10 Celebs Who Go Above And Beyond For Their Fans

Most celebrities know they would be nowhere without their fans. No matter how good their music, movies, or let's face it, Instagram feeds are, they wouldn't get very far if they didn't acknowledge tha

Most celebrities know they would be nowhere without their fans. No matter how good their music, movies, or let's face it, Instagram feeds are, they wouldn't get very far if they didn't acknowledge that their fans make it all possible. Some celebs are content to send a "thanks to all my fans" during an awards show speech, but others like to go the extra mile to show how much they appreciate the people that have helped make their career a success.

Not many people expect to get a surprise visit from their favourite celebrity, so tears are often a side effect of their shock. Happy tears of course. Making a fan that happy has to be exciting for a celebrity. They have the opportunity to do so much with their fame, and sometimes they just want to brighten someone's day. Of course, the good publicity that comes with doing something nice for a fan can't hurt either.

Here are 10 awesome celebrities that love to do nice things for their fans, and like to surprise them if the opportunity presents itself.

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10 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift might be the Queen of surprising her fans. She often responds directly to people on Instagram and Tumblr, and even sent some of her biggest fans ("Swifties") personalized Christmas gifts last year. She often tracks down specific fans she's interacted with online just so she can take selfies with them. One fan received a check from Taylor for $1989 (a nod to her latest album) to use toward her student loan debt. One fan in Connecticut who said Taylor's music helped her through her struggle to get pregnant even got a surprise visit from Taylor herself. Taylor clearly isn't all talk about loving her fans-- she really would do anything for them.

9 Ed Sheeran

Recently, Ed Sheeran joined a fan up on stage at the West Edmonton Mall to sing a duet of his hit song "Thinking Out Loud". The teenage girl was singing to raise money for charity and Sheeran happened to be walking through the mall and decided to hop up on stage to everyone's surprise. He also sent his fan, 13-year-old Sydney, tickets to his show that night. Sheeran has been known to put on impromptu shows in bars and pubs, and he loves those moments where no one is expecting him to pop up.

8 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is known for his incredibly dedicated fans, who call themselves "Beliebers". They've stuck by him through his recent rebellious stage, and he's actually making an effort to clean up his act, partly for them. He's surprised a couple fans on the Ellen show, and even helped Ellen play pranks on some of them. There are tons of videos of Justin surprising his fans, giving them tickets to his concerts, movie premiere, and just spending time with them. He's also always up for a surprise performance, like the rendition of his song "Where Are U Now" in Las Vegas.

7 Chris Pratt

Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, Chris Pratt is one of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood right now. But the best part about him is he's super down to earth. Everyone loves that video where he French braids an intern's hair while doing an interview with ET. He surprised a bunch of young fans at a charity screening for Guardians of the Galaxy last year where he took photos, signed autographs, and spoke to them about having the courage to be themselves and follow their dreams.

6 David Beckham

David Beckham is arguably one of the most famous soccer players in the world. He has a demanding career, as well as four kids to raise, but he still finds time to appreciate his fans. He surprised a few lucky fans in a photo booth during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and even made a kid start crying (in excitement). He also stopped by unannounced at a local football game in Sierra Leone to surprise a group of kids who were about to start a game.

5 Chris Evans

Chris Evans, aka Captain America, surprised a young boy with brain cancer at the end of 2014. 9-year-old Kenny Bottling got to play with Chris all day, pretending he was his favourite superhero. The stars of superhero movies often get a chance to give kids with terminal illnesses something to get excited about, and Evans loves that part of being an actor. "If there's any way you can kind of bring a smile or just kind of give positive words of reinforcement and encouragement, it's worth it," Chris said

4 One Direction

One Direction has that kind of rabid teenage girl fan base that will scream uncontrollably and sometimes get out of control if they know their favourite boy band is in the vicinity. But sometimes, the members of One Direction get the chance to surprise a few lucky fans face to face. They sent a bunch of fans to Universal Studios one night and made surprise appearances all over the theme park dressed as characters from Harry Potter. The chance to actually shake a member of One Direction's hand tends to reduce teen girls into a mob of screaming and crying, but it's all worth it in the end.

3 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has always been thankful to her fans for their support through tough times, which is why she loves getting the chance to meet some of them in person. One super fan from Australia thought he was filming a video for Demi, and he says he believes he's a better person because he's a fan of hers. But turns out she was there the whole time and heard everything he said in person. She also surprised a bunch of fans and made them a part of her video for "Really Don't Care".

2 Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe became world famous for his role as Harry Potter, but he's still as humble as ever. He surprised fans at a screening for his romantic comedy, What If, and after they lose their minds over his presence, he actually introduces himself-- "Hi, I'm Dan." As if they didn't know that. Then he clarifies that while he loves to "scare the sh*t out of people" by showing up like that, he doesn't tend to do that to people on the street. It was a win-win-- he got to see what people thought of his new movie, and his fans got to meet Harry Potter.

1 Ellen Degeneres

Not only does Ellen Degeneres love to surprise her own fans by showing up at their houses, bringing them on her show, and giving them gifts, but she loves giving super fans of other celebrities the chance to meet their idols. She has the ability to get huge stars on her show, and she loves to get them to play pranks on people, and bring their fans to meet them. She's helped fans of everyone from Bruno Mars, to Justin Bieber, to Katy Perry meet their favourite celebrity. Her studio audience is always in for a surprise as well since huge stars tend to show up unexpectedly, and you never really know what might happen during a taping.


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