10 Celebs Who Dissed Their Fans On Social Media

It's fair to say that when fans have their opinion on certain celebrities, they make them known on social media, thinking that the person is not likely to respond. Then again, it's quite rare for celebrities to respond to their fans -- at least to those who don't seem to have anything nice to say. Celebrities seem to struggle in dealing with criticism, which often leads to them giving their own piece of mind on things that have been said about them. In this list, in particular, certain famous faces have dissed their fans for not respecting their privacy, mocked their fans by their appearance and blasted certain people for criticizing their weight gain. When one is already put under the constant pressure of needing to be perfect in Hollywood, there comes a time when a breaking point is reached. And furthermore, if these were real fans to begin with, they would have never said these mean things to begin with. Nonetheless, see how celebs have reacted to some shady remarks made against them by fans on social media.


10 Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram photo earlier this year had angered a lot of her fans (actually, there are probably a few of her images that have angered her fans). The reality star had embarked on a shopping trip out with fans, and as expected, hundreds of fans showed up to the store, screaming for pictures. Kylie, who had the store closed just for her own sake, posed with fans behind the transparent door, captioning the pic, saying: “They keep me company while I shop lol! Love u all.”

9 Ciara


When a supposed Ciara fan mocked the songstress for recycling old dance moves, adding that lack of curves, the R&B hitmaker most definitely didn’t take those comments lightly. After having read what was said about her by the fan, CiCi took things into her owns hands and somewhat humiliated the Twitter user, ridiculing her hairstyle, adding that she has no right to make fun of other people’s looks when hers are nothing to be proud of. She ended the diss by mentioning that the user only had one Twitter follower, insinuating that their comments were irrelevant.

8 Rihanna

Rihanna has most definitely become the Queen of shady remarks when it comes to social media. Whenever she is tagged in some sort of drama, Rihanna will respond, and if you are trying to make fun of her in any shape or form, she will make sure you get a taste of your own medicine. When a fan wrote that she didn’t appreciate Rih’s decision to work with Chris Brown on her Unapologetic album, the Bajan-beauty responded by saying, “neither is your avi #clapback,” directly insulting the woman’s appearance as shown in her profile picture. Ouch. That’s gotta burn.

7 Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez has realized that, while she likes to think all her fans are nice and sweet, that isn’t the case. One of her so-called fans commented on the singer’s weight gain earlier this year, having sported a fuller figure during her vacation with pals in Mexico. Photos of Selena surfaced online, leaving people to weigh in on their thoughts. Especially her fans. When one user dissed Gomez’s weight gain, she wrote back, slamming the user by saying, “You’re disgusting. I’M IN the business and I could care less about what ‘they’ or you say I should look like. I don’t need to do anything other than love myself, take care of my work, fans, family and friends.”

6 Louis Tomlinson

Don’t ever call Louis Tomlinson gay, because it might lead to an argument on social media. Louis, who has been slammed with gay rumors ever since One Direction’s success took off in 2011, had to defend himself again when fans began speculating whether Tomlinson was in love with band member Harry Styles. The rumor quickly spread all over the news outlets, to which Louis slammed fans for making up outrageous stories for entertainment purposes. Liam Payne weighed in, stating: “It becomes like a conspiracy or a cult."

5 Meek Mill


After being dissed by Drake in the infamous Back to Back track, Meek Mill has struggled to recover from the song which belittled him in all ways possible. Mill’s own fans were questioning why their idol wasn’t able to dethrone Drake, considering that Meek originally came up in the Hip Hop industry through dissing other upcoming rappers in freestyles. Either way, the rap artist was so hurt after being lyrically destroyed by Drake that he simply took to Instagram, posting pictures of himself with hundred dollar bills in his hand. Many of these pics were captioned with words to the extent of, “still richer than y’all.”

4 Pink

People were outraged when Pink allowed her husband Carey Hart, to take their daughter on a “fun” motorcycle adventure… without a helmet. Their daughter Willow, was only two at the time of the incident which left parents around the world absolutely stunned, including those from Pink’s fanbase. Many questioned the singer’s parenting skills, to which she felt the need to respond to, saying: “If any of u have more experience on a bike than my husband, then I will listen to your opinions on how he should take my daughter for a ride.”


3 K. Michelle

K. Michelle has dealt with booty implant rumors for as long as one can remember. And while it is fairly obvious that the singer has undergone a Brazilian butt lift, she still tends to get annoyed when people make a bigger deal out of it… especially when considering the fact that there are bigger things happening in the world. K. Michelle lashed out at one fan, saying she needed to get a life and stop worrying about the body of others, as only those who criticize others are the ones who are uncomfortable in their own skin.

2 Chris Brown

Following the news that Chris Brown had become a father of his daughter Royalty, fans of the singer were left in absolute shock that he would keep such a big story from them. Royalty’s presence was not made aware of until she was around 9 months of age — to which the singer shared an open statement on Instagram for all the fans who had something negative to say. “How bout yall kiss my a**. Ima post what the f*** I want, say what I want when I want,” Chris writes, extending the message, wishing his fans would mind their own business. Ouch.

1 Carmelo Anthony

When Carmelo Anthony plugged his new sneaker line on New Year’s Eve via social media, one outraged fan certainly couldn’t contain his feelings about the NBA player. This particular social media user slammed Anthony for not having won a championship title in some time, further adding that he constantly disappoints fans whenever he’s playing. “I didn’t ask for your glazed donut face a** to root for me anyway!!!!” Carmelo hit back, sparking a huge reaction from fans, who found the debacle rather funny.


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