10 Celebrities Who Were In Sexless Relationships

This shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you wonderful readers, but we are living in a time during which it seems as though the phrase "that's none of your business", no longer exists. Just over a year ago, there was a massive leak of nude celebrity photos that "broke the internet". Sorry, "broke the internet" is a phrase being tossed around far too much these days, much like adding the word "gate" to the name of any scandal, and I feel bad for using either one, but in this instance it works.

While wanting to see naked women is a pastime for just about every straight male worldwide, and has been for as long as history can indicate, the internet age has brought us the unusual "privilege" of having intimate knowledge of sexual deeds and misdeeds of just about any famous person out there.

Some celebrities, such as legendary booty-wrangler Charlie Sheen, stripper-obsessed baseball star Alex Rodriguez, and chronic-tail-chaser David Duchovny, have all been known for hopping in bed with anyone, anytime. Good for them, I might add. Other celebrities, however, are a whole different ball game...pun not intended, but I'll leave it there anyway. Every so often we hear a story about a certain famous person who, for whatever reason, does not engage in the horizontal mambo. Whether they are married and just don't bother, abstain due to religious considerations, or even just don't bother for personal and emotional reasons, here are ten celebrities who have been or are in sexless relationships.


11 Bethenny Frankel

Reality television star, and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel, is the first on our list of celebrities who claim to not get much. Back in 2012 she indicated that she had simply become too busy. She had a year and a half old baby at the time, and between her television appearances and various business interests, she and her husband Jason just didn't have a whole lot of time to themselves. He was less than pleased with her when she referred to his manhood and said it "had cobwebs on it". We could understand his anger.

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger



Just listing Arnie in this article about under-sexed celebrities makes me think of him shouting at his wife "GET TO THE BEDROOM!" or saying with a sly grin, "remember when I said I would bang you last? I lied". If these lines do nothing for you, finish reading my awesome article and then go watch the gems Predator and Commando.

A few years ago, the media found out that Schwarzenegger had been romantically involved with his housekeeper and had a field day with it. It was later found out that the reason he originally pursued her was because his marriage with Maria Shriver had become stale and the two almost never went at it.

8 Megan Fox


Despite being one of the most beautiful, lusted after women on the face of the Earth, Megan Fox is actually, by her own admission, not a particularly sexual person. It must be one of those situations in which, it's easier to turn it down when people are begging for/offering it all day, everyday.

She's often said things to the effect of not wanting to be intimate with anyone she is not in a relationship with. She married her now ex-husband (they're separated) Brian Austin Green, back in 2010, but after having a couple of kids, she told a few magazines that the two almost never fooled around.

7 Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

Maybe it's good that when these two auditory nightmares were together they didn't have much sex. They did not procreate, but if they had, their offspring would have made a lot of enemies with modern musicians. Seriously, her voice sounds like a nine-iron being shoved into a blender and Chad Kroeger's music is as entertaining as botched brain surgery. Sorry for the imagery. When these two split earlier this year one of the major reasons they did so was because they had a sexless marriage that made each of them as miserable as their music made everyone with taste.

6 Adriana Lima


Now we enter the realm of celebrities who were virgins until marriage and had sexless relationships because of beliefs. Adriana Lima is a Victoria's Secret model and one of the most irritatingly hot women on Earth right now. Why irritatingly? Well, look at her? If she isn't in your bed, you should be irritated.

Adriana Lima dated a couple of celebrities, including rock star Lenny Kravitz, and eventually married Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, but stayed a virgin until her marriage at age 27. Dating someone this hot but not being able to seal the deal has to be frustrating, but at the same time, one has to wonder whether it would be worth it.

5 Russell Wilson and Ciara

For number five we'll take a trip into the world of sports, looking at one of the NFL's best scrambling quarterbacks and his R&B singing girlfriend. Earlier this year, Ciara said in an interview that she and the Seahawks' field general Russell Wilson, had decided to stay abstinent until they get married. What was not discussed in that interview, or in NFL circles is how many times Russell Wilson slammed his head into a wall after that conversation. I'm half joking, as it is pretty well known that he is a devout Christian.


4 Lenny Kravitz


Remember when I wrote about model Adriana Lima dating Lenny Kravitz a few entries ago? Well, the rocker has dated quite a few other immensely attractive women. Nicole Kidman and Madonna are among his list, but he's been outspoken with interviewers, stressing the fact that he doesn't want to sleep with women if he isn't married to them. To most guys out there who just go to the bar once or twice a week praying that a "seven" will take them home, Kravitz must seem like a crazy man, but it's just his way. He has admitted however, that some times are easier than others.

3 Jessica Simpson

One of the most famous celebs to have waited until marriage is Jessica Simpson. She was raised in a very Christian environment and made now ex-husband Nick Lachey (that guy from that boy band who is still clinging to fame with his teeth), wait until the two tied the knot. The two were together for at least a couple of years before marriage, and apparently didn't get down n' dirty in that time. It's show business, so scrutinize this story as you see fit. While I'm not a fan of his music by any means, I have to be impressed by Lachey's dedication to wrangling quality tail, if the two did indeed wait until the wedding night.

2 Tim Tebow


Our number two is probably one of the most well-known athlete-religious figures out there today. Heisman winner turned NFL disappointment Tim Tebow, is as well known for his heroism with the Florida Gators, as he is for being a devout Christian. He has stated a few times that his religious beliefs are important to him and that he plans on waiting until marriage to get it on. He has dated women here and there, and is currently rumored to be dating beauty queen Olivia Culpo.

1 Carrie Underwood

Country musician and absolute Goddess (but not in the way Charlie Sheen used the word), Carrie Underwood is well known as someone who practices her Christian values. She stated a long time ago that she was intent on saving herself until marriage. It's hard to say whether or not she actually waited, but she has said that she did and the media believed her. She married hockey player Mike Fisher, but neither of them really addressed the issue of premarital sex. It may have just been an act, but if it wasn't and she did wait for marriage, then Mike Fisher has the most patience and respect of any hockey player I have ever heard of.



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