10 Celebs Caught With Hookers While Married

Being caught with a prostitute is always a scandal, whether you’re a celebrity or not. Of course, there are plenty of celebrities who have been caught with hookers. This isn’t too big of a deal if the celeb isn’t married. However, the story can reach shockingly high publicity levels when the person who is seen with a prostitute is romantically connected to someone else.

Even though the notion of a person hiring a prostitute is certainly not a new concept, it can still be pretty jarring. After all, repeat business is the reason hookers are still in business. Yes, it’s true that people pay for prostitutes for different reasons. Some are looking for more sexual excitement. Others aren’t happy at home. There are even some people who are otherwise happy in their relationships, but have a bigger sexual appetite than their partner is aware of or able to fulfill. In general, people don’t want others to be aware that they’ve hired a hooker, which is an indication that the transaction in its entirety can be pretty seedy. Aside from this, a considerable amount of hurt and betrayal can find its way into a relationship after a partner hooks up with a prostitute. Here are 10 celebrities who were caught with hookers while married.


10 Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart is an evangelical preacher known for promoting a lifestyle that was free of scandal and things that could be displeasing to God. However, in 1988 he was photographed with a prostitute named Debra Murphree. Swaggart had a congregation of over 7,000 people, and gave them a tearful apology on the pulpit. He also told his wife that he had sinned against her and begged for her forgiveness. This occurred after news of his extracurricular sexual activities became public news when ABC News aired the story. Jimmy Swaggart still has a weekly telecast, and is also a teacher, author and musician, which may be an indication that many of those who follow his career have forgiven him.

9 David Beckham


Hot soccer star David Beckham was allegedly caught with a prostitute, but he vehemently denies these claims. Reports were swirling around that he cheated on his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, with a prostitute named Irma Vicki. Vicki claims that she and Beckham had sex in 2007, but the story didn’t break until 2010. This may be an indication that either the story isn’t true, or Vicki wanted to see if she should get a little of the spotlight. Both David and his wife expressed their anger and disappointment concerning the alleged scandal. So, it appears that even if the story is true, Victoria is standing by her man.

8 Donald Sterling

Almost everyone remembers the recent scandal involving the former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. In 2003, Donald Sterling, who is a married man, testified that he had paid several women for sex. He even described a relationship he had with a woman named Alexandra Castro, stating that their interactions were simply “money for sex, sex for money.” Sterling, who is also an attorney, was recently banned for life from the NBA after a recording was released of him making racist comments. The tapes were allegedly released by Sterling’s “friend” V. Stiviano, who many believe had a sexual relationship with him.

7 Lamar Odom


Part of the reason Lamar Odom’s marriage to Khloe Kardashian was so rocky is that he allegedly hired prostitutes. According to reports from Odom’s “drug dealer,” the NBA player had lots of wild nights that included call girls while he was binging on cocaine. It is also alleged that he slept with two women behind Kardashian’s back, but it is not known whether the women were hookers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Lamar Odom has been in this kind of trouble. In 1997, when he was 17, he solicited a woman he thought was a prostitute. She was actually an undercover cop and arrested Odom, but the charges were later dropped.

6 Ted Haggard

Ted Haggard was an evangelical preacher who often talked about the notion that homosexuality is a sin. However, he was having sex with a male prostitute named Mike Jones, which ranks him pretty high on the hypocrisy meter. The former preacher was also allegedly using crystal meth, which makes Haggard’s story especially scandalous. The preacher was the leader of the National Association of Evangelicals, but resigned in 2006 after news of his secret activities came to light. He and his wife even went on Oprah to discuss the hidden life that he kept from his family and church members for so long.

5 Jerry Springer


The trash TV talk show host was once a city councilman for the city of Cincinnati. In 1974, Springer resigned from his councilman position after he was caught soliciting a prostitute. He paid for services with a check, which made it easy to trace his actions. Springer was married at the time (he got a hooker the year after he tied the knot) and recently got a divorce in 2014, which may or may not be due to repeated hooker-soliciting offenses. Jerry Springer is well known for broadcasting all types of crazy, gossip-worth stories on his talk show, but it seems that he could be a guest on the show as well.

4 Eliot Spitzer

The former New York governor was also known as Client-9. This was his code name when he was a patron of The Emperor’s Club VIP, which was a prostitute ring that was known for accepting high-end clients. Spitzer paid thousands of dollars to have sex with an escort that went by the name of Kristen. It was later revealed that “Kristin” was actually an escort named Ashley Dupre. Once this information was made public, Eliot Spitzer was, of course, subject to public ridicule. He apologized to his wife and family for his behavior, and Dupre accepted a series of media interviews to discuss her interactions with the politician.


3 Eddie Murphy


Okay, so technically Murphy hadn’t found his way to the prostitute yet. But he was caught cruising the streets looking for a hooker. Needless to say, his then-wife didn’t find it funny, even though Eddie Murphy is known for his humor. Murphy is still well known for his 1980s cinematic comedy Coming To America, which also starred talk show host Arsenio Hall. Eddie Murphy is also one of the highest paid comedians and actors in the world, and has starred on Saturday Night Live, where he often portrayed Little Rascals character, Buckwheat. The comic has been out of the spotlight in recent years, but has a child with former Spice Girl Mel B, five children with ex-wife and model Nicole Murphy (who was previously engaged to Michael Strahan), and was most recently romantically linked with Babyface’s ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds.

2 Charlie Sheen

The former Two And a Half Men star has likely hired a prostitute while he was married. He has hired celebrity madam Heidi Fleiss, at least 27 times to “hook him up” with a prostitute. The actor even admitted to losing his virginity to a prostitute at the age of 15. Sheen was married to actress Denise Richards, and the pair have two children together. He was also married to Brooke Mueller, who he has a set of twins with. Mueller unfortunately spent lots of time in rehab for a drug addiction, so perhaps Sheen took this time to drown his sorrows in some illicit fun. Charlie Sheen, of course, has also had his share of addiction struggles, and even appeared on the Dr. Oz show to talk about his attempts at being sober.

1 Tiger Woods


The talented golf player made his way to the headlines in a negative way when he was caught being unfaithful to his wife Elin Nordegren, with multiple women. Not all of the women were prostitutes, but that doesn’t make the indiscretion any better. However, Hollywood madam Michele Braun did state that Woods paid for sex on several occasions. Braun said that the golf star paid her $60,000 for four escorts, and that he saw the women about six times. Woods then went on to date Lindsey Vonn, but the two have since split, since it was rumored that Vonn cheated on him. This is a classic case of “what goes around comes around”.



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