10 Celebs Who Became A Grandparent Before The Age of 50

Mick Jagger just recently became a great-grandfather at the age of 70, which got us wondering, what other celebrities out there became either young grandparents or great-grandparents? Surprisingly, there’s been a slew of celebs who have toddlers referring to them as “grand-ma” or “grand-pa”. Some celebs are not biological grandparents, though—they took on the role as a step-parent. Most of the celebrities on the list were young parents themselves, and then their kids followed suite and also became young mothers and fathers—sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

10 Whoopi Goldberg

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9 Kiefer Sutherland

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In his early 20s, the actor married Camelia Kath, who was nine years older than him and already had a young daughter named Michelle. A year into the marriage, Kiefer and Camelia gave birth to daughter Sarah. Even though the marriage only lasted three years and ended in 1990, he continued to father step-daughter Michelle. In 2005, a 27-year-old Michelle gave birth to son Hamish; Sutherland was only 38 at the time. In the process, Kiefer’s father, Donald, became a great-grandpa at 69.

8 Brett Favre


The former Packers and Vikings quarterback became a grand-dad at 40 years old, when his daughter, Brittany (born in 1989) delivered Parker Brett into the world, in 2010. Becoming a grandfather at such a young age set an NFL record. Apparently, there weren't and still aren’t any other active (Favre was still playing at the time) football players with grandkids. So, Favre can also add that to his ever-growing list of accolades.

7 Joe Jackson

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6 Pierce Brosnan

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Like Kiefer Sutherland, Pierce Brosnan married a woman who already had children from a previous marriage. He married Harris in the late 70s and had a son with her. In the mid-80s, he officially adopted her kids Charlotte and Christopher, and they took his surname. Sadly, in 1991, Harris died of ovarian cancer just shy of 40. Bronson’s step-daughter gave birth to Isabelle in 1998, which made Bronson a grand-dad at 44 years old. Another family tragedy struck last year when, like her mother, Charlotte also died of cancer.

5 Priscilla Presley

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If he were still alive today, The King would be grandfather to four kids. Priscilla married Elvis in 1967, and it must have been some wedding night because nine months later, Lisa Marie popped out. Priscilla was only 22 when she had her daughter. Like her mother, Lisa Marie was the same age as Priscilla when she had her first daughter, Riley (born in 1989). At almost 44, Priscilla became a hip grandma, but refused to be called "grandma", opting instead to be called "nonna". The three generations of beauties all have a strong family resemblance--what great genes.

4 James Brolin

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At 47, actor James Brolin (and Mr. Barbra Streisand) became a grandfather for the first time, and a father for the third time. James Brolin’s famous son, Josh, married in 1988 at the age of 20 and had his son, Trevor around then. To confuse matters, James had another child a year before his grandson was born—I guess that makes Trevor and James’ kid uncle and nephew? It takes too much thought to think about it.

3 Naomi Judd

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One half of the country duo the Judds, matriarch Naomi gave birth to Wynonna when she was only 18, and then Ashley four years later. At the age of 30, Wynonna married Arch Kelley, and they had Elijah Judd in 1994. If you do the math, Naomi was 48 when she became a first-time grandma. A couple of years later, Wynonna had another child and transformed her mother into a 50-year-old with two grand-kids.

2 Mick Jagger

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1 Jim Carrey

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At 48 years old, the comedian introduced a photo of his grandson via Twitter in February of 2010: “Jackson Riley Santana, my grandson, born today! This is what 7lbs.11oz. of California dynamite looks like!” Carrey’s only child and Jackson’s mama is Jane Carrey, who once auditioned for American Idol. Proud grandfather Carrey was 25 when he had Jane in 1987. He divorced Jane’s mother, Melissa, in 1995, but has remained very close to his daughter. Jane married musician Alex Santana in 2009, but the couple is supposedly separated.

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