10 Celebs Who Correctly Predicted Their Own Death

It sounds bizarre, but it's true. These celebrities must have possessed some kind of strange powers that allowed them to foresee the future, at least that's the only way one could explain how they could have predicted their own death. From those who knew they would die from an ongoing addiction to those who feared of never making it past the age of 40. And yes, it can be argued that somebody who is battling a drug addiction isn't really "seeing the future" of their own death if they don't make a change. But what if they have made those changes in their life, are completely off whatever their addiction was, and end up dying from something totally unrelated to what people would've thought would cause their untimely death? Clearly there's some sort of spooky supernatural stuff going on here -- or it's just people overreacting to what could just be celebrities assuming their deaths without any thought behind it. Anyone can say that they won't make it past 40, end up dying, and people can then run that story as if that person always knew they would die early. But generally speaking, there is so much more to these celebrities and how they knew they would die -- uncover the truth below.

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10 Bob Marley


Bob Marley always knew he would die at the young age of 36, according to some of his closest friends. The legendary singer, who died from melanoma skin cancer, was well known to predict things before they happen when he was a youngster, which even took his pals by surprise. So when he made the revelation that he couldn’t see himself pushing past the age of 40, having predicted many other things right in the past, his friends were spooked out about it. Even more so when Bob ended up passing away.

9 Notorious B.I.G


Following his rivalry with Tupac during the mid-90s, everybody who supported the Hip Hop movement knew that Notorious B.I.G’s feud was about to have a sad ending. The shootout between supposed affiliates to B.I.G and Tupac eventually led to the twosome going head-to-head in diss tracks against one another. Tupac famously claimed he had slept with his frenemy’s wife, Faith Evans, to which the rapper didn’t take too kindly. Following Tupac’s death in 1996, the Juicy hitmaker was gunned down just a year later, having predicted that his feud with Pac would result in someone’s death.

8 Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s addiction to drugs had everybody on the edge. With such an incredible talent, the idea that Amy could eventually pass away over reckless decision-making really upset her family and friends. Fortunately for Winehouse, she managed to overcome her addiction to drugs but instead formed the consistent reliance on alcohol to patch the need to get her hands on some sort of substance. With her addiction problems, Amy often stressed to fans that she could feel her death knocking at her door, a form of expression used when someone knows they don’t have long to live. In July 2011, Amy was pronounced dead, having suffered from alcohol poisoning at her home in Camden.

7 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s death came as a surprise to the entire world. Nobody was aware of the fact that Jackson had been heavily relying on prescribed drugs to get him through the day — without his medication, he reportedly couldn’t function. When Dr. Murray was put into the mix of things, it was said that the licensed doctor gave Michael such a huge dose of Propofol, it almost instantly killed the singer, despite claims that the singer had requested for it. Months before his death, during a conversation with his sister Latoya Jackson, Michael stressed that somebody was out to kill him; he just didn’t know who.

6 Left Eye Lopes

Left Eye Lopes’ death was well documented prior to entering the vehicle that would take her life in Honduras. The former TLC member was killed in a car accident, just days before she tragically killed a little boy who was said to have ran onto the street out of nowhere. Lopes could not get over the death of the little boy, having felt a ‘dark spirit’ follow her days on end, which she openly spoke about to her closest friends. She stressed that there was an evil force coming for her, which subsequently seems to have resulted in her untimely death.

5 Proof


Proof was one of the founding members of the rap group D12, supported by Eminem, who was encouraged by Proof to pursue a career in Hip-Hop. It was said that Proof always knew he would die considerably young, having rapped in one of his verses, “I’m in the club to beef, you gotta murder me there.” Of course, this ended up being incredibly ironic because his death actually resulted through a fight outside a club during a shootout that took his life.

4 Tupac


Tupac was an incredible artist, yet his bad boy persona ended up getting the better of him. Never having had any real evidence that would lead him to believe that Notorious B.I.G attempted to get him killed when he was randomly shot by a supposed affiliate to the Hypnotized musician, Tupac went with his assumptions anyway. Some say that the rapper’s motive to find out who tried to get him killed often diverted to Biggie, just for the simple fact that people wanted to see a feud erupt between the former pals. That eventually happened. Tupac stressed at the time that he would die before he would let the shooter get away with attempted murder.

3 John Lennon


John Lennon never saw himself reaching the age of 40, his former secretary admitted in a 2013 interview. Freda Kelly, who famously helped The Beatles during the peak of their careers, was stunned to hear John say that he would die young. “The first thing that came into my mind [when he died] was that he used to say: 'I won't be here when I'm 40. I won't make 40'. I just wonder what he'd be like today,” she tells The Guardian. Lennon wasn’t wrong either after being gunned down by a crazy fan during a studio session.

2 Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain could predict his future right in front of him. He was loaded with money, fame and success, but he was extremely unhappy on the inside. And to make things worse, his addiction to drugs definitely didn’t help the thought of the matter that a legendary icon could commit suicide and not seek help in other ways than by ending his own life. Yet reports say that Kurt always knew he would leave the world in such an upsetting way. People wouldn’t understand the fact that Cobain was dealing with demons that were bigger than he could handle, and in the end, they got the best of him.

1 Jimi Hendrix


Fans got the impression that Jimi Hendrix was nearing his death through certain songs he was releasing just years before his passing. Jimi, who would write some very questionable songs, seemed to already be under the impression that he would die at an early age. The Ballad of Jimi really hinted at the idea that Jimi felt his death coming, with lyrics, saying: “Many things he would try / For he knew soon he’d die. Five years, this he said / He’s not gone, he’s just dead.” Five years later, Jimi was pronounced dead.

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