10 Celebrities Who Were Fired For Ridiculous Reasons

When celebrities get fired, most people (and generally their fans) are usually left scratching their heads, wondering what they could have been thinking. Granted, it can’t be easy to be in the public eye 24/7, but learning how to smile for the camera and keep your opinions and ego in check, doesn't generally seem like too tall of an order. But some celebrities just can’t help themselves. From racist rants to offensive Tweets, a lot of stars have gotten the axe from their respective jobs because of their impulse control issues.

But sometimes, they get fired for the stupidest reasons imaginable. And sometimes after they get fired, they get hired again, only to go and probably get re-fired for the same stupid reasons. All this information is surely making a lot of people feel better about the time they got fired from McDonalds in high school for sneaking too many fries. The following list includes 10 entertainers who got cut for some truly ridiculous reasons.

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10 Diva Emma – Fired Over An iPad Case

via: www.fanpop.com

WWE star, Diva Emma got busted last week walking out of Walmart without paying for an iPad case, which cost a whopping $21.14. Days after copping a plea deal, the WWE decided Emma would no longer be a good fit for the infamous wrestling organization – which is understandable, since no one would want a petty theft charge to mar an empire built around employees smashing chairs over the heads of their co-workers. But it didn't take long for them to have a change of heart. Just two hours after getting fired, Diva Emma was rehired to her role in the WWE. The organization released a statement saying, "Upon further evaluation, WWE has reinstated [Diva Emma] but will take appropriate punitive action for her violation of the law." Who comes out of this one looking crazier is a complete coin toss.

9 Richard Gere – Fired For Getting Mustard on Rambo’s Pants

Opposites definitely didn't attract when Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone were set to work together. Before they were even famous, the two unknown actors were set to star together in a movie called, The Lords of Flatbush. The problem was, their personalities clashed right from the start and the tension reportedly bubbled over fast. Rumor has it that during a lunch break, Stallone was eating a hot dog in his car and Gere got in the passenger’s seat while eating a chicken sandwich loaded with mustard. A frustrated Stallone kept telling Gere not to make a mess, but when mustard dripped onto Stallone’s pants, he reportedly elbowed Gere in the face and kicked him out of the car. Stallone then demanded that the director of the film choose between the two actors, saying “It’s either him or me.”

The director picked Stallone, but Gere went onto to be successful without the role. However, the two actors reportedly still dislike each other. In fact, Gere believes that Stallone is the one who started that pesky gerbil (false) rumor so many years ago.

8 Stuart Townsend – Fired For Looking Too Young

It’s hard to picture anyone but Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, but it was actually Stuart Townsend that was originally cast for the role. In order to believably play the role, Townsend spent two months learning how to sword fight, only to be fired one day before filming was set to begin. The studio said it was because Townsend was too young to believably play the role and brought in Mortensen. Although the reason for firing Townsend seems warranted, the ridiculous part comes in when they replaced him with Mortensen. Why did they hire him in the first place? And why wait until a day before filming to fire him? Especially after allowing him to train for two months for the role before making the decision.

7 Christian Bale - Fired For Not Being Psychotic Enough?


6 James Purefoy – Fired For Not Liking Wearing A Mask For A Role Involving Wearing A Mask

Your surely not the only one wondering, did James Purefoy actually play the mysterious role of V in the film, V for Vendetta? We wonder because for 99 percent of the film, the role requires wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. But, James Purefoy apparently didn’t take his dislike for wearing masks into consideration when accepting the role of a character who wears a mask for basically the entire film. Rumors of why Purefoy was fired, circulated around the standard “creative differences,” but mainly hindered on Purefoy’s dislike for the mask. Since the mask was worn during filming, and the firing took place 6 weeks into production, Purefoy is still technically in some of the film. But Hugo Weaving was brought in to replace Purefoy and his voice was dubbed over, removing any noticeable trace of the pick actor.

5 Damon Wayans – Fired For Going Out Gay


Most people remember Damon Wayans' break out role as being, In Living Color but it was actually Saturday Night Live. He was hired to the cast of the live comedy show in 1985, but quickly grew unhappy with how little he was being used on the show. He didn’t want to quit, so he decided to get himself noticed, deciding it would either create the splash that he needed or get him fired, but at least get him fired with a bang. On his last spot on the show, he was set to play a cop with one line of dialogue and subsequently stand around in the background. Instead, he went off-script and turned his role into a flamboyantly gay cop and ad-libbed his own dialogue, completely stealing the show. As soon as he walked off frame, he was fired by an intensely angry Lorne Michaels. Wayans went on to star in his own sketch comedy show that gave him his fame, In Living Color.

4 Steve Perry – Fired By His Own Band For Breaking His Hip

via nydailynews.com

Journey was on top of the world and the billboard charts in the 80s. After they resurfaced again in the mid-90s, their sales did fairly well and the band was eager to go on tour to start rolling in some cash. But, when lead singer, Steve Perry broke his hip during a hiking accident and announced that he would be needing hip replacement surgery, the band that he helped skyrocket to fame basically sent him a get well soon card and hit the road without him. How could a band continue to tour without their very distinctive lead singer, you wonder? Well, they found a replacement – a Filipino singer of a Journey cover band. They even went on to make a documentary about their search. This one is undoubtedly makes us scratch our heads.

3 David Lee Roth -  Fired For Being Too David Lee Roth… Twice

via brahg.blogspot.com

If nothing else, David Lee Roth was always a large personality. With air splits in brightly colored spandex and his zippity-bopping and doo-whoppin’, he was definitely an icon of the 80s, in the sense that he just couldn't be ignored. But, apparently his band grew tired of not being able to ignore him, too.

When Van Halen split in 1985, Eddie Van Halen made it no secret that he was interested in being a serious musician, while David Lee Roth was only interested in being a silly caricature of himself. The creative differences were too much to overcome. So, the band decided to keep playing without him and brought in singer, Sammy Hagar to surprising success… And then he was fired.

When Van Halen got back together years later to promote their greatest hits album, they infamously pretended they wanted to bring David Lee Roth back to the band. Roth was eager to join… And then they fired him. Just like that. Van Halen tried to say that Roth wasn't telling the true story, but when they brought in Extreme lead singer, Gary Cherone to fill in and then quickly fired him, too, it became clear that the Van Halen brothers don’t play nice with others.

2 Michael Anthony… Fired From Van Halen For Being Friends With Sammy Hagar

via ultimateclassicrock.com

In continuing the Van Halen drama, David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone weren't the only people fired for the band for virtually no reason. While the band was on a haiutus and not doing much of anything at all, bassist Michael Anthony decided to team up with Sammy Hagar, with whom he remained friends, to do some gigs and make some music together.

And then? You guessed it. He was fired. From Van Halen, that is. In 2010, Anthony confirmed the reason for his firing saying, "The major reason why I'm not in Van Halen is because I became friends with Sammy again. The Van Halen brothers never got over that. If they hold a grudge, they hold it forever."

1 Ryan Gossling - Fired For Gaining 60 Pounds

via sun-sentinal.com

Ryan Gossling was originally cast in the lead role of The Lovely Bones film. But when he showed up to start filming, a whopping 60 pounds heavier than he was when he was cast for the role, the director pulled him and replaced him with Mark Wahlberg. At first glance, it seems extremely insensitive and shallow. But when you dig deeper, you find that Gossling intentionally gained the weight (by melting and drinking ice cream bars) because he thought that he looked too young for the film and assumed that the weight would age him a bit, helping him fit the character better…. Except, he didn’t tell anyone about it. The director did not seem to agree, so he basically gained 60 pounds for nothing.

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