10 Celebs And Their Biggest Regrets Ever

While celebrities often give the impression that everything in their life is exactly going the way they could have dreamed for it to be, every now and then, these famous stars form some kind of regret from their past. No matter how much money they have in their bank accounts, how many celebrity friends they have, or even how much they think they've found happiness in what they do, there's always that regret in their mind. You could even say that these regrets are so huge, it is probably something they will never be able to get over. Either because they now realize they were in the wrong, or because they knew they could have changed the situation of that regret they are now faced with. From relationship breakups to pushing the blame on others for your own wrongdoings, these are the 10 celebrities and their biggest regrets in life.


10 Justin Timberlake Not Supporting Janet Jackson

Nobody can forget that infamous performance Justin Timberlake did with Janet Jackson at the 2004 Super Bowl. During their set, Jackson left millions of viewers stunned when Justin ripped off a piece of clothing, exposing her nipple. After the “incident” (which was totally staged), Justin let Janet take all the blame and scrutiny while he made himself appear as the innocent one who didn’t know that ripping the item off her body would have exposed her breast. Years later, Justin went on to admit that he regrets letting J. Jackson take all the blame.

9 George Clooney in Batman & Robin

George Clooney regrets having starred in one of the biggest flop movies of 1997: Batman & Robin. And quite frankly, it’s more or less an opinion between different kinds of people — some say they loved the movie, some say they hated it. For me, in particular, I actually liked it. It was good for what it was in the ‘90s, so one shouldn’t even try and compare it with the newer versions because technology has changed a lot since then. But, supposedly, George is not proud of the movie, and would rather forget ever starring in it.

8 Billy Bob Thornton’s Divorce From Angelina Jolie

Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie seemed like the perfect Hollywood couple. They were both crazy, their behaviour was often questionable, and they had their own kind of romance going on. The kind of romance that convinces anybody that the two were most definitely in love. But according to Billy, the relationship (or better yet, marriage) fell apart over his many insecurities. “People actually said that I didn’t deserve to be with her…when Angie and I got married, during that time, I was more famous than she was to start with and then she becomes this big thing.”

7 Kelly Osbourne’s Battle with Drugs

It’s no secret that Kelly Osbourne had an ongoing struggle with drugs throughout her teens and early years as an adult. From having been photographed buying cocaine out in public, to shamelessly being confronted about her addictions by the paparazzi, Kelly was probably one of the most depressed people you would ever meet. And she even admits to this. Kelly acknowledges her wrongdoings and regrets with ever getting the idea that drugs could help her problems because in the end, it actually made everything so much worse. All that to say she is doing much better now.

6 Nick Lachey Newlyweds Reality Show

Nick Lachey seems to think that his massively popular former reality show Newlyweds, was the main reason his marriage to Jessica Simpson ended up falling apart. The twosome, who agreed to star in their own show following their wedding, were adored by their growing number of fans that tuned in every week to see the couple experience married life. They ended up filing for divorce two years later, and Nick thinks that the show had a negative effect on them because of the invasion of cameras being in their home 24/7.

5 Scott Disick Cheating on Kourtney Kardashian

Scott Disick seems to regret having allegedly cheated on Kourtney Kardashian. The disgraced socialite, who is now facing time in rehab again in order to get his life on track, was reported to have cheated on the mother of his three children. The story broke over the summer, alleging that Scott and one of his former girlfriends had flown out of the country, where the twosome relaxed with pals at a pool. Kourtney was totally blindsided by Scott’s disappearance and kicked him out of the house soon after. Seems like Scott is regretting making those mistakes now.

4 Kim Kardashian Marrying Kris Humphries

Despite the supposed fact that Kim Kardashian was said to have earned herself a whopping $25 million from her infamous and short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries, Kim was unhappy. The reality star has since stressed that the marriage was a wrong move, as her feelings toward Kris changed after marriage, adding that she rushed into something she wasn’t prepared for. But despite having considered it a regret of hers, Kim still kept most of the wedding gifts, and of course, the money she made from the reality show special and exclusive magazine deals.


3 Mariah Carey Doing American Idol

Mariah Carey was totally disgusted at the idea of having to work with a bratty rapper by the name of Nicki Minaj. At least, this is what Mariah said. Carey felt humiliated and embarrassed when the twosome would go on to have their infamous argument during a contestant’s audition on the show back in 2012. Things got heated and Mariah made public comments, stating that she feared for her life when she was around Minaj, making it clear that she does not trust her fellow judge and can’t wait to be done with her contractual agreement for the show.

2 Usher Marrying Tameka Raymond

Usher went against his family’s wishes when they told him not to marry celebrity stylist, Tameka Raymond. Not only was she much older than him when they began dating, but there was something about Tameka that didn’t sit too well with Usher’s family. Especially his mother, Jonetta Patton. Usher went on to marry Tameka without his mother at the wedding, and a few years later, the singer began seeing what Patton saw in Tameka the entire time. She was crazy! Usher could no longer deal with his wife, so he signed the divorce papers and dumped her. He has since admitted that the mother of his two children is the “best mistake” he has ever made. Presumably because the twosome had kids with one another.

1 Kristen Stewart Cheating on Robert Pattinson

Kristen Stewart could seemingly not forgive herself when she publicly admitted to having cheated on Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director and married man, Rupert Sanders. The actress left her fans stunned when photos of her making out with Rupert hit tabloid magazines, leaving her feeling ashamed and embarrassed by her actions. Stewart acknowledges her mistakes and has said that the affair was the biggest regret of her life to date.



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