10 Celebrity Love Triangles You Never Knew About

One of the most famous love triangles ever created is the one between Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge in John Goldwater's Archie Comics.

Archie, an unassuming redhead, is for some reason the hottest commodity in his sunny town of Riverdale. Even though he drives a sputtering jalopy, gets average grades, and is best friends with a hollow-legged basket case, he is irresistible to the girls around him. Of all them, Betty and Veronica are the most ardent in their affection. Betty is a friendly, middle-class blond girl, endlessly patient and friendly. Veronica is the temperamental daughter of business tycoon Hiram Lodge. Her black, lacquered hair and stylish clothes make her a fiercer contender than the thrilless Betty.

In the comics, Archie will often make a date with Betty and then cancel at the last minute when Veronica's whims shift and she decides that, after all, she does want to see him that night. Betty takes it on the chin like a champ, never becoming resentful like a sentient person would.

The following ten love triangles are not fictitious, however. They occurred between real celebrities, who might seem impossibly perfect on the red carpet, but who feel the cold stab of jealousy, unlike Betty Cooper. If you're curious to find out who they are, keep on reading. Yearning, jealousy, and infidelity ensue. Enjoy!

10 Lil Wayne - Tammy Torres - Drake


9 Adam Levine - Jessica Simpson - Nick Lachey

8 January Jones - Bobby Flay - Stephanie March

7 Orlando Bloom - Miranda Kerr - Justin Bieber


6 J.C. Chasez - Eva Longoria - Tony Parker

5 Olivia Munn - Justin Timberlake - Jessica Biel

4 Michelle Trachtenberg - Ashlee Simpson - Pete Wentz

3 Hilary Duff - Aaron Carter - Lindsay Lohan


2 David Spade - Lara Flynn Boyle - Jack Nicholson


1 Selena Gomez - Nick Jonas - Miley Cyrus


It's weird to think of Selena Gomez dating anyone but Justin Bieber (even though they haven't been together for quite some time). But there was a point, back when they were tweens, where Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas were an item. But before that, he and Miley Cyrus were an item. This was back in the days when the now gay-bar-stripping superstud wore a purity ring and the sledgehammer-fellating apparent nudist had "the best of both worlds!" as Hannah Montana. When they broke up, it ignited a longstanding feud between the Lupus survivor who "Can't Keep [Her] Hands to [Herself]" and the on-again-off-again bride of Liam Hemsworth.


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10 Celebrity Love Triangles You Never Knew About