10 Celebrities With The Hottest Daughters

The daughters of these celebrities are slowly starting to make a name for themselves, and it's not necessarily because they are saving the world by starting their own charity of some sort. It's because their beauty is finally being recognized by everyone in Hollywood -- enough for us to make a list out of. Hollywood is filled with people that tend to rely on plastic surgery to look their best, but it's fair to say that these celebrity daughters are winning in a lane of their own. At least in what appearance and beauty are concerned. It's not hard to believe that some of the women listed below are narcissistic, seeing that they are constantly told how stunning they look, whereas others don't actually care about their appearance -- they just happen to be beautiful on every given occasion. Below, we have gathered together the ten celebrities with the hottest daughters; some of them may surprise you, seeing that their parents aren't exactly the most stunning people you've seen.

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10 Yolanda Foster, Gigi Hadid


Yolanda Foster has birthed some beautiful children, but the one that always tends to stand out is most definitely Gigi Hadid. The aspiring supermodel, who has covered every magazine you can imagine, is definitely making a name for herself in the fashion industry. They say she has quite a unique beauty to her, which resembles a sort of look that would have been considered high-fashion in the 80s, but that’s a good thing because it seems that she doesn't look like every other model in the modelling world.

9 Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is another young adult who has really come into her own lane. Having started her career as a reality star, she has now moved on to modelling for brands, including Calvin Klein and Balmain. She has been voted ‘most influential’ and ‘most beautiful’ young celeb in Hollywood this year, and it’s not hard to see why. Kendall carries a lot of influence to a teenage demographic, who tend to look up to girls like the 20-year-old, who make up to $20,000 per sponsored Tweet. She’s stunning, that’s for sure.

8 Katherine Schwarzenegger, Arnold

Katherine Schwarzenegger doesn’t really make as many headlines as her other siblings, so whenever somebody sees her for the first time, you wouldn’t even have thought that Arnold’s genes produced such a stunning girl. The 25-year-old American author loves reading and writing, hence her profession, which would explain why she’s so good looking — she stays out of the sun, probably reading her books in her room. That way she won’t be harmed by ageing skin in her 20s. Trust me, it does happen to people.

7 Liv Tyler, Steven

Again, such a stunning girl from a — well, not the best looking man in the world. Steven Tyler’s 38-year-old daughter Liv, has really made a name for herself as far as acting is concerned. She’s also been the face of endless body companies, presumably because of her impressive cheekbones and her mysterious facial features. She does resemble her father quite a lot, but the features even themselves out quite well on her face — not looking masculine, but just more edgy and stunning.

6 Frances Bean Cobain, Kurt


Frances Bean Cobain is another celebrity that is often praised for her natural looks. In a world where many young celebs opt for plastic surgery to look a certain way, Frances continues to show these girls what natural beauty looks like. With a mixture of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s genes, the 23-year-old visual artist was bound to blossom into one stunning woman. And considering the fact that she loves art and painting, it is not hard to see why she also knows how to dress relatively well.

5 Zoe Kravitz, Lisa Bonet

Zoe Kravitz is a beautiful mixture between her father Lenny and her mother Lisa Bonet. The 26-year-old Divergent actress, who has starred in some of the biggest movies as of late, could easily pass as a model. Kravitz has one of the strangest styles you will ever see in Hollywood, and weird doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad thing because in Zoe’s case it’s not. She’s very much a free spirit, dresses in ways that compliment her beauty, whether she’s on a red carpet or not. And it’s fair to say that the majority of the time, she looks incredible.

4 Paulina Gretzky

People are absolutely obsessed with Paulina Gretzky and her social media accounts. The daughter to Wayne Gretzky, has quite a huge following online, taking into consideration that she posts quite explicit content to an audience that mainly consists of men. Go figure. Paulina, who is only 26, considers herself a model and a pop singer, although the majority of the people that view her social media photos are only likely there for the photos, and not for the interest in her music.

3 Georgia May Jagger, Mick

Georgia May Jagger is probably one of the most recognized daughters to a celebrity that has really pushed through the modelling industry. Long before the new celebrity kids have started to seek for fashion contracts, Jagger was already headlining some of the biggest events for L’Oreal all over the world. At the young age of 23, Jagger has been voted one of the most beautiful women under 25 in several UK men magazines, who are clearly mesmerized by her beauty. Which is odd, considering that her father is Mick Jagger, who is not so gifted in the looks department — at least not at his current age.

2 Angela Simmons, Rev Run

Many only know Angela Simmons as Rev Run’s daughter, but did you know that this 28-year-old entrepreneur has a multi-million dollar fashion brand? But aside from her business ventures, people have always looked at Angela as one of the best-looking daughters of famous celebrities, mainly because she’s so naturally shaped. Angela has quite a body and she’s not afraid to showcase it to anyone that’s willing to look. Often opting for small bikinis for a walk on the beach in Miami, the socialite shows off just how hard she works in the gym.

1 Brooke Hogan, Hulk

Some say that Brooke Hogan, who once attempted to launch a singing career, was nothing more than a pretty face. But then again, you have to take compliments the way that they come — it’s better to be an untalented pretty face than to be untalented and not pretty, right? Well, for Brooke, she may very well be nothing more than a pretty woman, but that doesn’t hide the fact that her father is Hulk Hogan, which makes the word ‘beauty’ become so much more effective.

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