10 Celebs Who Embarked on Online Dating

They are beautiful, wealthy and powerful, have the world at their feet, and able to acquire most of which money can buy. If celebrities have it all, would it be unfounded to suggest they'd have to scour on the Internet to find something that should come willingly and effortlessly to them? The answer is no, at least not when it comes to love. Just like the rest of single love hopefuls out there, celebrities have taken to the world of virtual matchmaking to find that special someone. Here we are counting down 10 Hollywood stars who have embarked on online dating!

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10 Deborah Ann Woll

She’s not just your average red headed bombshell, Deborah Ann Woll is the star of HBO’s hit series True Blood. While the Native New Yorker’s starring role in the vampire inspired series has kept her in the spotlight, like most actors, her personal life has received some public attention as well. Woll’s personal relationship with her current boyfriend, EJ Scott, began online, where the site of choice for the actress was Match.com. According to Woll, the two “bonded over their love of comic books.” Scott had been on the website for almost two years when Woll signed up.

9 Carrie Ann Inaba

Known for her quirky jokes, and strict judgements of American stars turned wanna-bee dancers, Carrie Ann Inaba did more than date on line, she met her fiancée! Evidently, the exotic and talented beauty had been dating a slew of younger men when she decided to join EHarmony and, according to her, “change it up a little!” Inaba’s relationship turned into an engagement when on March 31st of 2011, live on Regis and Kelly, Inaba’s boyfriend, Jesse Sloan, appeared on stage. Accompanied by dim lights and violinists, Sloan proposed on bended knee, and Inaba accepted. While a wedding was anticipated for the summer of 2011, a rep for Inaba confirmed she and Sloan had split amicably in 2012.

8 Chace Crawford

Best recognized for his performance on the hit TV drama, Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford has been linked to some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women including Carrie Underwood and Bar Refaeli. According to the actor, he took up online dating after discovering speed dating and the Jewish dating site, JDate.com. Crawford joked about not even being Jewish in a 2010 article in the UK’s Now Magazine. Evidently the 26 year-old has several different accounts that no-one knows about. If you're looking for an undercover bad boy (well kinda, Crawford was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana in Texas) you may want to start snooping for this handsome actor on a few online dating sites!

7 Matthew Perry

If Monica and Chandler were actually real people and not fictional characters created for television audiences, they would be the epitome of the perfect couple; best friends turned lovers. Unfortunately as far as reality goes, the incredibly successful TV sitcom Friends couldn't be further from the truth. Aside from his fluctuating weight, and an addiction to Vicodin, Perry has also been in the headlines for his romantic links to actresses Julia Roberts, Yasmine Bleeth, and Lauren Graham. The actor was also reported to have dated Lizzy Caplan for over six years. While details of his online dating escapades are scarce, it was reported that the former Friends star looked to MillionaireMatch to find love.

6 Adele

Her angelic voice let the world know she was going to ‘find someone like him’ while her undisputed talent earned her six Grammy Awards in 2012, including Album of the Year. The album, entitled 21, went 16 times platinum in the UK, and sold over 26 million copies globally. While Adele has received some controversy for her weight, her personal life has been kept just that, personal and private. In 2012, however, it was discovered, that the British beauty was dating entrepreneur Simon Konecki. Adele gave birth to their son Angelo later that year. In her book, The Biography, Adele confessed she too looked for love online before meeting Konecki. The star said she couldn't put a photo of herself, and hence didn’t receive any emails!

5 Patti Stanger

A matchmaker down to her core, it was inevitable that Patti Stanger would 'matchmake' herself online. The founder and CEO of Millionaire's Club International Inc., Stanger offers professional matchmaking services for millionaires. The 52 year-old, who also stars and produces her own reality show based on her business, claims “successful men in the dating arena needed a private, exclusive club where they could come to find their beautiful and intelligent wives.” Stanger dated and was engaged to Andy Friedman, a real estate exec she met on Matchmaker, but they later split ways, and Stanger found love online with mortgage broker, David Krause.

4 Jenny McCarthy

If you think playboy playmate’s don’t try online dating you're wrong; 1993’s playmate of the year, Jenny McCarthy is living proof. While the American model, comedian and TV host is well-known to audiences for her countless TV roles in popular sitcoms, she is also recognized for her roles on the silver screen, her outspoken opinions, and of course her love life. McCarthy has been linked to manager Ray Manzella, actor/director John Mallory Asher, to whom she was married to and had a child with, as well as Jim Carrey, with whom she lived with for several years. While the actress is currently engaged to former teen heartthrob, and member of NKOTB, Donnie Wahlberg, she has admitted to trying her luck with online dating in the past. McCarthy says she ‘checked out the men she liked between 35 to 48’ on Match.com.

3 Joan Rivers

She may be the most controversial American comedian, ever, with her questionable jokes on social issues and public figures, but Joan Rivers sure knows how to make her mark. Gaining popularity and launching her comedic style via The Tonight Show, and The Late Show, Rivers eventually went on to host daytime talk shows, write several books, and guest star in several films. Rivers married twice, but has remained single since the suicide of her second husband. Today the single 78 year-old comedian, and host of Fashion Police has admitted to filling out a profile at Match.com, with an apparent profile stating: “I love smart men, funny men, elegant men… If I had to choose between Brad Pitt stripped to the waist or an old George Clooney in a dinner jacket, George would win hands down."

2 Orlando Bloom

It’s hard to imagine the witty, handsome, and Englishman Orlando Bloom would have to look further than his front door to meet a woman, but behold it bares truth. While Bloom had several breakthrough roles in greatly successful films including The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, and Kingdom of Heaven, he also fell in love and married one of the world’s most beautiful women, Miranda Kerr. However, before meeting the Victoria Secret model, Bloom attempted his luck at dating online; in this case it was using the world’s most famous social networking site, Facebook. In a 2007 interview, the successful actor admitted having issues trying to distinguish girls that liked him for himself, from girls that liked the actor in the Pirates of the Caribbean. He went on to explain that he created a profile using a fictitious name and a friend’s photo. At the time Bloom was looking to get to know girls from “behind a disguise.”

1 Halle Berry

She’s worn a latex suit imitating a sexy kitty, portrayed a Bond girl, and kicked ass in X-Men, and she’s looked for love online. While she is one of Hollywood’s most revered actresses, Halle Berry has been outspoken about her tribulations when it comes to love. Following her 1996 divorce to baseball player David Justice, the actress admitted she was so depressed she contemplated suicide. Her second marriage to musician Eric Benet lasted two years, and ended in Benet admitting to a sex addiction. Halle later dated and had a daughter with French Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. After announcing her separation from Aubrey, Berry began dating French actor Olivier Martinez. Berry is said to have tried online dating saying ‘she never is who she says she is’ and wanted to try the sites to see what ‘everybody was talking about.’

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