10 Celebrities' Children Hidden From The Public Eye

Celebrities babies are pretty much the same as non-celebrity babies, with the exception of the fact that they're born into great riches and fame simply because they happen to share the same genetics as their parents.

Many celebrity parents take the appropriate steps to protect their children from the harsh glare of the limelight and the endlessly flashing flashbulbs of the paparazzi. Others bring their children into the glare of fame, resulting in a new line of celebrities within the family, such as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's children Willow and Jaden Smith, who are already full-blown celebs in their own ways.

Of course, the truth is that most celebrities having children just want to raise their kids the same way that most parents do, bringing their kids to class, taking them to lessons, enjoying family dinners and spending quality time with one another. For the most recognized celebrities, this normal version of parenthood is nearly impossible due to a constant crowd of people and paparazzi taking photos and otherwise interrupting family time with requests for autographs and other fan demands.

While some celebrity kids are hidden away from the public because they were conceived in secret circumstances, like an adulterous affair, other celebrity kids are protected against the downsides of fame by their conscientious and famous parents, not frequently seen in public.


10 Apple & Moses Martin

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Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow recently exposed the world to their very modern 'conscious uncoupling', announced through Paltrow's blog, after consciously coupling for just over a decade.

Paltrow, Oscar-winning actress and the brains behind lifestyle website Goop, and father Chris - frontman for the hugely popular Coldplay rock group - conceived Apple in 2004 and Moses 2005.

Despite the former power couple's considerable fame and success, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have managed to limit the exposure of their children to the media. For a long time, they managed to ensure most images of their kids published in magazines showed only blurred faces, but a few hardy paparazzos have managed to obtain a few elusive shots. One of the most recent pictures of the kids popped up online when Gwyneth went on a divorce vacation with her children.

9 Sire Jackson


50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, is very protective of his young son, Sire Jackson, born to model Daphne Joy. Daphne recently uploaded around 50 pictures of Sire enjoying a bubble bath and chilling out on a bed to her social media account. However, most of the pictures were deleted shortly after they were posted.

50 Cent rose to fame after a string of hip hop hits starting with "Wanksta", a diatribe about wannabe gangsters, before taking over the world with "In Da Club".

Before being discovered by Eminem, 50 Cent famously survived an assassination attempt after being shot several times, which cemented his reputation as a rapper who lived a hard knock life. He's dedicated to keeping his son's public profile low, a decision likely influenced by his own tempestuous early years.

8 Seven

Andre Benjamin, also known by his stage name Andre 3000, used to be involved with the equally talented and amazing musician Erykah Badu. These two musicians have written and performed some of the best hip hop, R'n'B and soul over the past decade. Their relationship didn't last, but they did end up having a child together.

This incredibly creative couple gave their baby boy a creative name - Seven. Although it's unlikely that Seinfeld directly influenced Andre and Erykah's decision to name their son Seven, it's an interesting coincidence that George Costanza spent an entire episode ruminating on cool baby names, specifically focusing on the coolness of the name 'Seven'.

Seven Benjamin keeps a very low profile, with protected social media accounts. Apparently  he lives a normal teen life of schooling and hanging with friends, showing no signs of going into his parents' business yet.

7 Sam Sheen, Cassandra Estevez, Lola Sheen, Max Sheen & Bob Sheen


The embarrassing dad who popularised the concept of 'winning' as well as the chemical formula he refers to as 'tiger blood', Charlie Sheen has been known to occasionally court controversy due to his rambunctious, unapologetic lifestyle.

Part of the consequences of having tiger blood in his veins while being in a constant state of winning involved having several kids with at least three different women.

As far as celebrity watchers know, Charlie has five children with three different mothers, including twin sons he fathered with Brooke Mueller and two daughters he had with Denise Richards. The fifth child is his adult daughter who he had with a high-school girlfriend. It seems Sheen's brood have learnt from their father's mistakes, and have so far stayed largely outside of the public eye.

