10 Strange Celebrity Love Affairs We Totally Forgot About

When you're a celebrity, the pool of people you can date is oft' limited to other celebrities for a vast number of reasons, “understanding the pressures of fame” being the most favored. Whenever a new couple emerges from the mists of red carpet stardom, however, you can be sure it'll be captured on camera forevermore, for us all to remember and reminisce, however much those in question would prefer we forget.

Of course, some odd matches have been all but erased by the sands of time - and the many consequent high-profile relationships. When we settle into the status quo of a world in love with Brangelina and recovering from the whole TomKat weirdness, we often forget our favourite celebrities' love affairs from a few relationships ago. So, for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or - among our younger readers - a couple of 'HUH?!' moments, the following is a list of our ten favorite but almost forgotten celebrity love affairs.

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10 Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford

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Their four year marriage ended in heartbreak, reportedly due to the 17 year age gap. These two stars met at a star-studded bash for the late photographer Herb Ritts home. Crawford recalls, "I was 21. It was still all new to me. I met Richard Gere there. We pretty much started dating right away.”

Gere, she says, showed her how to deal with the pressures of fame. Crawford still thinks of Richard in a good light. “Richard’s a super smart guy, and he’s interesting, and he’s interested.” They divorced in 1995.

9 Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

This duo enjoyed a brief and intense romance,  marrying in 2003 and divorcing in 2006 citing irreconcilable differences. However, as is true to form on the celeb circuit, it seems there was more to the divorce than meets the eye: Pam sought divorce immediately after a miscarriage in 2006, and after what was a reportedly violent outburst from Rock on the set of the film Borat in which Pam had a cameo. Anderson moved on, leaving Rock just one entry on the long list of notorious bad boys and rockers for whom she clearly has a soft spot.

8 Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito

This couple ended on a decidedly sour note, after Jennifer slammed her Hollywood ex in a book this year. Whilst Bradley isn't named in the book, her descriptions left nobody in doubt over which ex she was alluding to: She describes the mystery suitor as “funny, smart, cocky, arrogant and a master manipulator.” She said her boyfriend at the time had a “mean, cold side” and “his personality could flip on a dime.” Esposito has said the relationship was unbalanced and suggested her health and wellbeing was far from a priority in the coupling. The brief marriage between these two lasted from late December 2006 to May 2007. Cooper has since been romantically involved with Renee Zellweger and, now, 22 year old Suki Waterhouse.

7 George Clooney and Talia Balsam

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6 Gary Oldman and Uma Thurman

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A very young Gary Oldman and Uma Thurman met on the set of their film States of Grace in 1990, and were married and separated just two years later. Oldman was 12 years Thurman's senior at the time, and the marriage broke down amidst rumors of heavy drinking, with the couple officially divorcing in 1992.

Uma was quoted at the time saying: “Teenage weddings are amongst the things that don’t count.” However, neither of them has spoken publically about the romance despite certain wistful comments from Oldman calling Uma an "angel".

5 Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie

Long before Hollywood's golden couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and long before her reincarnation as a humanitarian extraordinaire, Angelina Jolie was married to British actor Jonny Lee Miller (currently starring as Sherlock Holmes in 'Elementary'). The relationship is still remembered fondly by both stars; although Jolie has since gone on to acquire the kind of recognition any actor would be envious of, and the two have both remarried, Jonny still says Angie is a good friend. The two met on the set of the film Hackers (1996) “That’s where I met Jonny, who is still a great friend. So I think of him when I think of that. Although, I’m sure the movie looks so ancient now, but we had a lot of fun making that.” They divorced in 1999.

4 Tom Cruise and first wife Mimi Rogers

via mi9.com
via mi9.com

Cruise has always been a bit of a serial husband. His first wife, the still relatively unknown actress Miriam Rogers, married Cruise in 1987. They separated in 1989, and finally divorced in 1990. Mimi was a Scientologist at the time, and although has since left the religion, she did not run far and hard in the manner of Katie Holmes, Cruise's recent ex. Who will be the next Mrs Cruise?

3 Madonna and Sean Penn

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Madonna met Sean Penn on the set of Shanghai Surprise, with Madonna marrying the famous bad boy turned good in 1995. Madonna dedicated her third album to Sean, True Blue, yet the relationship was in the quick sands from the beginning with Penn often violent, and reportedly beating Madonna whilst tying her to a chair. Penn was later in the marriage charged with felony domestic assault. They divorced 4 years later in 1989.

2 Julia Roberts and first husband Lyle Lovett

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Julia’s first husband was Lyle Lovett, a country singer and actor. They met in 1993, both on the rebound from relationships, and were married in a quick wedding in the same year - just three weeks after they met! Roberts told Premiere magazine. "I feel like this really pleasant calm has descended upon my life. It has to do with your own ability to make a perfectly correct decision. I think that's quite a feat, to look at something you've done and say 'This is completely right.' Every time I talk to him...or look at his picture...or think about him, I think, 'Wow, I'm so...I'm so smart. I'm so lucky.' "

However, it seems even infinite calm and certainty isn't built to last in Tinsel Town, and the pair split due to Julia’s hectic schedule - and, arguably, due to the fact that they knew so little about each other when they married.

1 Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock

Although this duo were never married, this couple dated after they met on the set of Murder by Numbers. Bullock was 16 years Gosling's senior and was said to be heartbroken after the affair imploded. They had a brief relationship from 2002-2003, but things have changed a lot in both their lives since; Gosling has since has a child with partner Eva Mendes, and Bullock has been married and divorced.

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