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10 Celebrities Who Refuse To Be Forgotten In 2016

10 Celebrities Who Refuse To Be Forgotten In 2016

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2016 has barely just begun and there are some celebrities who are already making big waves coming into the new year. Some of them should have stayed in 2015 and some of them hoped their stories were going to be old news, but nevertheless, here are ten stars who you’ll probably be seeing quite a bit of in 2016, whether you – or they – like it or not.

10. Zayn Malik


Breaking the hearts of millions of girls around the world, Zayn Malik announced his departure from the boy-band One Direction in early 2015. Niall, Harry and the boys seemed to have gotten along just fine without Zayn, embarking on a world-wide tour and winning an American Music Award for Artist of the Year. But, Zayn won’t let himself be forgotten, announcing that his new solo album will be out in the Spring with the feel and flavor that Malik himself can relate to. In a recent Billboard interview he stated, “It’s good music, but I don’t f*** with it,” in reference to One Direction’s musical style and to the reason he need to become a solo artist. You can bet that 2016 will see a lot more of Zayn Malik.

9. Karlie Kloss


After floating back down to earth, Karlie Kloss announced in 2015 that she would be leaving Victoria’s Secret to become a student at NYU. The gorgeous Angel, former Model of the Year and Taylor Swift’s BFF had decided to focus on her studies, although was still going to do some modeling. She has already started 2016 off big, even without her Angel wings. She is the new face of Topshop and wows on the January cover of the Wall Street Journal. Karly won’t be trading covers and runways for books and pencils anytime too soon.

8. Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby hoped that we’d all forget the 2015 allegations of 50 women claiming to be sexually assaulted by him in 2016. But on the cusp of the New Year and just days before the statute of limitations was to run out, on December 30th Cosby was charged with aggravated indecent assault. On top of the charges, it is reported that Obama will take a look at revoking Cosby’s Medal of Freedom, which honored him as a distinguished citizen.

7. Kathy Griffin



After replacing the deceased Joan Rivers on the television show Fashion Police, funny-lady Kathy Griffin left after only seven episodes. It is rumored her departure was due to the offensive comments of co-star Giuliana Rancic and the show subsequently went on hiatus. Kathy was not to be forgotten when she hosted the CNN New Year’s celebrations, stripping down to her bra in the frigid weather and giving Andersen Cooper a spray tan on live television. Controversy continued when anchor Don Lemon told Kathy she had a nice rack, prompting some viewers to outrage and some to laughter. Either way, they won’t be forgetting about Kathy or her “rack” in 2016.

6. Alyssa Milano



After being publicly shamed by the B-grade Wendy Williams on her talk show for advocating and posting breastfeeding photos on her Instagram, Alyssa Milano isn’t going to let this issue die. Alyssa’s campaign to normalize breastfeeding in the media has only just begun in 2016. After Wendy called breasts “fun bags” and said that they were sexual objects, Alyssa shot back in a new interview stating that the “mentality is so archaic”. You go Alyssa, mom and women shaming is just not cool!

5. Sean Penn



Sean has started 2016 off in a big way with his name in the news after his secret interview with Mexican cartel big-wig El Chapo while the drug lord was on the lam from prison. El Chapo hopes to have a movie made of his life and made contact with Penn, who tried to keep the interview under wraps. In the end, the secret meeting, which occurred in the middle of the jungle, may have led to the arrest and capture of El Chapo in the end. Sean is now wanted for questioning after admitting the meeting to Rolling Stone Magazine.

4. Madonna



Sean’s ex Madonna has pretty much stayed out of the limelight the past few years, but her shocking revelation that she is in love with former husband Sean Penn has thrust her there once again. At a fundraiser in Beverly Hills, Madonna told the audience “I want to say Sean that I love you from the moment I laid eyes on you and I still love you just the same.”

3. Scott Disick



You would have thought Scott Disick would be hiding with his head in the sand after his break-up with long-time love Kourtney Kardashian in 2015, but it is not to be. Scott has been very visible in the media and on Keeping up with the Kardashians, where he confessed that his life would not be worth living without his kids and that he has battled addiction issues for a long time. On the flip side, Scott has been seen in public, loving it up with his new girlfriend, Swedish model Lina Sandberg, but that in itself has been short-lived as it has already been reported that the new couple have already split!

2. Jenna Dewan-Tatum


Jenna is no longer content to ride on the coattails of uber-famous husband and Magic Mike star Channing Tatum. Doing bit parts after having their love spawn Everly, Jenna’s career had all but stalled until this hilarious and amazing rendition of her hubby’s famous Magic Mike dance on the new show Lip Sync battle showed up. Jenna is now all the talk, including how hot she looked on the red carpet at the Golden Globes with her husband. We’ll be seeing a lot more of miss Tatum in 2016!

1. Nicki Minaj


Now that the buzz has died down from the 2015 feud between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, Nicki has decided she won’t back down from her comments in 2016, tweeting that Farrah Abraham has been the big C word and has performed in adult movies. Teen mom celeb Farrah quickly shot back that Nicki wasn’t even a mom and that her videos “look like p***”. We haven’t heard the last of Nicki Minaj’s opinions just yet – 2016 has just begun!


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