6 Meadow Rain Walker

Paul Walker was the megastar of the Fast and Furious franchise that recently released its seventh installation to great success, becoming the quickest film to earn a billion dollars worldwide.

Paul passed away late in 2013 due to a fatal automobile accident that took place on his way to a charity event, taking the lives of the star and his friend Roger Rodas.

Sadly, Paul left behind his daughter Meadow Rain Walker, who was 15 when he passed away. He fathered her before his meteoric rise to success, remaining close despite a failed relationship with Meadow's mother.

Lately, Meadow Rain has been spending time with her Godfather and Paul Walker's best friend Vin Diesel, who has opened his heart to the Walker family.

5 Omoye Assata Lynn


Born Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Common - previously known as Common Sense - is one of the most skilled wordsmiths in hip-hop over the past decade. He has diversified his celebrity portfolio by appearing as an actor in a variety of big productions, including Selma, American Gangster and Terminator Salvation.

What is relatively little known about Common is the fact that he has a daughter aged 17 years old. Omoye Assata Lynn recently made a rare public appearance with her father at the 2015 Grammy Awards. This father and daughter duo were in attendance to celebrate Common's Oscar-winning song "Glory", which he performed live at the award ceremony.

4 Otis Alexander Sudeikis

One of the more anticipated celebrity children to arrive over the last year was the offspring of megastar couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis. Olivia earned her fame as an actress through big parts in House M.D., The O.C. and Tron: Legacy. You may recognize Jason Sudeikis from his memorable parts in 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live and Eastbound and Down.

The couple quietly welcomed their first child, Otis Alexander Sudeikis, born on April 23rd of 2014. The couple chose to avoid high profile magazine deals, and announced their baby's birth with a photo on Wilde's Twitter account instead. Although the child was initially predicted to be born on Star Wars Day - May 4th - Otis decided to leave the womb early to see the trailers for the upcoming film through his own eyes.


3 River Rose Blackstock


Kelly Clarkson blew everybody away on the first season of American Idol, winning the contest with her stellar voice on the way to launching a terrific recording career that has gained her millions of fans since. Unfortunately, despite her seemingly magnanimous personality, Kelly has had run-ins with those who would try to tear down her celebrity for ridiculous reasons including consistent jabs at her fluctuating weight.

So it's understandable, perhaps, that she waited a week before debuting her new child to the world. Daughter River Rose Blackstock, who she parented with husband Brandon Blackstock, makes occasional appearances already.

While she isn't yet a recognized face, mommy Clarkson predicts she will be in future; she recently posted a photo of River Rose saying; "She is destined 2 b a Country/rock legend".

2 Joseph Baena

One of the biggest celebrity cheating scandals of the past few years was the revelation of what Arnold Schwarzenegger had been doing with his free time when he wasn't busy making blockbuster films or driving around in his Hummer.

Turns out that Arnold had been having an affair with his nanny and housekeeper, resulting in a love child during their late 1990s. His son Joseph Baena, born to mother Mildred, was apparently only revealed as Schwarzenegger's offspring after wife Maria Shriver confronted Mildred with evidence of the affair.

In recent photos, Joseph appears to be growing up just like his old man, with a physique that appears to owe a lot to dad.

1 Nixon Knowles


Almost everyone in the world knows at least a few juicy details about the Queen Bey's life. Combining her amazing singing and dancing skills along with her incredible beauty and charisma, Beyoncé became the toast of the A-list world as part of the Destiny's Child supergroup.

Using her time in the group as a stepping stone to even greater fame and fortune, Beyoncé emerged as one of the biggest solo acts, getting married to and having children with Jay Z. Currently, they're one of the biggest, if not the biggest celebrity couple in the world. But some details of Bey's personal life remain shrouded in a degree mystery.

Her father Matthew Knowles ended up fathering Nixon Knowles outside of his marriage to Beyoncé's mother Tina, and Beyoncé's baby brother born in 2010. Since then, Beyoncé decided to break with Matthew as her manager, and Nixon Knowles has been kept well out of the public eye and is largely excluded from discussions of Beyonce's family.



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