10 Celebrity Duos You Didn't Know Had "A Thing"

Part of what attracts many people to the lives of celebrities is the fact that there always seems to be a new romance budding in Hollywood. Because actors, producers, singers and designers have tons of money, starting a relationship with someone else in the business often means taking trips to foreign countries on a whim, spending the summers on a yacht, or being surprised with lavish gifts in five-star hotel suites. Sometimes, these elaborate gestures of romance are just to woo a person of interest! Who doesn’t want to live like that?

But, alas, there are still quite a few Hollywood relationships that don’t work out, despite the “happiness” that millions of dollars can buy. Some celebrities actually want a real connection with their significant others. When they realize the love is gone, they decide to move on, sometimes rather quickly. There are even cases in which celebrities get together and break up so quickly, you didn’t even realize they were a couple. Surprisingly, there are also still some celebrities who would prefer to keep every detail of the personal lives out of the tabloids, which is why you may hear of their break-ups long after they occur. Here are 10 celebrity duos you didn’t know had a “thing” at one point.


10 Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

If you were born in the 90s and only know Cindy Crawford from the Rooms to Go commercials promoting her furniture line, you probably didn’t know that she was once married to actor Richard Gere. The couple was married for four years, and in an interview with Us Magazine, Crawford says that the fact that the two were 17 years apart in age (she’s younger) took a toll on their union. Cindy was just 21 when she met Gere at a barbecue at the late Herb Ritt’s house. She says that’s around the time her modeling career was taking off, and of course, Gere wasting no time starting a relationship with her. They dated for four years before getting married, and divorced in 1995, when many of today’s young stars were just toddlers.

9 Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito


Most people think of actor Bradley Cooper as the ultimate bachelor, but the truth is, he did have a wife for a period of time. In 2006, Cooper was married to actress Jennifer Esposito, but the couple divorced the following year. Cooper states that he and Esposito realized early in their marriage that things weren’t working, and decided to end things before making matters worse. Bradley went on to have a long-term relationship with Renee Zellweger—but she moved on to Kenny Chesney, married him and had the marriage annulled. Cooper dated Zoe Saldana off and on as well, but there were rumors that he was afraid of commitment, so Saldana eventually married someone else and had twin boys. Cooper went on to enjoy a pretty impressive movie career, and Esposito furthered her career as well, starring in shows like Blue Bloods, Mistresses and Samantha Who? She will also star in the upcoming series The Affair, and is married to British model Louis Dowler.

8 George Clooney and Talia Balsam

George Clooney is another celebrity that was dubbed an “eternal bachelor” until he met Amal Alammudin and fell madly in love with her. Even though there have been rumors that the two are having marital problems, the pair seem to be disregarding the sensational stories and are as happy as ever. However, Clooney was married before, to actress Talia Balsam. Balsam is known for starring in movies such as No Strings Attached, The Wackness and All The King’s Men. She and Clooney were married in Vegas in 1989, and George filed for divorce in 1992. Clooney states that he definitely wasn’t ready to be a husband at that time in his life, and that he didn’t give Talia a “fair shot.” Balsam has been married to actor John Slattery since 1998, who is most well known for his work on Mad Men. The couple has one child together.

7 Drew Barrymore and Tom Green


Apparently, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries weren’t the only famous couple to be married for a matter of days before calling it quits. Back in 2000, actress Drew Barrymore and comedian Tom Green gave marriage a go for 163 days. Most people were surprised that the two were even a couple, since Barrymore had cleaned up her image for the most part and came across as a sweet and well-meaning celeb, while Green was still engaging in some pretty reckless behavior. Barrymore confirms that drugs and alcohol had a whole lot to do with why the marriage ended. We haven’t heard much from Tom Green these days, but Drew is doing pretty well. She’s married with two daughters, has been starring in movies with Adam Sandler, and has a make-up line available at Wal-Mart.

6 Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller

Johnny Lee Miller is an actor and the grandson of actor Bernard Lee. The older Lee played the role of M in the early James Bond movies. Johnny Lee is known for his work in Dead Man’s Walk, which was the prequel to Lonesome Dove. The movie was released in 1996, and that was the same year he took actress Angelina Jolie to be his bride. Obviously, Jolie was into risk-takers at the time, since it is well known that Miller left high school at the age of 17 to pursue his acting career full time. Jolie, of course, went on to marry actor Brad Pitt. Miller later married actress Michele Hicks, who is known for her work in Twin Falls Idaho and Guns for Hire. Hicks and Jolie also have the same birthday—June 4. Interesting. There are also reports that Jolie and Miller are still good friends, which we can’t say we’re too surprised about.

5 Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley


Back when Jennifer Garner was most well-known for the hit TV show Alias, she was married to actor Scott Foley, who is now most famous for joining the cast of Scandal. There are several pictures depicting the couple as happy as can be, but both celebrities admit that their marriage wasn’t exactly the most fulfilling relationship. These days, even if the former couple wanted to be friends, Scott’s current wife, actress Marika Domińczyk, has made it clear to her husband that it’s not an option. It seems that Garner’s got her hands full anyway, since she’s taking care of three children, starring in movies here and there, and deciding what to do with her troubled marriage to actor Ben Affleck. Sounds like the premise for a TV drama.

4 Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers

People are still trying to figure out why Tom Cruise doesn’t seem to have good luck in love, and that includes people who are fans of his work. After being in a relationship for a while, the women he is committed to seem to get to a point where they just can’t take anymore. Former wife Nicole Kidman has stated that her marriage to Cruise was “hell” and Katie Holmes (his most recent ex-wife) is probably so traumatized she doesn’t even want to talk much about the relationship. But before these two women, there was actress Mimi Rogers. Mimi is known for her work in movies like The Mirror Has Two Faces and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Rogers and Cruise got married in 1987 and separated two years later. Many people blame Scientology for the marital turmoil, and this has been a recurring theme in his relationships. Maybe he’ll have better luck the next go-round.


3 Gregg Allman and Cher

When it comes to short marriages, it’s pretty safe to say that Cher has everyone beat. She and musician Gregg Allman were married for just nine days before changing their minds about being husband and wife. Gregg is best known for performing with his brother Duane in the Allman Brothers Band. Cher, of course is also known for her music—and her hair and fashion choices. Cher will also always be connected with former late husband Sonny Bono, as the two rose to fame together and were some of the pioneers of the “variety show” format. Cher has stated that she prefers younger men, so maybe Allman just wasn’t to her liking age-wise.

2 Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

For a short period of time, model and actress Ali Landry, who is most commonly known as “the Doritos girl” because of those halftime commercials, were an item. Lopez and Landry looked like the perfect couple, but Ali confirms that she found out that Mario hadn’t been faithful to her—and she got the news while the two were preparing for their wedding! Looks like Lopez didn’t learn much about being a good guy from all his time on the hit sitcom Saved By the Bell as A.C. Slater. Lopez even admits that he never really loved Ali, which is probably why he cheated on her. Not cool, Slater. Landry is still acting here and there, and is married with two sons. Lopez is an entertainment reporter and is married with two children as well.

1 Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet


Lisa Bonet has starred in a few movies since her days on The Cosby Show and A Different World. But for the most part, she’s kept a pretty low profile. Bonet was in the news again recently, since her daughter Zoe Kravitz (with ex-husband rocker Lenny Kravitz) has been starring in movies and modeling campaigns. Zoe has also followed in her father’s footsteps musically and has her own band. What you may not know is that Lisa Bonet has been married to Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa since 2007, and they have two children together. Apparently, the whole low-profile thing is working really well for them.


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