10 Celebs Caught Cheating By The Paparazzi

Celebs Caught Cheating Paparazzi

When you’re rich and famous, things can get a little complicated at times. Celebs often struggle to find some sort of privacy away from photographers who follow them wherever they go, whether it’s to the local shopping market or on a family vacation in Mexico. Needless to say, it shouldn't come as a surprise to them when photogs become extra sneaky as rumors on infidelity begin to surface in the tabloids. If there is one thing that the paparazzi are extremely good at, it would be to snap photos of someone at their most vulnerable point — and we’re not talking in a good way. Celebrities who are included in this list seem to have thought they would get away with cheating on their other halves, totally failing to realise that photographers are usually at places you would never expect them to be, such as restaurants and on private properties. They know that the exclusive photo of a celebrity cheating on their partners could be worth millions of dollars, so in some sense, it sets them up for an easy life. The same can’t be said for the Hollywood stars who then have to explain themselves to the world on why they decided to cheat, leading to public scrutiny and the usual break-up. Below are ten famous faces who were caught cheating by the paparazzi.

10 Ryan Phillippe

Celeb Caught Cheating Paparazzi

Everybody thought that Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon were the perfect Hollywood couple during their eight-year marriage. The two married back in 1999, and by the look of things at the time, nobody would have assumed that a divorce was bound to be filed by 2007. Following Reese’s Oscar win for her role in the hit movie Walk the Line, Witherspoon filed for divorce after photos of her then-husband showed him taking Abbie Cornish to fancy restaurants. Reese was unaware of their “friendship” and would go on to learn that Ryan had been cheating on her.

9 Robin Thicke

When it comes to Robin Thicke, it’s not like he ever tried to hide the fact that he was a serial cheater. Despite reports claiming that Robin and his former wife Paula Patton, had an open marriage, the famous actress clearly didn't see eye-to-eye with her partner when several women came forward, stating they had slept with her man. Pics of Robin pinching a woman’s butt at the 2013 Video Music Awards later surfaced — the same event he attended with his wife. Patton wasted no time in filing for divorce while Robin Thicke went on to record an entire album on hoping to win his longtime love back. Unfortunately for him, the music wasn't good enough and failed to make any kind of impact in the industry and in his broken relationship.

8 Madonna

Say what? Did Madonna get caught cheating? The 80s pop icon and baseball star Alex Rodriguez, were romantically linked to one another back in 2008, when Madge was still married to husband, Guy Ritchie. As the singer geared up for her North American tour, it was alleged that Madonna would invite Alex back to her New York apartment, and all the neighbors were talking about how Rodriguez would stay for hours before quietly leaving the building. It was suggested that Guy had seen photos of Alex leaving Madonna’s apartment and didn’t question it — he wanted a divorce.

7 Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend, Ben Maisani

Poor Anderson Cooper. Even news anchors have bad luck when it comes to relationships. Back in 2012, dozens of paparazzi snaps surfaced online, showing Anderson's boyfriend, Ben Maisani, making out with a mysterious man. It wasn't no peck on the cheek, or a subtle kiss — it was full-on tongue action. Ben seemingly didn't think he was famous enough to be recognized by photographers, so he must have been quite shocked to see how much attention the story had received. Even worse, Anderson ended up taking a break from his hosting duties, deciding that escaping to Croatia with friends was just what he needed.

6 Ashton Kutcher

Former Two And A Half Men star, Ashton Kutcher is notoriously known for cheating. The actor infamously slept with several women while he was still married to Demi Moore, and things worsened when Demi would go on to learn that one of Ashton’s affairs took place on their wedding anniversary. How disrespectful. While Kutcher had claimed to be held up with a tight work schedule, he was actually sleeping around with women that Moore had no knowledge of. Pictures started to make their way to several news outlets, and Demi was quick to pull the trigger and end their six-year marriage.

5 Coco Austin

During an appearance in Las Vegas, Coco Austin was keeping herself busy with rapper AP.9 who was very vocal when claiming that he had an affair with Ice-T’s wife. Coco, who is a full-time model, felt humiliated and ashamed when photos were released to the media that showed her being affectionate with the man who claimed to have bedded her. There was enough evidence for anybody to believe she had cheated on Ice-T, and that there was a lot of explaining that she needed to do. Austin went on to reveal in a statement that she was ‘ashamed’ of her poor decisions.

4 LeAnn Rimes

Celeb Caught Cheating Paparazzi

Singer LeAnn Rimes, was infamously caught having dinner dates with a married man that goes by the name of Eddie Cibrian. Eddie, a relatively known actor in Hollywood, was married at the time to Real Housewives starlet, Brandi Glanville. What made things worse was that Brandi and Eddie already had two kids at the time, so to learn that her husband was cheating on her must have been devastating. While many would have thought that Eddie would apologize to Brandi and run back to her, he ended up divorcing the reality star and hopped over to LeAnn’s multi-million dollar Los Angeles mansion. Yikes.

3 The-Dream

Songwriter The-Dream, who has penned classic hits for the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna, has quite a history when it comes to cheating. Dream had just married songstress Christina Milian, when photos of him and a mysterious woman began circulating the web. The images showed the woman hugging and holding on to the music mogul as they shared several kisses between one another. Unsurprisingly, divorce papers were filed within days following the release of the photos.

2 Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee was famously locking lips with former Smash director, Michael Morris. So where’s the scandal? Well, both of them were still married at the time of their passionate kiss that just so happened to end up in every tabloid magazine. Katharine was furious over the backlash she had received from the story, claiming she had already filed for divorce from husband Nicholas Cokas, prior to her making out with Michael. That still doesn't excuse the fact that she’s kissing a married man, though. What a mess.

1 Kristen Stewart

Celeb Caught Cheating Paparazzi

Kristen Stewart had it all: her career was on fire, she had a boyfriend that all the girls wanted, and her reputation was pretty darn good. But that all changed when the paparazzi caught the actress cheating on Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. The two were caught hugging and kissing, completely oblivious that photographers were around. In the end, Rupert lost his wife and Kristen lost her boyfriend. We hope the cheating affair was worth it.

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