10 Celebs Who Ditched Their Hot Lovers For Somebody Else

It's always strange to see celebs ditch their hot lovers for somebody else, but only God knows what drove them apart. While these cases usually end up being torn apart through their partners cheating on them with the other person in question, sometimes it can just be that the couple have fallen out of love and want to move on with their lives. Still, when this happens, people always question themselves how he or she let this gorgeous famous person go? Especially when their rebound partner ends up being a complete downgrade. But maybe the "downgrade" is simply for the fact that the person they were seeing before was so out of their element that the person they are dating now is someone they are more comfortable being with. But then again, there is always that one celebrity who just dumps their lovers every other week, so to see them hookup with stunning and not-so-stunning people would not necessarily be considered a shocker. Still, even I ask myself how these celebs let their other hot lovers go. See the full list below.

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10 Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Scherzinger

They had been together since 2007, and there’s no denying that Nicole Scherzinger is a stunning woman. But all that beauty that God has graced her with could not help her when it came to locking her ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton down for marriage and kids. According to reports, Lewis ended the romance for good earlier this year, supposedly because he was not ready to become a parent. A month after their split, Hamilton was seen in Barbados, partying at carnivals with Rihanna. The twosome were alleged to have hooked up during their time on the island.

9 Russell Brand, Katy Perry

It’s still unclear who actually wanted to end the marriage to begin with, but with what Russell Brand has said in recent years, it seems that he was the one who really wanted out of the relationship. The comedian, who was married to Katy Perry for just a year, supposedly ended the couple’s marriage over consistent bickering that left them without talking to one another for weeks on end. It was assumed that Russell may have been unfaithful to Perry during their time together, because just weeks after their divorce announcement, Brand flaunted his new girlfriend all over Los Angeles. He sure didn’t waste time there, did he?

8 Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears

Everybody’s heart broke when Britney Spears and her cheating ways ended up causing the split between her and Justin Timberlake. The singer was not willing to have a girlfriend that clearly did not respect him; their relationship seemed really strong, Justin had even stayed over at Britney’s parents’ home on numerous occasions. But he made the move to dump her after the scandal came out, and sure enough, he didn’t really waste time finding somebody new. Justin began dating women out of the music industry, in fear he could get his heart broken again.

7 Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries

Well, considering that Kris Humphries has made ‘the sexiest man’ list in numerous magazines over the years, I’d think it’s only fair to include him in this list. Who could forget that infamous decision Kim Kardashian made, letting the world know that after 72 days of marriage, she was ‘like, literally, so over it’ (Kim's voice). And sure enough, once the two went their own ways, Kim wasted no time to announce that she had started seeing Kanye West, who was rumored to have been sleeping with the reality star all throughout her marriage to Kris. Now that’s a messy situation right there.

6 Gigi Hadid, Joe Jonas


All the girls are still obsessed with Joe Jonas, despite the fact that the singer hasn't really been focusing on his music since the Jonas Brothers decided to part ways. Regardless of his relevancy in the industry, Gigi Hadid made a very bold move over the summer. She decided to call it quits with Joe, blaming her hectic schedule as the reason why she couldn't be with him any longer. This ended up being pretty ironic for the fact that Gigi began dating Zayn Malik just two months after her split from Jonas. Keep it mind that Gigi’s schedule is currently much more hectic than what it was over the summer — so how’s she going to explain herself here?

5 Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber gave the impression that he didn’t care about Selena Gomez’s feelings when he was said to have cheated on the songstress on multiple occasions during their relationship. Their consistent arguments over other girls drove Selena insane, but yet she stuck it out. That was until she was allegedly dumped by the Biebs, who seemed to have thought that being in a relationship at his young age was beginning to be more of a hassle. But then again, the relationship was never really official to begin with. If your man is cheating throughout your relationship, are you really in a relationship with him? Don’t think so.

4 Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston

Who can forget that time Brad Pitt made it known to Jennifer Aniston that he no longer wanted to be with her. This was, of course, back in 2005 when Brad and Angelina Jolie began work on their hit movie, Mr. & Mrs Smith. The film was a hit and so was the chemistry between Jolie and Pitt. And despite Jennifer’s good looks, it wasn’t her appearance that turned Brad away from her, it was the supposed fact that the actress was not ready to have children — something that Mr. Pitt had been dying for at that time. He wanted to be a father more than anything in life, and Jen seemingly couldn’t give him that.

3 Harry Styles, Taylor Swift


Harry Styles briefly dated Taylor Swift back in 2012. The twosome were seen doing everything together, but unfortunately for them, the romance fizzled out within three months. Why? Well, it was said that Harry wasn’t taking the relationship seriously, often choosing to still hook up with random strangers behind Taylor’s back. The country-turned-pop artist was sickened of the thought of her boyfriend (at the time) having parties with women that never included her. Clearly there was something fishy going on, but in the end, Harry had the dignity to dump Taylor before things got out of hand. He went on to date his high school crush that same year.

2 Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth seemed like the perfect couple. That was until Miley turned into a ratchet musician, matched with her infamous tongue poses and her obsession with twerking. Cyrus and Liam were planning to get married, that’s how much they were in love, but since Liam couldn’t accept the new and reinvented Miley, she dumped him and went on to find love again. Patrick Schwarzenegger is his name, and this relationship went on for almost a year before Cyrus got word that Patrick was trying to hook-up with his ex-girlfriend behind Liam’s back. Ouch 

1 Chris Brown, Rihanna


Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship has always been difficult to understand. The twosome have gotten back together on so many occasions, that it’s no longer surprising to hear that they are either together, or they have broken up. But in 2012, Chris was being really reckless when he started seeing Rih-Rih again, only to dump her weeks later to return to his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who seemed to have been more than okay with the thought of being cheated on. And while Karrueche took him back, Rihanna was fuming. Eventually, she got over the whole thing and began dating her on-again, off again beau Drake.

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