10 Celeb Couples Who Don't Shy Away From Open Relationships

Celeb Couples Open Relationships

Open relationships are always a hot topic of discussion. Some people feel that if you’re going to date around, there’s no point in being in a relationship. The point of commitment is obviously to commit to one person. At least that’s the traditional meaning of a relationship. Others see the “logic” of open relationships, and feel that this arrangement works when it comes to keeping everyone involved happy. After all, keeping your mate happy can be a full-time job, so if the marriage or relationship has a few part-time employees, everyone can make the most of their time, right?

Whether you’re a fan of open relationships or you think it’s a ridiculous concept, it doesn’t stop you from wanting to know which celebrities participate in these situations. Some celebrities have been in the news for years due to speculation that they were in an open relationships. Some famous people have chosen to ignore the gossip, and others have addressed the rumors and assured the public that they are false. However, there are a few celebrities who don’t mind if you know they’re in open relationships. In fact, they’re quite proud of the way their lives have turned out in this regard. Here are 10 celebrities who don’t care if you know they’re in an open relationship.

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10 Tilda Swinton (& Josh Byrne)

Actors Tilda Swinton and Josh Byrne were once in a more traditional relationship. They had twins together. Then, Swinton and her new lover, Sandro Kopp, moved to Scotland. Byrne started dating another woman as well. However, Josh comes to Tilda’s home, where she lives with her boyfriend, and stays for extended periods of time. Apparently, he’s spending time with Swinton as well as their twins. There’s also speculation that Byrne’s girlfriend joins in on the fun sometimes as well. Then there was that time Josh Byrne greeted both Swinton and Kopp at the airport rather warmly. He then started helping Kopp with his bag. Interesting. Tilda states that they are all very happy, but warns that this type of arrangement isn’t for everyone.

9 Demi Moore

There’s been talk that actress Demi Moore is bisexual, but she has not confirmed this. When she was married to Ashton Kutcher from 2005 to 2013, word has it that they were in an open relationship. The only stipulation was that both Moore and Kutcher had to be present during the “open” sessions. Demi apparently had no problem inviting a beautiful woman into her bed. She just didn’t want Ashton to have any fun without her. So, when he allegedly cheated on Demi with Brittney Jones, the Moore/Kutcher union got pretty rocky, and this eventually led to their divorce.

8 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

OK, so technically, these two are in an open relationship with others, it’s just that neither of them has decided to use their free passes yet. Since they’re two of the hottest celebs in Hollywood, it’s no surprise that they’d want to stay committed to each other. Pitt and Jolie were in a committed relationship for years before they officially tied the knot, so it’s no secret that they value fidelity. However, Jolie has stated that she doubts that fidelity is essential for a relationship. She also states that she and Pitt are not chained to each other, and don’t hold each other back. So, basically they can sleep with whomever they want, but they choose not to. Or, they do, but they just keep it really private. Isn’t that sweet?

7 T-Pain

Rapper and producer T-Pain married his wife Amber Najm, in 2003. The two have stated that they are devoted to one another and committed to their marriage. However, they also like to entertain other women in the bedroom. The pair’s arrangement requires that they both be present during any sexual encounters with other people, and they both have to be comfortable with the situation. T-Pain did, however, admit to having one affair. He states that the situation is completely in the past, and he’s completely loyal to his wife now. Well, “loyal” as in he won’t sleep with any more women unless his wife is in the bed, too.

6 Mo’Nique


Comedian and award-winning actress Mo’Nique has shared that she and her husband Sidney Hicks, are in an open marriage. However, she has stated that she chooses to be with him, and only him. Allegedly, Hicks sometimes makes other choices. The two have been best friends since they were teenagers, so their marriage arrangement may very well be based on love and trust. However, some wonder whether Mo’Nique is simply settling for Hicks’ rumored unfaithful behavior, simply because she wants to be with him. However, if she’s truly fulfilled in the relationship and has just as much freedom as her husband to do as she pleases, then more power to her, but we can’t help but wonder if Hicks would be OK with Mo’Nique having some extramarital relationships of her own.

5 Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Hot actors Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have been married for years. In an OK Magazine interview in 2009, it was revealed that the two are in a one-sided open relationship. Per their arrangement, Megan is the one who is allowed to sleep with other men. The couple have two sons together, and Green has a son from a previous relationship. Green and Fox have an understanding that if Megan wants to step out temporarily, she can. Maybe Megan’s husband is so understanding because of her strict upbringing, and wants to give her some of the freedom she didn’t get as a teenager. How nice of him.

4 Larry King (& Shawn Southwick)

3 Dolly Parton

2 Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin


The actress and Coldplay lead singer announced recently that they were “consciously uncoupling.” We’re guessing that’s a technical term, indicating that their years of having an open relationship wasn’t working anymore. There have long been rumors that Paltrow was having additional relationships while married to Martin, but this has not been confirmed. Since their marriage ended, they’ve been spotted going on vacations together, presumably for the sake of their two children. The two haven’t been in the media bashing each other, so this could be a sign that they don’t harbor any resentment. This could also mean that they’ve been “consciously uncoupling” since the beginning of their relationship.

1 Hugh Hefner

Heffner is obviously the king of open relationships, and has been for quite some time. It all started when he was in the military and served in WWII. When he came home, he found out that his wife had been unfaithful, and even though she was completely remorseful for her actions, he never got over it. He then went on to become the world’s most well-known Playboy. He even had a reality show detailing his relationships with multiple women at once. Hugh Heffner often has several “main women” living with him, along with a few girls on the side, just to keep things interesting. Apparently, he’s pretty charming, and all that money doesn’t hurt either.

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