10 Celebs You Forgot Tried To Break Into The Music Industry... And Failed

It is not easy to break into any field. It is extremely difficult to convince anyone to give you a chance when you have little or no experience, even if you do have talent and passion for the area. It does not make a difference if you tell them it is your dream and you have been preparing for this moment your entire life.

Getting started in any field is tough, but it is that much harder trying to break into Hollywood. You sometimes hear stories about celebs that make you think they became overnight sensations, but that is rare. Plus, you do not often hear about the full back story and the years of waiting before that “overnight success” came. Wannabe celebrities will probably hear thousands of no’s before they get that one “yes” and even after they get it, there are no guarantees that they are ever going to hear those three magical letters again.

If a person is lucky enough to make it into one area in showbiz, it seems like the world is their oyster and that they could easily branch into other areas. If someone is a model or an actress, surely they have the connections and the star power to become a singer, right? After all, there are a lot of multi-hyphenate performers who prove that you can excel in music, acting, modeling, and business. Just take a look at Jennifer Lopez, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Jared Leto.

However, it is the cold hard truth that just because you are a celebrity and have more contacts than a non-famous person, it does not mean that you can parlay your fame into a music career. Even if you have the talent and you have a strong following, it does not mean that there are Grammy awards and Billboard Chart-topping singles in your future. These 10 celebrities tried to break into the music industry, but their efforts were not successful.


10 Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra enjoyed fame as a model and for her role on Baywatch, but she also wanted to branch out into music. Carmen released her self-titled debut album back in 1993. Prince was actually involved in the album. Prince considered Carmen to be one of his musical protégés. Carmen’s album even featured music written by him. The album had a few notable singles including “Go Go Dancer” and “Fantasia Erotica.” However, even with the “Little Red Corvette” singer’s input, the album failed to have impressive album sales. Carmen did try her hand at music again in 2012, with the release of the single “I Like It Loud” followed by “Werk” in 2013, but we haven’t heard music about anything since then.

9 Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks has expanded her very successful modeling career into various other fields. Being a Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated model wasn’t enough, and Tyra added television host, producer, author and business woman to her resume. Tyra also tried her hand at singing. She released a single in 2004 called “Shake Ya Body.” The video even featured fellow America’s Next Top Model star Jay Manuel and some of the wannabe models from season two of the show. (Being in the video was part of one episode’s challenge.) However, the success of America’s Next Top Model wasn’t enough to launch Tyra’s singing career, and the song was quickly forgotten about.

8 Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag was on one of the most popular reality television shows before she tried her hand at music. She was Lauren Conrad’s frenemy on The Hills and one half of “Speidi,” the couple name for her and her husband Spencer Pratt. Heidi capitalized on her reality TV show fame with endorsements and a clothing line, but she also dreams of making music. She released an entire album aply titled “Superficial” in 2010. The single “Higher” generated some talk, but overall the album received less-than-positive reviews. To make matters worse, the album apparently cost Heidi $2 million of her own money to make. Ouch. In 2012, she released an EP entitled “Dreams Come True” but sadly it was nowhere near a big enough hit to make any Grammy award dreams come true.

7 Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton has made several attempts to become a singing superstar, but her albums have not earned her notoriety yet. Paris released her first single “Stars Are Blind” in 2006. The track was from her CD “Paris.” There was some talk about the album and about the video of her frolicking around on the beach, but it died down quickly. In 2010, Paris released the single “Pure Moods” followed by “Good Time” in 2013 which even featured Lil Wayne. Another track called “Come Alive” came out in 2014. In 2015, she released “High Off My Love.” Paris seems determined to keep making music, even if the old singles haven’t received positive reviews and generated massive sales.

6 Kevin Federline

Calling Kevin Federline a celebrity now is a bit of a stretch, but when he tried to break into the music industry, he was well known. He was the one-time husband of Britney Spears, one of the most famous performers in the world, so there was enough intrigue there to see what he was going to come up with. Kevin Federline released his album “Playing With Fire” in 2006. Kevin initially released a single called “PopoZao” but it was panned but critics. He released the single “Lose Control” instead but that was not enough to boost the album. To make matters worse, shortly after K-Fed’s CD was released, he and Britney Spears split up.

5 Kim Kardashian


Whether you can understand it or not, whatever Kim Kardashian does seems to instantly become insanely popular and make her a ton of money. She has countless Dash stores, clothing lines, beauty products, reality TV shows and endorsement campaigns. However, when Kim tried to transfer some of that success into the music biz, things did not go as well as her other business ventures. Kim released a track “Jam (Turn It Up)” along with a sexy music video in 2011. The track was produced by The-Dream and received some attention, but it was soon forgotten about it. Maybe things would have been different if Kanye West added a rap verse to it?

4 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Lopez is not the only “J.Lo” to be involved in the music industry. Jennifer Love Hewitt may be known for her roles on television and in movies, but she has worked on music too. She contributed to movie soundtracks and she has released a few albums. Her first album was entitled “Love Songs” and it was released back in 1992. From there, she released three more of her own CDs. They included “Let’s Go Bang” in 2005, a self-titled album in 2006 and BareNaked in 2002. Most of the singles from Jennifer’s albums did not place in the charts nor did they earn a lot of airtime on the radio.


3 Naomi Campbell


Naomi Campbell is one of the most successful supermodels ever. She has enjoyed a career that is decades long, and she has had some success in acting. In one of her most recent roles, she played Camilla Marks on Empire. Back in 1994, Naomi released a CD entitled “Baby Woman.” It did not receive favorable reviews from the critics. Naomi may have been great when she starred in George Michael’s “Freedom” video, but her music video experience there failed to be of any benefit when it came to her own album.

2 Kobe Byrant

It is not just actors, models and reality stars who try to break into the music biz after finding success in other areas. Kobe Bryant thought he could be as successful in the music industry as he was in the NBA. Kobe had ambitions of becoming a rapper. He released the single “K.O.B.E” in 2000. The song also featured Tyra Banks, another celeb who tried to make it in the music industry with her own single. Sadly, Kobe’s rap career was short-lived. The single did not have many fans and it was quickly forgotten about. That was probably a good thing for basketball fans because Kobe could go back to focusing on his game.

1 Bruce Willis


In one of the most unlikely actor-turned-singer attempts, Bruce Willis actually attempted to make a name for himself in the music business in the 1980s. The Die Hard star released his first album in 1987 entitled “The Return of Bruno.” The first single “Respect Yourself,” was a duet with June Pointer and actually featured background vocals by the Pointer Sisters. It enjoyed some success and Bruce released a video to go along with it. “Respect Yourself” made it onto the Billboard Charts where it peaked at number five. However, the rest of the singles on the album did not get as much airtime and Bruce’s music venture was soon forgotten about.



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