10 Celebrities With Abnormally Weird Body Parts

There was a time when celebrities were seen as flawless, untouchable beings who were expected to be perfect no matter what. But in today’s society, people are developing a preference for celebs that are relatable and more…human-like. People like to see that sometimes celebrities roll out of bed and head to Starbucks with no make-up on, or have a day when they look bloated in their favorite jeans. When people feel as though they can identify with their favorite famous person, this could prove to be a very marketable tool.

The truth is, nobody’s perfect. Not even your favorite celebrity. We've all got flaws and quirks, and it can be comforting to know that the same people you see walking the red carpet and premiering music videos have an imperfection or two. Underneath all the make-up, professional styling and expensive accessories, you’ll find that the stars you love to watch on the big and small screen have some weird body parts, and just like you, these celebrities don’t want to bring too much attention to their abnormalities. But many of them also take it all in stride when the paparazzi find out they've got physical attributes that aren't exactly normal. Here are 10 celebrities with weird body parts that you probably weren’t expecting.

10 Lily Allen

The English singer, actress and TV host was born with a third nipple under her left breast.  At just three years old, Lily Allen made her entertainment debut when she appeared in The Comic Strip Presents episode entitled “The Yob,” which was co-written by her father. She went on to achieve success in her music career as well. Allen’s single “Smile” climbed to the top of the UK charts in 2006, so she clearly isn't letting her physical abnormality hold her back. Lily Allen’s second project, “It’s Not Me, It’s You” also topped the UK charts, and was met with a positive response from music critics.

9 Kesha

Kesha has always been different, according to her and the vestigial tail she was born with. The additional skin was a quarter of an inch long, and the singer states that it was removed when she was born. The songwriter, who is also a rapper, gains her musical inspiration from the tunes of the 1980s and artists like Madonna and Queen. Since she came on the scene, Kesha has been nominated for 40 awards, and won 15 of them. She has sold 57 million records worldwide and 35 million records in the United States, which includes albums, ringtones and tracks.

8 Taye Diggs 

Taye Diggs came into the entertainment world as one of the original cast members of the Broadway musical Rent, with his former wife Idina Menzel. But before this, when Diggs was just a baby, he had extra fingers on each of his hands removed. Taye Diggs has since starred in several movies, including How Stella Got Her Groove Back and The Best Man. He also appeared in popular television shows like Ally McBeal and The West Wing and appeared as himself on the shows Ed and America’s Next Top Model. He starred in his own television show Kevin Hill, from 2004 to 2005 and currently stars in Murder In The First.

7 Karolina Kurkova


This Victoria’s Secret angel doesn't have a belly button due to an operation she had as a baby. You’d never know that the Czech model was missing this body part if you didn't look closely, and most people aren't really checking to see if she has a navel, anyway. She has even been dubbed the “next supermodel” by Vogue editor Anna Wintour. In addition to modeling for Victoria’s Secret and posing for the cover of Vogue, Kurkova has also appeared in modeling campaigns for Dior, Hugo Boss, H&M and Versace. She made her film debut in 2007 in the movie My Sexiest Year, and has appeared in television shows such as Germany’s Next Top Model and Person of Interest.

6 Drew Carey

Drew Carey was born with six toes on his right foot. Carey, a U.S. Marine Corp veteran, started to get noticed in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comic. In the late 1990s, Carey appeared in Canadian television commercials for The Great Root Beer. He eventually got his own sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, and his contract with A&W root beer ended when his show featured McDonald’s. He sued A&W for dismissing him from his contract. Drew Carey has appeared in several music videos, movies and television shows. Carey is also the founder of Improv All-Stars, and is popular for his improv comedy show, Whose Line Is It, Anyway?. He has also hosted the classic game show, The Price Is Right.

5 Mila Kunis


The stunning actress was born with one brown eye and one green eye. While this is certainly not normal, it definitely doesn't make her any less beautiful. Mila has voiced the character Meg Griffin since 1999 on the animated sitcom Family Guy. Kunis is perhaps best known for her role in That 70's Show as Jackie, which ran for eight seasons. All of the cast members were required to be 18, and Mila was only 14 when she auditioned, but the producers still felt that she’d be the best fit. She had an on-again, off-again romance with Ashton Kuchter’s character on the show. It was reported that the two didn’t get along while working together, but they eventually became a couple in 2012 and welcomed a baby girl last year.

4 Harry Styles


Harry Styles was born with four nipples. He jokes that he had a twin en utero, who disappeared and left his nipples behind. The English pop singer and songwriter is best known for being a member of One Direction. The group has won two Brit Awards and four MTV Video Music Awards. The band’s debut single “What Makes You Beautiful”, climbed to the top of the UK singles chart, and sold more than 5 million copies around the world. Styles was also the lead singer of the band White Eskimo in England, and states that The Beatles and Elvis Presley are among his musical inspirations.

3 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has an overlapping pinky toe. She’s also an accomplished actor, mother, and Ben Affleck’s wife. Garner is also a film producer, and became popular for her starring role in the long-running television show, Alias. During her time on Alias, she landed a movie role in the war film Pearl Harbor. She also starred in the movie 13 Going on 30 and had a supporting role in Juno. The fantasy children’s film The Odd Life of Timothy Green brought Garner even more Hollywood acclaim in 2010, and three years later, she starred in the biographical film Dallas Buyers Club. Garner’s most recent film was Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, which was an adaptation of the children’s book.

2 Mark Wahlberg

This actor, model, producer and former rapper has a third nipple. Wahlberg states that he embraces it, and if you recall his Calvin Klein ads from the 1990s, it’s clear that he has no problem posing with his shirt off. Mark originally rose to fame by being Donnie Wahlberg’s younger brother. Donnie was a member of the popular boy band New Kids On The Block. In 1993, he began his acting career when he appeared in The Substitute. The next year, he starred in the film The Renaissance Man. Wahlberg executive produced the HBO series Entourage and he was originally supposed to star in the film Brokeback Mountain. Perhaps the third nipple made him think twice about the sex scenes in the film.

1 Denzel Washington

Veteran actor Denzel Washington broke his pinky as a child while playing basketball. He never had the finger set correctly for it to heal properly, and it is now bent at a 45 degree angle. But this has done nothing to hinder his remarkable acting career. He won best supporting actor at the Oscars for his role in Glory, and for his starring role in Training Day. Washington has also received a Tony award and two Golden Globe awards. His acting credits also include his portrayal as civil rights leader Malcolm X in the movie X, and most recently starred in the action thriller The Equalizer.

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