10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Are Huge Divas

If the hush-hush Hollywood gossip is really telling the truth about these drama queen celebs, they’re all hard to work with despite their success in the industries they’ve chosen.

They seem really approachable in interviews and always smile pretty for the cameras, but Hollywood whispers tell a different story about all these famous faces. You know all these celebrities, but you probably didn’t know they’re also huge divas.

Underneath the perfect smile and sweet interview voice, these stars are full of sassy attitude when they’re not directly in the public eye. They make unreasonable demands, they’re mean to people they work with, they’re unprofessional -- and some of them even throw temper tantrums, if the mood strikes them. In other words, these stars just aren’t the same when there are no cameras (or fans) around to catch them in the middle of their bad behavior. Look at them the wrong way or refuse one of their outrageous requests, and you could find yourself on the wrong side of a total diva meltdown.

See the other side of the stars you thought you knew, and find out just how terribly they behave when the paparazzi aren’t there to record their every move and word.

10 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj seems really fun and sweet in interviews, but Hollywood gossip says that she's a huge diva. She wants pink or white roses all the time, and you'd better be ready to hop to it if she asks for a bucket of spicy fried chicken. Nicki loves candles, but only the kind that smell like sweet, baked goods. While she worked on American Idol, Nicki wouldn't allow any contestants or their families to take pictures with her or even of her. Reportedly, Nicki is such a detail-oriented diva, she even demands certain brands of toilet paper.

She once had a diva meltdown while rehearsing for the Fashion Rocks 2014 concert. Gossip says that Nicki had a fit when Jennifer Lopez got extra rehearsal time and she didn't. Minaj even threatened to leave the show over it, but eventually settled down.

9 Katy Perry

Don't put carnations in Katy Perry's dressing room. She hates them, and rumor has it that she won't tolerate the flowers. It's also rumored that Katy does not allow her drivers to look at her or speak directly to her. Katy also demands egg chairs and specific floor lamps for her dressing room.

Perry's over-the-top demands surprised tour organizers during her Prismatic World Tour. She asked for all kinds of stuff, from special food to a director's chair with her name on it to a pink rug. The staff were instructed not to speak to her, especially not to ask her for a photograph or autograph. When performing, she also wants an extra dressing room for herself alone. It's usually filled with flowers and extra clothes.

8 Mariah Carey

Maybe money can buy everything. It does for Mariah Carey, who will ask for anything and everything and totally expect to get it. She's asked for unlimited supplies of Cap'n Crunch cereal and once requested a large group of bunnies, kittens and puppies to keep her company while performing. Once, she gave $100 each to a bunch of people in a Jacuzzi in Aspen so she could sit in it alone.

Mariah is such a diva, she actually stopped a performance of "Touch My Body" during Good Morning America to correct a backup singer who was belting too loud. In 2009, MiMi stormed out of the inauguration ceremony for President Obama because she was angered at not being seated at the same table as Barack and First Lady Michelle. That's as diva as it gets. 

7 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is America's sweetheart, but Hollywood whispers say that she's a total diva. On the set of one of her films, Jen wouldn't eat with the rest of the cast and crew, or even ride with them in the production vans.

Even though Aniston was filming with the likes of Tim Robbins, she kept to herself and ate lunch alone. The rest of the cast, which included Will Forte and Isla Fisher, ate in a cafeteria facility together. While the movie was filming, Jen was transported in her own luxury SUV while the rest of the cast and crew rode in the regular production vans.

This is not the only example of diva behavior. Gossip says that Jen flipped out while working on the film She's Funny That Way. Reportedly, the Friends star totally lost her cool when she found out there was a character named Angie in the flick. Aniston has very personal reasons for despising that particular name. On-set rumors say that Aniston waited for the script to be revised before starting on the film.

6 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise puts Hollywood's biggest female divas to shame. He treats his skin with nightingale poo to maintain his youthful glow, and does some sort of strange rice bran treatment on it regularly. Before Tom walks through any door, someone must go in front of him and open and shut it many times. This clears away any bad energy.

His diva behavior extends to his professional life, too. He makes weird set demands just like the best of divas in Hollywood. According to co-stars, Cruise also had his own coffee van on the set of Valkyrie so he could get his caffeine fix at any time.

5 Lea Michele

Lea Michele may be the darling of Glee, but she's no darling on set. Kate Hudson dished on Lea after working on the show. Apparently, Michele has a big diva attitude to match her soaring voice. Kate said Lea acted impatient on set and even snapped her fingers at crew members in order to get them to hurry up while shooting.

Insiders say that Lea also made unreasonable demands on the set of Glee, which included having her own make-up artist and food catered from LA restaurants. According to the rumors, she's even been known to mock fans behind their backs. 

4 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman married a country singer and they both talk in alluring Australian accents, but rumor has it that she's a total diva in spite of all that charm she puts out there. Nicole is so precise about the way her bed is made up, she'll draw a diagram of how she wants it done. By the way, she'll only sleep on sheets with an 800 thread count. Nicole also insists that any room she's using -- hotel rooms, dressing rooms and the like -- be lit with 40-watt bulbs only.

Nicole is rumored to be a huge diva on set, too. Her nicknames there include "Her Majesty" and "Ice Princess," according to Hollywood whispers. Nicole is said to lose her temper quickly and sharply reprimands crew members while filming.

3 Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is such a diva, she'll shut down production on an entire movie if she doesn't get her way. The dark-haired beauty insists that no one look directly at her, even when she's on set, and will have a tantrum if they do. The offender who looks at her must be fired, or she cannot continue to work.

Hostesses have been the brunt of Hayek's temper in the past. She once had a diva fit when a restaurant wouldn't give her a table. When they couldn't seat her group, Salma reportedly had a huge meltdown and swore at the hostess in Spanish until her friends pulled her away and calmed her down.

2 January Jones

January Jones was plenty hot onscreen in Mad Men, but word is out that she was a total ice queen on set. January didn't socialize much with her fellow cast members, and was so unapproachable that even the actor who played her son tried to steer clear of her during shooting. Young actor Jared Gilmore told TV Guide that January wasn't like the others on the show, because they were all so nice.

Ouch. Jones also reportedly got X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn in hot water, further proof of her diva-ish antics. She played Emma Frost in the film, and apparently has a frosty personality to match the character’s name.

1 Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow often plays sweet characters who are lacking in assertiveness, but apparently the actress isn't at all afraid to let her diva flag fly. Reports say that Gwyneth is incredibly demanding at the gym, where she will not shower until someone wipes the stall down so she doesn't have to stand in anyone else's water.

She also demands that staff members leave the gym to get her favorite water from the gas station, since the gym doesn't stock it. She won't use opened toilet paper, either, and insists that she gets a roll in a unopened package. If the rumors are true, Gwyneth is guilty of some pretty serious diva behavior.


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