10 Celebrities You Wouldn't Believe Behaved Badly On Airplanes

In today’s society, some celebrities feel a sense of entitlement because of their fame and fortune; they are so used to having “yes” people around them, and get many privileges just because of their prominence. Many celebrities whom we all know and love unfortunately have massive egos and will not even look at us in the eyes when we speak to them, because in their heads they feel as though they are more superior and above their peers around them - especially when it comes to air travel.

These celebs sometimes feel as though they don’t need to abide by the rules, because they are not “regular people," they are stars. Whether they are on a private jet or flying in coach, some celebrities don’t care who is on board and will show a lack of respect to the crew, flight attendants and even the pilot. Most celebrities want to have everything their way, and if they don’t get what they want they will cause havoc.

They may even cause a scene, which can be very embarrassing for them as well as the passengers on board. Buckle up for safety folks, here’s the top 10 celebrities who you may want to avoid sitting near you on your next flight.

10 Kate Moss

This London model is best known for being in many advertising campaigns including Calvin Klein, Chanel and Christian Dior and also appearing in 300 fashion magazines. Besides her career life, Moss has also become famous for her rowdy personal life. In June 2015, Moss made headlines when she was escorted off Easy Jet Airline for reportedly becoming troublesome while she was on her way back from vacationing in Turkey. Police were called after her disruptive manner and escorted the model away. Luckily she was not arrested but, that being said, maybe Moss should think twice about her “diva” behavior.

9 Justin Bieber

If you haven’t heard of Justin Bieber, you may be living under a rock. This Canadian heartthrob went from being a YouTube sensation to a multi-platinum pop superstar in what seems like a blink of an eye. Throughout his career, Bieber has been no stranger to controversy, in fact he made headlines when he decided to take his private jet from Canada to Teterboro. The plane was so full of pot smoke that the pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks so they wouldn't risk failing any drug tests. The captain of the flight stated that “he had warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana” and he also stated that “he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behaviour toward the flight attendants.” The next time Bieber takes another flight, he will hopefully abide by the rules.

8  8. Gerard Depardieu

Gerard Depardieu is best known for becoming one of the most popular actors in France that went on to pursue his career in Hollywood. He is one of the few actors that tries to keep their personal life pretty private and doesn’t usually make headlines too often. That changed quickly when Depardieu was caught on an airplane whipping out his genitals and started peeing on the aisle carpet of an Air France plane. The French actor had been drinking before boarding and demanded permission to use the toilet, stating “I want to piss, I want to piss!” but was informed by the flight attendant that the toilets were locked and that he would have to wait 15 minutes. That being said Depardieu took the statement “When you gotta go, you gotta go," a little too literally.

7 Conrad Hilton


This young socialite is best known for being the younger brother of Paris Hilton. Being a young millionaire and already making headlines at such an early age, we’re not surprised that Conrad Hilton has already had many brushes with the law, so we assume this is a casual day for him. In March 2015, Hilton was escorted off a plane when he reportedly caused a disturbance on a British Airways flight. He had smoked marijuana in the bathroom and then threatened many crew members on board. When Hilton fell asleep, the crew were forced to handcuff him to his seat. In a recent interview Hilton’s lawyer stated that “he had taken a sleeping pill, which was to blame for his bad behaviour” and he later apologized and agreed to a plea deal. That being said, Hilton should know better than to be negligent. Hopefully he won’t make that mistake again.

6 Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin is a very well known actor in Hollywood and is also the most popular Baldwin brother. He has never been shy about expressing himself on Twitter, and when an occurrence happened at the airport he tweeted: “Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt,". The reasoning behind that angry tweet was because while Baldwin was waiting for the plane to take off, he refused to turn off his cell phone while playing the game WORDS W FRIENDS. Flight attendants stated that Baldwin was “violent, abusive and aggressive. He got into the bathroom and started beating on the wall and he pounded his fists on the counter ... it was unsafe to keep him on board that’s why he got kicked out.” That being said, Baldwin should seek professional help for his anger management issues.

5  5. Naomi Campbell

This British supermodel is best known for being one of the first black women to appear on the covers of Vogue and Time Magazine. Campbell does not have the greatest reputation in Hollywood when it comes to her diva behavior, so it doesn’t surprise us when we hear about her in the headlines for having a bad attitude. One time Campbell was on a British Airways flight and was escorted out when she became abusive toward the airline crew. When a police officer arrived to help Campbell off the plane, she spat on him, and she was then sentenced to 200 hours of community service. Maybe next time Campbell should be more humble and she will receive more respect.

4 LeAnn Rimes

This famous country singer has sold over 20 million records worldwide and has won many Grammy Awards. This starlet is no stranger to causing a disturbance everywhere she goes, but we never thought it would be on an airplane. In May 2015, Rimes accidentally set off a fire alarm in an airplane when she was using a spray can to fix her hair. Rimes tweeted "Leave it up to me to set off the fire alarm in the airplane bathroom w/ theDrybar dry shampoo #purecomedy #firsttimeforeverything.” That being said, she may have thought it was funny, but her fellow passengers definitely weren’t laughing.

3 David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff is best known for the successful television shows Knight Rider and Baywatch. This is not the first time he has embarrassed himself; he’s done it on many occasions when it comes to abusing alcohol, so were not surprised when he causes a disturbance. In fact one incident occurred where Hasselhoff was forbidden to fly on a British Airways flight because he was apparently too drunk. One passenger on board even commented saying that “he wasn’t aggressive, he just had problems standing.” That being said, we hope that Hasselhoff learned his lesson and perhaps drinking a Diet Coke would be a better alternative.

2 Azealia Banks

This rapper and singer is quite famous when it comes to her bad behaviour, so it’s not too surprising when this occurrence on the airplane happened. In September 2015, Azealia was caught on camera using a homophobic slur against a flight attendant, after she was told to calm down while boarding the plane. Azealia, known for her for many Twitter rants, posted a nasty tweet stating “Ok so I get hit in the face by a man and no one cares. They only hear what I called the man who was blocking my exit. I’m gonna get my gun license cause this is just ridiculous. Yall n***** think I’m playing.” Maybe the next time Azealia should think before she says something derogatory out loud.

1 Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong is best known for being the lead vocalist and guitarist of the successful punk rock band Green Day. You don’t hear that much about Armstrong in the headlines because he keeps a very low profile, but one incident did occur when Armstrong was reportedly kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because the flight attendants thought that his pants were sagging too low and had asked the musician to pull up his pants - which he refused to do. After being asked kindly to leave, he later realized he was being rude, apologized then got on another flight. That being said we're pretty sure after all the success Armstrong had with his band, he can afford to buy a belt. Enough with the saggy pants, that trend is long gone.

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10 Celebrities You Wouldn't Believe Behaved Badly On Airplanes