10 Celebrity Couples Who Ditched The High Profile Wedding

Everywhere you turn, it looks as if some celebrity couple is getting married. If the celeb happens to be someone like Kim Kardashian or Tom Cruise, then you know the ceremony is going to be some lavish event. Cruise opted to give then-wife Katie Holmes, a fairytale style wedding, complete with a 15th century castle in Rome and fireworks. Kim Kardashian took her lavish nuptials one step further when she turned her notorious wedding to Kris Humphries into a media event. Even her second marriage to rapper Kanye West was prominently featured on the Disaster Movie star’s reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

However, not all famous people like the idea of photographers snapping pictures as their 150-plus guests walk down a rose-petal-filled trail to a tent filled with doves. In fact, some prefer private ceremonies away from the media, as well as opting for a more low-key, less high profile setting. Heck, some celebrities even go one step further and decide to even keep their famous friends out of the loop and instead, celebrate their union quietly and with a more intimate feel. Sometimes, that is actually how a wedding should be.


10 Jeremy Renner

Like most actors on this list, Jeremy Renner doesn't really like the media attention and loves his privacy. That is why news of his nuptials came as such a surprise to many people, since The Avengers star didn't really make any formal announcements until he was spotted with a ring at the screening of his film, Kill the Messenger. Renner got married to Sonni Pacheco, who is also the mother of his daughter Ava Berlin.

9 Michael Ealy


Some celebrities wait a few days before announcing their nuptials, while others might take a few months or so. Actor Michael Ealy is one such star, since the news of his ceremony didn't break until two months after getting hitched to longtime girlfriend Khatira Rafiqzada, in 2012. The About Last Night star has always been reluctant to talk about his personal life, and even had to be prodded by Steve Harvey on his talk show to reveal the information. Ealy is so private that Harvey did not even know that he had a son.

8 Matt Damon

How low-key was Matt Damon’s wedding to Luciana Bozan? Well, first, it took place at City Hall in Manhattan. Second, Matt’s best-friend and Good Will Hunting co-star and co-scribe Ben Affleck, was not even in attendance. In fact, the Elysium star’s own publicist did not know about the wedding until the actor called her up that morning. In 2013, Damon and Bozan decided to renew their vows on the island of St. Lucia, with a guest list of fifty family and friends. Yes, this time Ben Affleck was in attendance.

7 Giovonni Ribisi

Not only were fans and friends of Giovonni Ribisi shocked to hear about his nuptials to Agyness Deyn, but some did not even know they were dating when the dropped the marriage bombshell. The couple opted for a small ceremony at the Los Angeles County Registers in 2012. News broke out of the Ted star’s plans after a reporter caught the pair kissing passionately while waiting in line to get married. Nearly two and a half years later, the couple filed for divorce in 2015, after being separated since December of the previous year.

6 Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard

Talk about your no frills, on the spot nuptials. The adorable Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who were engaged since 2009 before making the big leap in 2013, turned a quick trip the county clerk’s office into a full-fledged ceremony. This was mostly due to a court employee that offered to do an immediate ceremony for the When in Rome actors. The two had famously vowed not to marry until same-sex marriage bans were eliminated. After the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 was overturned in California, Bell re-proposed to Shepard via Twitter, to which Shepard happily responded.

5 Jessica Alba


In 2008, the gorgeous Jessica Alba put on a long blue dress and put her hair in a ponytail for a no-guest wedding ceremony to now husband, Cash Warren. Under a decorated arch at the Beverly Hill’s courthouse’s ceremony room, the Sin City actress was reportedly happy, but also a little nervous. The couple arrived at the courthouse at 11:30 am, and waited for forty minutes before the paperwork was ready and an employee was available to marry them.

4 Kelly Clarkson

No one should really be surprised that singer and American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson, opted for a small, intimate ceremony to her fiance Brandon Blackstock, especially since the two had considered simply eloping. But those plans were ultimately exchanged for a private (but still quite formal) ceremony in Tennessee. Fun fact: the Catch My Breath singer is a fledgling pilot, and actually flew the couple in for the ceremony. Blackstock, the stepson of country super-star Reba McEntire, flew them out.


3 Anne Hathaway


For her 2012 ceremony to Adam Shulman, Academy Award Winner Anne Hathaway decided to turn to someone who knew a thing or two about keeping a wedding ceremony private. Using the same wedding planners that kept Natalie Portman’s nuptials a secret, the Les Miserable star’s wedding to Shulman against an understated backdrop in Big Sur had a guest list that included only family and friends, and absolutely no movie stars. One exception was Hathaway’s stunt double, since you know, she probably earned an invitation for taking all those dangerous acts Hathaway didn't.

2 Marilyn Monroe

Unfortunately, not all low-key, city hall weddings go unnoticed. Case in point: legendary screen icon Marilyn Monroe’s wedding to baseball great Joe DiMaggio. The couple normally tried to keep their relationship very personal, oftentimes spending time at home or in the back of a restaurant. However, once the media caught on, they ferociously attached themselves to the story. In January 1954, the Some Like It Hot actress and DiMaggio got married at the San Francisco City Hall, and were immediately crowded by both reporters and fans. Monroe mentioned her intention to get married to someone at the studio, who then later leaked the information to the press. After a stormy relationship, the coupled divorced 274 days later in October.

1 Barry Manilow


Singer Barry Manilow is widely known for hits such as Mandy and I Write the Songs, yet he is also famously private when it comes to his personal life. This is why the crooner’s recent marriage to his longtime manager Gary Kief, came as a surprise to many, even his guests. In April 2015, Manilow invited about 20 to 30 people to his Palm Springs, California home for lunch, then surprised them with the nuptials. No paperwork was present at the time, however both Manilow and Kief exchanged rings. Still the ever tight-lipped type, Manilow nor his reps have made any official comments on the ceremony. The Copacabana singer was previously married for a short time during the 60’s.



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