10 Celebs Who Admit To Kissing Their Co-Stars Off Set

Hollywood is normally described as a cesspool for a celebrity’s relationship to be sucked into time and time again. While a select small group of celebs have no problem talking about their relationships and being free and open to any opinions that people make, there are a majority of celebrities that have learned that it is easier for relationships to last if they are hush about the situation. Unfortunately, with the flurry of paparazzi that roam the city and movie sets of these stars, there is no hiding what they want to hide. Celebrities have a nasty habit of hooking up with their co-stars off screen and although they try to keep it discreet or pretend that it is not happening, they are usually caught in the worst possible position that they have no choice but to admit that they were kissing their co-stars, married or not. Celebrity hook-ups are no surprise but it is one thing to hook up and date, then to be caught in a heavy make out session and act like it did not happen the next day; not only is it bad for their image but it can make for some really awkward encounters for the duration of the filming. Getting caught kissing someone who is your co-star is awkward enough; can you just imagine how uncomfortable it is when you're someone of stature and constantly have a light shining on just about everything you do outside of your home? Here is a list of celebrities who dared to kiss their co-workers off set.

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10 Grace Gealey & Trai Byers

The names may not sound familiar but they are co-stars on the hit TV show Empire, along with Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. The young couple Grace Gealey and Trai Byers, met on the set of their show and kept things pretty casual until sparks started to fly. At some point along the way they started hanging out off set but could not keep it as casual as they wanted to, and they quickly sparked a relationship. Gealey has stated that she is not against being romantically involved in the workplace as long as the two people are mature.

9 Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton


Singer Gwen Stefani recently announced her divorce from long time husband Gavin Rossdale, and a few weeks later she was spotted kissing her The Voice co-star during a break off set. Blake Shelton also recently settled his divorce to Miranda Lambert and is free to roam greener pastures. The new couple seems to be playing games with their fans though, one minute they admit to being together and the other they claim they are just friends but we all know that a kiss speaks louder than words, and their kiss spoke volumes that no amount of denying could get them out of.

8 Katharine McPhee & Elyes Gabel


The American Idol cutie and her Scorpion co-star were caught secretly kissing back in August of 2014; the two kept mum about what was really going on until things began to really heat up. Rolling into 2015, the couple were in a full bull relationship and making it public. McPhee has a history of kissing co-workers as she also hooked up with her Smash director Michael Morris, who was married with three daughters at the time. It caused quite a stir as she was also very recently filed for divorce from Nick Cokas, a music producer; no point in dwelling on the past, right?

7 Channing Tatum & Amanda Bynes


Before actor Channing Tatum was the dancer that stole everyone’s hearts, and before actress Amanda Bynes was, let’s say, less crazy than she is now, they were caught kissing off screen several times while they filmed 2006’s She’s The Man, a film about a girl who pretends to be a guy. This little fling did not last long and the party involved never talks about it, but if you are up on your celeb news then you know that Tatum went on to marry another co-star and Bynes, well, she is still waiting for Drake to murder her private parts.

6 Anna Camp & Skylar Astin

The Pitch Perfect co-stars were the most unlikely set of people to hook up, but when they were caught kissing and cuddling while doing the promotional rounds for their film, suddenly that uncertainty was all the more clear. They “dated” on and off for a while but it looks like things have slowed down, seeing as she was not his date to the LA premiere of Pitch Perfect 2, and they have not been seen together in public for a while. However, she has always been enthusiastic about what came from that kiss, so maybe they just want to keep things private now.

5 Phoebe Tonkin & Paul Wesley


4 David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson


It looks as though co-stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are making everyone’s Mulder and Scully dreams come true by making out off set and in public places. Anderson showed up to support Duchovny at a party for his latest album debut at The Cutting Room, and let’s just say this couple got hot and heavy on stage. Anderson walked on stage and after a brief exchange, she planted a long kiss on her co-star's lips that really got the crowd going. In return after the song ended, he walked off the side stage and planted yet another kiss on her lips; Hmm suspicious.

3 Benjamin McKenzie & Morena Baccarin


They are co-stars on the TV show Gotham, but it looks like they have been practicing their love scenes off camera as well. The couple who started off as quick friends decided to kick it up a notch and began dating. To everyone’s surprise, a married Baccarin became pregnant with McKenzie's baby, leaving her husband in the dust. Unfortunately, in some states if you have another man’s baby while married to someone else the legal husband has a parental right over that child (she better divorce ASAP, what a scandal). Their romance is still going strong and she is expected to have a baby sometime in the new year. Congratulations to the happy couple.

2 Matthew Rhys & Keri Russell

Although they refuse to admit it, The Americans co-stars Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell are reportedly spending sporadic time together. They were spotted kissing off set but no one knows if they were practicing for an upcoming scene or getting in a little quality time (they do play husband and wife on the FX show). The on screen couple play just as coy in real life and although they have been caught a time or two, there is no pulling the truth out of them. Could this be why they have such great, awkward chemistry on screen? They make such a cute whatever they are.

1 Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth


Recently on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, America’s sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence sat down to chat about her upcoming film Joy, and oddly enough about kissing her co-stars. Lawrence admitted that she once kissed Liam Hemsworth off-screen. Lawrence stated, “Liam's real hot. What would you have done? Yeah!”. She went on to make a little joke about choosing team Gale over team Peeta. However, we are still waiting for her to answer Cohen’s question about who she would choose to f***, marry or kill between Christian Bale, Josh Hutcherson and Bradley Cooper. Now, that would be an interesting question to answer.

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