10 Celebs That Have A Secret Twin You Never Knew About

When you think about celebrity twins, which celebs come to mind? Obviously there’s the Olsen twins and well, that’s about it right? So with that in mind, get ready to be surprised at how many big time stars actually have twins that you didn’t know about!

I think we can all agree that when a celebrity has an identical twin, it will catch the public’s eye a little faster than if they had a fraternal one. Maybe the reason for that is simply because two is better than one. Even at a young age, Lindsay Lohan knew this too well, starting off her career by pretending she was an identical twin. I guess it sort of worked for her, at first.

Contrary to what the word twin implies, both individuals lead very different lives and have different likes and dreams. Simply because one twin wishes to become an actor or musician does not mean that the other will fantasize about that same endeavour. So when you ask yourself why one twin became famous without the other, just know it’s because talent is not given to someone simply because they were born at the same time as another.

10 Gisele and Patricia Bundchen


Gisele Bundchen is one of the most successful models in the world. Her long, lean figure and pointed looks are killer in the industry, and this Brazilian model is only getting better as the years go by. Gisele was born in Brazil alongside her twin sister Patricia. Although these twins are of the fraternal genre, they are both extremely beautiful. While Patricia did try to become a model like Gisele, her path in that industry did not go as far, and she now does writing work instead. Fun fact: Patricia wrote her twin's biography on her website!

9 Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

That's right - the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother! And he’s not too shabby himself. Although Hunter's acting career only lasted one year back in the 90s, he always makes it a point to walk his twin sister down the red carpet. He played on the TV show Manny and Lo back in 1996, and was featured on Entertainment Tonight in 2014. Besides that, most of the spotlight has shined on Scarlett.

8 Jon and Dan Heder

Jon and Dan Heder are identical twin brothers, and although they both work in the movie business, Jon is the one who prefers to be on set. Dan is more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, having worked on the visual effects for movies such as Edge of Tomorrow and 47 Ronin. Jon Heder is the famous face of Napoleon Dynamite, but Dan has received quite the hype over his twin’s roles in movies. Fans often mistake Dan for Jon, so he gets stopped by them on a regular basis.

7 Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi


Giovanni Ribisi and his twin sister Marissa have many talents between them. Not only did they both start acting in the mid 80s, they also haven’t stopped. Although Giovanni has become the most successful out of the two, Marissa has still acted in classics like Dazed and Confused. They both played in the TV show Friends, but Giovanni had the more prominent role as Phoebe Buffay’s space cake brother. Marissa has been out of the spotlight for nearly a decade now, but her brother Giovanni continues to land amazing roles and show off his versatile acting talents.

6 Ashton and Michael Kutcher


We all known who Ashton Kutcher is, but what about his remarkable twin brother Michael? Mike was born a little different than Ashton was, Ashton weighing over 10 pounds and Mike barely hitting the 5-pound mark. As both boys grew up progressively different, they both made their own mark on the world; Ashton as an actor and Michael as a motivational speaker. Mike was born with a condition called cerebral palsy, and despite his many obstacles, has managed to change the lives of others by simply being himself.

5 Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan


Nicholas and Kelly are identical twin brothers who chose their middle names as their stage names. In reality they go by Nicholas and Kelly Schultz. We all remember Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer who was played by Nicholas Brendon, but did you know that Kelly Donovan actually appeared in two episodes as well? Nicholas Brendon has had many more roles than his twin, even playing in TV series Criminal Minds and Faking It, while Kelly hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2002.

4 Aaron and Angel Carter


At one point in time we were all about the Carters, and I guess we have the Backstreet Boys to thank for that. Without Aaron’s older brother Nick Carter, we might never have heard of him, and his singing career would have never flourished. What we didn’t know, or didn’t care to know about Aaron Carter, is that he actually has a fraternal twin sister. Angel Carter, who I’m guessing does not have the voice of an angel ('cause we never heard of her) appeared in eight episodes of House Of Carters and well, that’s about it folks.

3 Alanis and Wade Morissette


Alanis Morissette and her brother Wade might not look like twins, but their love of music groups them into the same bag either way. Wade chose to deviate from the musical path when he discovered his love for yoga. Entranced by the calmness of his spirit, he quickly fell in love with the Indian culture and was whisked away by it. Eventually Wade met back on similar grounds with his younger twin Alanis and continued his musical journey, playing instruments such as the piano, guitar and djembe.

2 Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent


When the media caught wind that Vin Diesel had a twin brother, let’s just say all hell broke loose. Not only did they find a Vin Diesel look-alike that was not actually Vin’s twin, but they published pictures of him on tabloids and magazines. In truth, Vin’s real twin, Paul, does not wish to be in the spotlight, so Vin tries to leave him out as much as possible. But when the Fast and Furious star saw that the media was spreading lies and photos of his alleged twin, he knew he had to set the story straight and release this unknown man from being deemed his twin.

1 Aaron and Shawn Ashmore


Finding out that the actor who played Iceman in X-Men is not the same actor that played in Smallville can be quite the mind twist. They are so identical one would believe there was just one of them. Aaron and Shawn Ashmore have been quite busy since they started out their careers in the late 80s, and you should be expecting to see more of them this following year. Shawn will be playing in 2016’s Devil’s Gate while his twin Aaron is also working on the movie 22 Chaser. At least now your mind can rest knowing that both movies won’t be featuring the same actor.

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10 Celebs That Have A Secret Twin You Never Knew About