10 Celebrity Star Crushes Revealed

Just because they're extremely rich and incredibly famous, your favourite A-listers aren't immune to the charms of other celebs - they crush on the same actors and musicians the rest of us do. And for some reason, Hollywood's elite aren't afraid to spill the beans on just who sets their hearts aflutter. It seems to have become the norm for celebrities to dish on their big name crushes and gush about them every chance they get.

From bromances to girl crushes, here are our favourite (and most surprising) celebrity star crushes revealed.


10 Kat Graham Crushes On Jeff Goldblum

Vampire Diaries beauty, Nina Dobrev recently broke 'girl code' when she dished to Entertainment Weekly who co-star and gal pal Kat Graham's celeb crush was - none other than Jurassic Park's Jeff Goldblum. "I can't believe she just let the cat out of the bag!" Graham who plays powerful witch Bonnie Bennett on the CW show replied. "It's not my first celebrity crush, that is my celebrity crush, and it's not supposed to be public!" Let's hope she doesn't take it to heart and go casting any evil spells!

9 Lucy Hale Crushes On Robert Downey Jr.


Though she may be too young to tie the knot just yet, Pretty Little Liars beauty, Lucy Hale knows exactly what she's looking for in a partner. In addition to someone who can make her laugh and not bore her, "he has to be a gentleman too - open the doors and bring me flowers. I love that," she told Savvy magazine. Oh, and did we also mention she likes her men to be a bit older than her - 25 years older! " Her crush just happens to be a superhero: Iron Man! "I love Robert Downey Jr. so much," she revealed to the magazine. "He's like my ultimate!"

8 Naomi Campbell Crushes On Jennifer Lopez

Known in the fashion world to be somewhat of a diva, it's no wonder that supermodel Naomi Campbell crushes on another big personality - Latin pop goddess, Jennifer Lopez. While in attendance at the recent GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, The Face star was asked who her celebrity crush was.  "I have to say Jennifer Lopez because she's so beautiful and stunning. I'm a huge fan." The model continued to praise the mother-of-two: "I love Jennifer. I think she's an amazing singer, actress, designer and mother."

7 Selena Gomez Crushes on Logan Lerman


Former Disney gal, Selena Gomez doesn't let her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber stand in the way of her celebrity crushes. When asked who makes her heart skip a beat, the Spring Breakers actress told Ryan Seacrest she had a thing for Bradley Cooper but realizing the thirty-nine-year old might be a little too old for her, she quickly added a more age appropriate name  - Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman. "[Selena's] very pretty," replied the blushing star when the crush was revealed to him during an Access Hollywood interview. "I've never met her before but, that's really nice…she's very, very cool for saying that." Awww! Isn't young love so cute?

6 Eva Mendes Crushes On Liam Gallagher

How can Hitch actress Eva Mendes even consider having a celebrity crush? She does realize her boyfriend is Ryan Gosling, right? Star of The Notebook, the most romantic movie ever made? The motorcycle riding, super hot, Oscar winning actor? But we digress. The 40-year-old beauty revealed in an interview with Glamour Magazine UK that she has a thing for British men - especially bad boy rockstars. "Liam Gallagher is definitely one of the sexiest men alive," she dished. "I love Oasis, but I also love The Stone Roses and The Smiths. I've always had a strong affinity for Manchester."

5 Amy Adams Crushes On Colin Farrell


Who would have thought that American Hustle's Amy Adams, had a thing for the bad boy? She recently revealed in W Magazine that Total Recall star, Colin Farrell leaves her breathless. "I haven't really worked with him or met him properly [which] means I'm allowed to crush on him still," she admitted. "He's a perfect, working class, Irish man and he's honest and funny."

4 Dax Shepard Crushes On Brad Pitt

In Hollywood, open relationships seem to be the new norm. On a recent episode of Ellen, Frozen's Kristen Bell revealed her husband Dax Shepard's celeb crush - 12 Years a Slave star, Brad Pitt. "He just adores him," Bell confessed to the talk show host. "He loves everything about him." News of the crush came after Kristen admitted the portrait Ellen gave to Dax - of Pitt and Shepard decked out in matching outfits - had become a prized possession in their house. "It was the first thing he showed me when he got home…and he's already put it up and it's in the boudoir."


3 Mindy Kaling Crushes On Ben Affleck


"I just have a big crush on him. I just think he's so funny and great," Mindy Kaling told Today show co-host Savannah Guthrie during a recent morning show appearance. So just who is The Mindy Project cutie gushing about? None other than Argo's Ben Affleck. "I actually met him for the first time like a couple months ago on an awards show," the comedian revealed. "He felt 11 feet tall and so handsome and accomplished." Her love of the Dogma star can be traced all the way back to 2003 when she portrayed Affleck in a play she co-wrote with a college friend. Entitled, Matt & Ben the play was named one of Time magazine's 'Top Ten Theatrical Events of The Year.'

2 Kate Mara Crushes On Harry Styles

It's not just teens and tweens (and Taylor Swift) who have fallen for One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles. Thirty-one-year-old House of Cards actress, Kate Mara recently revealed she crushes on 20-year-old Harry in a big, big way. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mara confessed, "He's young, it's embarrassing," when the talk show host asked about her boy band crush. "But I mean have you seen Harry Styles' face?" She later went on to confess that it wasn't just Harry who she adored but all of his One Direction bandmates as well.

1 Drake Crushes On Jennifer Lawrence


Move over Rihanna, there's a new girl in town. Former Degrassi alum and current rapper extraordinaire Drake, recently revealed he's become enamoured with golden gal, Jennifer Lawrence. "On some Hunger Games s**t, I would die for my district/ Jennifer Lawrence you could really get it/ I mean, for real girl, you know I had to do it for ya," he says on his latest single, Draft Day. With rhymes this sick, you can expect J-Law to drop current beau,  X-Men star, Nicholas Holt any day now…


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