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10 Celebrity Women Who Tower Over Their Men

10 Celebrity Women Who Tower Over Their Men

Who does not love a tall chick? In the dating world now it is almost a requirement for women to have these long stunning legs. Not to say that short girls are not running a great competition with the talls; but sometimes it is just a case of liking what you like. Hollywood glamorizes the tall statuesque body like it is made of premium marble; it is “in” and hot to be a lady who struts her way down a sidewalk like it is a runway. Celebrity men like Daniel Radcliffe, Kevin Hart and Lil’Wayne love how their women tower over them with confidence. However, with Hollywood’s more lenient, relaxed behavior towards women nowadays, there is a new trend almost every week. Everything from being fit to curvy and short to tall, has made headlines this year and have contributed to how women feel about their physical appearance. Tall women can sometimes catch a bad rap when they are out with their significant other, and don’t get it twisted, these glama-zons have also been victims of tall-shaming just as much as women have been victims of fat/skinny shaming. A lot of these model-like beauties have said to have been bullied throughout elementary and high school for their height, but it looks like the joke is on those bullies when they get a look at some of the hot men these women tote around like a chic purse. Here is a list of 10 women who have to bend down to kiss their significant other.

10. Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban


Her: 5’11

Him: 5’10 ½

Keith Urban is a confident man and it shows every time he parades his Australian beauty wife Nicole Kidman, around on the red carpet. Nicole stands at a sexy 5’11 with her man not too far off at a half an inch shorter. This couple complement one another to the point where you do not even notice the height difference. Nicole has used her tallness for good, starting her career off as a model and transitioning quite well into acting. She seems to have a thing for short men; her ex-husband Tom Cruise is a reported 5’7, which is quite a difference. Maybe it is safer to say he is the one with the tall fetish.

9. Matthew Vaughn & Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer, Matthew Vaughn

Her: 5’11

Him: 5’10

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is known for her height and her beauty; the same two traits that made her millions of dollars in the modeling world. This could have been the reason why director Matthew Vaughn was so enamored with her. She has legs that go for days. Claudia is 5’11 but looks much taller than that, and her husband is 5’10. When the two are together there a lot of discomforting pictures of her leaning down to plant a kiss on her hubby’s lips. That can get a little awkward; but it is so cute seeing how in love they are.

8. Benji Madden & Cameron Diaz

Her: 5’8 ½

Him: 5’7

Ever since singer Benji Madden and actress Cameron Diaz admitted that they were not only in a relationship but they were secretly married, the paparazzi have been all over them. One thing that most people do not notice is that Cameron is significantly taller than her new husband. She has dated Hollywood royalty and even some guys that were way taller than her new dude, but the heart wants what it wants, and it looks like Cameron’s heart wanted the 5’7 musician on a permanent basis. Cameron who is 5’8 ½ has actually been the short one in most of her relationships; it looks like all she needed was to be the tall one to seal the deal.

7. Sean Penn & Charlize Theron

Sean Penn, Charlize Theron

Her: 5’9 ½

Him: 5’8

Actors Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are Hollywood’s new “it” couple; they have been seen around town with Charlize’s cute son, Jackson. Charlize, a former model, stands at a beautiful 5’9 ½ and her boyfriend Sean is 5’8. He seems to have a thing for tall women, as his ex-wife Robin Wright also stood over him about half an inch. The popular couple have both had career highs with films like Monster and Milk. They seem to be back on the rise, as they have been hitting red carpet events for her highly anticipated upcoming film Mad Max: Fury Road, showing off their new found love.

6. Sophie Dahl & Jamie Cullum

Jamie Cullum, Sophie Dahl

Her: 6’0

Him: 5’4

In case her last name reminded you of someone, you were right; author and model Sophie Dahl, is the maternal granddaughter of beloved author Roald Dahl (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda). This socialite beauty stands at a striking 6 feet tall and owns every last inch; her husband however, singer Jamie Cullum, is a mere 5’4. Evert time she stands beside him he looks like one of her children, as opposed to her husband. Nonetheless they actually make a cute couple but, one has to wonder what their marital walk over the threshold looked like.

5. Seth Green & Clare Grant

Seth Green, Clare Grant

Her: 5’7

Him: 5’4

Actor Seth Green is your typical funny guy, kind of small but big in personality. Standing at a shocking 5’4, he managed to find himself a partner in crime who can grab things from the high cabinets. Seth’s wife Clare Grant, is an actress, a singer, a model and a producer who stands at a cute 5 foot 7 inches tall. She towers over Seth, standing 3 feet taller than him. She does not make many appearances in public but when she does it is amusing to see that her husband is basically at boob level (that must be one of the perks of being a short guy).

4. Jenna & Bodhi Elfman

Bodhi Elfman, Jenna Elfman

Her: 5’10

Him: 5’9

Jenna Elfman of Dharma & Greg fame certainly has some height on her actor husband who has appeared in shows like 2013 sci-fi mini-series Touch. The two have been married since 1995, so if we do the math that is 20 years of looking up to his wife. It takes a confident man to show off a lady around town who has a little bit of height on him; but at 5’9, he seems pretty comfortable with his 5’10 beauty. After all, it is too late to back out now, 20 years and 2 children later, that would kind of be a disaster.

3. Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend

Her: 5’8

Him: 5’9

We all know that model Chrissy Teigan is known for the many hats that she wears; being John Legend’s wife, that scary cry face and being on the cover of Sports Illustrated. We can now add being taller than her husband to that list; although Chrissy is only 1 foot taller than John, when she gets to putting those heels on for a night out on the town, she looks like she could be 3 to 4 feet taller than him, that is where things get slightly awkward. He is not an unbelievably short man at a cool 5’9, but when she stands beside him it is definitely noticeable.

2. Coco Rocha & James Conran

Her: 5’10

Him: 5’8 ½

Vancouver born model Coco Rocha has a unique look for sure, and her 5’10 height only adds to her beautiful stature. There is however, one thing (or let’s say person) who draws even more attention to the beauty. That would be her 5 foot 8 ½ inch husband, James Conran; it is shocking that James is not just as famous for sticking out so much when standing beside her. Although he seems rightfully confident, it is still a bit of height difference; it takes a secure man to step back and let his girl take the spotlight in both fame and height.

1. Erin Darke & Daniel Radcliffe

Erin Darke, Daniel Radcliffe

Her: 5’7

Him: 5’5 ½

Our number one choice needs no explanation, but here it goes. Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe has got to be the shortest heartthrob to hit Hollywood; at 5’5 ½ he is loved by all and envied by many. Thank god he has his 5 foot 7 inch tall girlfriend Erin Darke, to fight off his adoring fans. One could make many jokes about her being tall enough to be his body guard, but let’s keep it classy. There is no doubt that Daniel loves him a taller woman, but realistically there are not many women shorter than him that are legal, especially in a place like Hollywood.

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