10 Celebrities Whose Careers Were Ruined By Their Reputations

A celebrity’s career is extremely fragile. One wrong move or bad movie can send a once successful career up in flames. If the celebrity’s offence is minor, the public may find it in their hearts to forgive and forget the offence. We all know that Hollywood can be quite forgetful, if you don’t believe me than just look at Woody Allen. The world-renowned director has been accused of molesting his daughter, yet, he continues to direct popular films and he even received a Lifetime Achievement Award this year. However, some celebrities can’t seem to get away from their bad reputations. These celebrities have fallen from the public’s grace and ruined their careers in the process. Below is a list of ten celebrities who have either been accused of a heinous crime or made one bad move that led to the downfall of their career. These celebrities started out on top of the world, however, their less than sterling reputations led to their swift downfall.

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10 Paul Reubens 

9 Jennifer Grey 

8 Stephen Collins 

7 Paula Deen 

Over a year ago, Paula Deen was completely shunned by the public when Deen was sued for racial and sexual discrimination. Since then, Deen has been feeling the steep fallout. Deen’s sponsors abandoned her, the Food Network cancelled her show, and her publisher refused to publish her latest book. Today, Deen is desperately trying to make a comeback. The cooking star has launched the Paula Deen Network and hopes to have the support of her fans online.

6 Charlie Sheen 

5 Michael Jackson 


4 Amanda Bynes

3 Whitney Houston 


2 Mel Gibson 

1 Bill Cosby 

Bill Cosby was once a beloved actor, however multiple r**e allegations against the once popular celebrity has made his career go into a downward spiral. In 2004 and 2005, Tamara Green and Andrea Constand accused Cosby of sexually assaulting them. However, the public quickly forgot these horrendous allegations until 2014. On October 16, 2014, comedian Hannibal Buress’ stand-up went viral after he called Cosby a r**ist. Later, multiple women came forward, claiming that Cosby had sexually assaulted him. This time the public wasn’t so forgiving. TV Land pulled The Cosby Show from the air, Netflix postponed an upcoming comedy special featuring Cosby, and NBC cancelled Cosby’s upcoming sitcom. Meanwhile, allegations of sexual assault continue to bombard the comedian and stun the public.

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