10 Celebs Who Ended Up Single While Pregnant

Relationships are filled with ups and downs. One of the happiest times for couples is often the arrival of a new baby. Of course, having a child changes the lives of parents forever, and going through the challenges and joys of pregnancy can be fulfilling and seemingly magical. Unfortunately for some couples, a pregnancy does not bring the two people in the relationship closer together. In some cases, having a baby isn’t enough to keep the couple together. There are even some times in which a woman becomes single while pregnant. This can come across as extremely heartless if the guy is the one who ends the relationship. Then again, some couples decide to mutually split, even though they will raise a child together. Every relationship is different, and people decide to end their relationships for a myriad of reasons.

Of course, a celebrity who is pregnant and newly single garners lots of public attention. People are likely to speculate about the woman’s situation, often assuming that the man she’s having a child with is of ill character. Of course, being newly single and pregnant can also cause people to form questionable opinions about her, even if she is a celebrity. Here are 10 celebrities who became single while pregnant.

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10 Shar Jackson

9 Christina Milian

Actress and singer Christina Milian was married to famed music producer The Dream, but the two parted ways while Milian was pregnant with their daughter, Violet. Allegedly, The Dream was having an affair with his assistant. He was also once married to singer Nivea. Nivea has children with The Dream, but also has a son with rapper Lil Wayne. It has recently been rumored that Christina Milian is now dating Lil Wayne. So, Milian’s daughter is related to a couple of Nivea’s children because of The Dream, and Christina could end up playing step-mother to Nivea and Lil Wayne’s son. Yeah, it’s pretty confusing.

8 Kelis

Singer and businesswoman Kelis married rapper Nas. The two separated when Kelis was pregnant with their son. Things were so bad between the two at the time that she didn’t even notify Nas when she went into labor. Kelis also stated that there was a time when she was completely dependent on Nas for money to pay basic bills in her house and to finance the care of their son, Knight. Reportedly, Nas has tried to win her back after his infidelity (which caused their breakup), but Kelis has refused. This was a shock to many of her fans, since it’s not often that an ex-husband writes a rap song confessing his love for his ex-wife. The two are now amicable.

7 Bridget Moynahan

Actress Bridget Moynahan was in a long-term relationship with Tom Brady, while Brady started dating model Gisele Bundchen. Both women became pregnant around the same time. Tom Brady decided to end his relationship with Bridget Moynahan and ended up marrying Bundchen. Embarrassing. Moynahan, who is also a model, made her film debut in 2000 when she appeared in the movie Coyote Ugly. She was also in the films The Sum of All Fears, I, Robot and Lord of War. She also appeared in the sitcom Six Degrees, but the show was cancelled after one season. Since 2012, Bridget has been on the CBS drama Blue Bloods.

6 Denise Richards

5 Heidi Klum

4 Mary Louise Parker


Actress Mary Louise Parker, who is known for her work on the TV show Weeds, was in a six-year relationship with fellow actor Billy Crudup. However, the two split when Parker was in the last trimester of her pregnancy. She gave birth to her son in 2004. Some would assume that she still got a lot of help and support throughout and after pregnancy, since legendary actress Susan Sarandon is the child’s godmother. A few years after her break-up with Crudup, she began dating Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor she met on the set of Weeds. The two became engaged in February 2008, but broke up just a few months later.

3 Minnie Driver

2 Kelly Rutherford

1 Mel B

Melanie Brown, better known as Mel B of the Spice Girls, was once in a relationship with actor and comedic genius Eddie Murphy. In 2006, Brown became pregnant with the couple’s daughter, Angel, but the couple broke up before the child was born. For some time, Murphy denied that he was Angel’s father, and alluded to the fact that he needed proof of his paternity. A DNA test revealed that Eddie Murphy was indeed Angel’s father. Eddie Murphy has since moved on to a relationship with Paige Butcher, and Mel B got married to Stephen Belafonte in 2007. She’s also a mother of three and a judge on the hit TV program America’s Got Talent.

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