10 Celebrity Kids Who Will Become Annoying Like The Jenners

As Kylie and Kendall Jenner continue to blossom into young (annoying) adults, there is bound to be a new set of famous celebrity children that are going to fill in the same shoes as the socialites. It is already bad enough that teens as young as 16 feel the need to flash their $150,000 vehicles on the likes of Instagram and Twitter, but there are strong signs leading for the public to believe that these ten famous celeb children will be just as irritating as the Jenner bunch. As their social media pages continue to grow, some of the names listed in the entries below have already boasted about their multi-million dollar endorsement deals, while others have clothing lines in the works that are strongly supported by their famous parents. The idea that going to college and getting an education most certainly does not cross their minds, having already had access to fame and money from the time they were born. Brace yourselves for the new Jenners.

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10 Willow Smith

Three years ago, Willow Smith made a name for herself with that infamous song, Whip My Hair, which irritated the daylight out of every adult who had to listen to the track on every radio station. Oh, how we suffered. But now at 13 years old, the famous daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has started hanging around with the likes of Kylie and Kendall Jenner, so you already know that lip enhancements, butt implants and all sorts of injections are going to come next. She’s not quite there yet, but she’s starting to blossom into a Jenner.

9 The Beckham Boys


While we have always considered the Beckham boys as well behaved kids who did everything they could to stay out of the limelight, things have certainly changed. Victoria and David’s eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham, launched his Instagram page last year, and just as we would have thought, most of his photos are selfies of himself. The socialite recently celebrated hitting 1 million followers on the photo-sharing websites, which begs the question on how narcissistic one can just be. Celebrating a certain number of followers? Brooklyn will be the first to get really annoying, and the rest will likely follow. Womp.

8 Noah Cyrus

This 16-year-old girl has Miley Cyrus’ same genes in her body. A mini-me of Miley is the last thing we needed, but it seems that Noah Cyrus is quickly setting herself up to follow in her sister’s footsteps. She is supposedly wanting to become a singer herself, having already done a couple of photoshoots for magazines… simply because she is the unknown sibling of Miley Cyrus. The wild antics usually happen for these Hollywood kids at 17, so give it another year and this young girl will be a household name, but sadly probably for all the wrong reasons.

7 Hadid Sisters


Gigi and her younger sister Bella Hadid, have taken the modeling world by storm, and it’s all thanks to their last name. What’s worse is that the twosome have become best pals with the Jenners, and anybody that associates themselves with this family is bound to become annoying, right? Gigi has dozens of selfies on her Instagram page, just to remind you on how beautiful she is, because, in all honesty, the girl is pretty. But to say she is worthy to be crowned as a top model is over exaggerated by all means. Her younger sister seems to just be tagging along with everything Gigi is doing.

6 Hailey Baldwin

Oh, look! It’s another ‘model.’ This one goes by the name of Hailey Baldwin, and her friendship with Justin Bieber hasn’t just made us think she’s annoying, but Bieber’s fans, too. Hailey has often insinuated that she was dating the singer by posting questionable photos of herself with the 22-year-old on social media. She would then go on to deny those claims, clearly just wanting to draw attention to herself since nobody really knows what she does, other than being the daughter of a famous actor. She’s now modeling for a couple of high-end fashion designers. Perhaps I should change my last name to ‘Baldwin,’ because that last name is getting this girl into many places.

5 Rocco Ritchie


Madonna’s son, Rocco, is starting to make his rounds as the most annoying male teen celeb. His social media pages are often filled with photos of Rocco posing in public bathrooms, along with shirtless pics of himself inside a library. What? Well, it seems that Madonna’s genes are more dominant than those of his father Guy Ritchie, who is much more conservative and laid back. It should also be mentioned that this young kid rarely posts photos of himself with his mother, begging the question just how much time the self-proclaimed Queen of Pop spends with her children. 

4 Suri Cruise


This little 9-year-old girl is bound to be trouble. After her father reportedly abandoned her following Katie Holmes’ decision to leave Scientology and file for divorce, Suri Cruise has already lost an important figure in her life — one that she was known to have been very close to. She’s constantly spotted out and about in New York with her mother, and many media outlets have started including her in fashion segments, such as, ‘Who Wore It Best?’ My theory is that with the media already so obsessed with this young girl, as she continues to get older, the photographers will be all over her, and the general public will get sick of hearing her name. Furthermore, her father allegedly (and abruptly) cutting her out of his life over his Scientology beliefs could potentially affect her when she gets older.

3 Apple and Moses


Apple and Moses. Really, Gwyneth Paltrow? You could’ve gone with Maple and Syrup, but Apple and Moses? Well, there goes one point as to what’s already annoying about these young kids. But away from their strange names, it is already written in the books that the actress’ children are bound to be super annoying since their mother forces all kinds of nonsense down our throats. From making claims that carbs are bad for kids, to notoriously saying that being an actress is much harder than a regular office job. Oh dear, Apple and Moses — please, please, please don’t turn out like your mother. 

2 Moroccan and Monroe


Yes, Mariah Carey’s children are only four. And yes, they also have weird names, but seeing that these are the kids to one of the biggest divas in Hollywood, could her minions possibly turn out just like her? Let’s not forget that Mariah is the same woman who only drinks water out of a crystal-glared bottle, and only spray tans herself with gold from Africa. Could you imagine the demands that Monroe will make when she’s 7? Instead of demanding the nanny to give her the remote to watch her favorite Nickelodeon show, she’ll probably demand hot chocolate at room temperature and waffles that are shaped in the letter ‘M’.

1 Justin Combs



Justin Combs is a well-known aspiring NFL player at UCLA. He’s also the famous son to P. Diddy, so you already know that this boy is bound to be trouble. While he has kept a rather low profile in recent years, Justin has been making himself more available on social media lately. Just a few months ago, his alleged nude photos hit the internet, and without surprise, the amount of followers he gained through those pics went through the roof. Since then, Combs has continued to show off his physique on Instagram while often flashing his expensive designer clothes on Twitter. It seems that Justin is slowly but surely going to start rubbing a lot of people the wrong way.

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