unfaithful. Other women need to get a little revenge before they come to grips with the fact that the love they once had is no more. But apparently, it is possible in some cases to make peace with the fact that these things happen, and while the outcome is sometimes peaceful, it is anything but simple. Here is a look at 10 celebrities who impregnated a woman while they were in a relationship with someone else.

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10 Future


9 Ginuwine


Ginuwine, whose real name is Elgin Lumpkin, is the R&B crooner known for hits like “Pony” and “Differences.” He has recently teamed back up with fellow singer Tyrese and Tank, as the group TGT. Ginuwine met rapper Sole in 2009, and the two got married in 2003. Prior to the marriage, Ginuwine had a son named Elgin Jr., who was born in 1991. But he has also confirmed that he has three other children by three different women, in addition to the two daughters he has with Sole. It is unclear when the three children who are not Sole’s were fathered. However, it is speculated that at least one of the children Ginuwine has recently claimed to have with another woman was born during his marriage to Sole. Hopefully TGT will be touring again soon, since Ginuwine has a pretty penny in child support to pay, since he and Sole separated in 2014.

8 Francois Henri-Pinault 

The CEO of Kering is known for his humanitarian work, but he also has a way with the ladies, apparently. Pinault was married from 1996 to 2004, and has two children from the marriage. In 2005, he began dating model Linda Evangelista. The relationship ended in  the beginning of 2006, but Evangelista gave birth to her and Pinault’s son in October of that year. She reported that Pinault had never supported the son they have together, due to the fact that Pinault doubted whether the child was his. In 2011, the two agreed to settle out of court. Also in 2006, Pinault started a relationship with Salma Hayek. It is not clear whether all Pinault’s romantic ties with Evangelista were severed before he and Hayek became an item. It was reported in 2007 that Hayek was pregnant, and the two were engaged a month later. Their daughter was born in September 2007. They broke up in the summer of 2008, got back together, and renewed their vows in 2009.

7 Swizz Beatz

Kasseem Dean, known professionally as Swizz Beatz, has collaborated with several popular artists, including Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Jay-Z. But his personal collaborations have gotten him in trouble in the past. Beatz was previously married to singer Mashonda, and the two have one child together Kasseem, Jr. Dean also has a son with Nicole Levy named Prince, who was born in 2000. Mashonda and Kasseem were married in 2004, and announced they were getting divorced four years later. Dean “went on” to have a daughter who was born in 2009. A Russian singer named Jahna Sebastian is her mother.

Swizz’s daughter with Sebastian was born the same year it was confirmed that Swizz Beatz and singer Alicia Keys were in a relationship. Rumors had been circling about their romance for about a year at this point, which indicates that Swizz’s daughter was born while he and Keys were in a relationship. The two married in July of the next year, and Keys gave birth to her first and Beatz’s fourth child, Egypt, in October of that year.

6 Ludacris 

5 Dwyane Wade

4 Chris Brown 

3 Sean Combs

2 Eddie Murphy

1 Kelsey Grammer 

Kelsey Grammer is known for his work on television, starring in popular sitcoms such as Cheers and the spin-off, Frasier. He is also a noted television producer, and a couple of his children have become actors as well.

Kelsey Grammer has been married four times, and has six children and one grandson.  When Grammer was married to Camille Donatacci, he fathered a child with the woman that would become his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh. Walsh and Grammer announced that they were engaged in December of 2010, but his marriage to Camille wasn’t legally over until February 2011. The baby Walsh was carrying in 2010 unfortunately didn’t survive. The couple have two children together; Faith, who was born in 2012, and Kelsey, born in 2014.

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