10 Celebrities Who Were Caught Staring At Breasts

Men are known for a variety of things. We love good food, we love sports and we have trouble keeping our eyes off of good cleavage. It’s not exactly a secret of the world. Many women dress in sexy two-piece bathing suits for a reason. And they wear push-up bras and low cut or tight shirts to draw men’s eyes right to those two voluptuous body parts. It’s as if cleavage is kryptonite to men, weakening us upon site. We just can’t resist staring at them no matter who we are walking with. We can be holding a baby and our eyes slip over for a quick glance of some random hottie wearing a tight, revealing outfit. We can be hand-in-hand with our wives when our eyes uncontrollably dive down to a nearby stranger and give a quick peek.

The best part of great cleavage is that women are not immune to it either. Women are constantly checking each other out. And with cleavage, there are no boundaries of the sexes. Heterosexual women will check out a counterpart just as a male does, with a quick glance of the eyes southward. Now, these moments are not the easiest to capture. They are glimpses in time; moments that must be caught in a split second. Covert missions of glancing at boobs is a dangerous one for many.

Celebrities are not immune from the casual sneak-a-peak. And we have caught them red-handed. Here are 10 Celebrities Who Were Caught Staring At Boobs.

10 Bruce Willis And Halle Berry's Breasts

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We can hardly blame the mega star of such films as the Die Hard series, Pulp Fiction, and Red. Willis is as human as the next man, and when standing next to Halle Berry wearing a low-cut dress, I can completely understand. He dips his eyes down during a photo session where Willis is powerless against Berry’s low-cut dress. Berry is a sexpot on camera, being featured in a Bond movie as well as the X-Men series. Berry, a former model, has regularly been cited as one of the sexiest women on screen. And even as she approaches the big "5-0,"we are still a big fan and applaud the low-cut look.

9 Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson's Breasts

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Starring together in The Other Boleyn Girl (2008), these two starlets were an amazing tandem on screen. The two massive talents are just as good and beautiful off screen as well. As they promoted their film together, Portman was caught checking out Johansson’s larger set of assets. Certainly, Portman is beautiful in her own right, but the more bountiful Johansson drew her eyes for this clutch snap shot.

8 Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lawrence's Breasts

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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have been linked numerous times as potential lovers. The two close friends have appeared in three feature films together with a fourth on its way. They love hanging out and the press is constantly seeing smoke with a possible relationship. Either way, Lawrence is a beautiful talent and Cooper couldn’t’ resist staring at two of her talents in this quick snap. His eyes are dropping right down into Lawrence’s perfectly exposed cleavage.

7 Puff Daddy And Jessica Biel's Breasts

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Long before Jessica Biel met and married Justin Timberlake, the gorgeous star was a full-figured beauty on the big screen who drew the attention of many male stars. Biel has been linked to a few big time leading men including Yankees superstar Derek Jeter (honestly, the Captain is just a hero to us all on and off the baseball field). Here, Puff Daddy can’t resist taking a gander at Biel’s solid set of ta tas. He gets caught by the cameras with an epic drop of his chin as he stares relentlessly right at her boobs.

6 Dustin Hoffman And Angelina Jolie's Breast

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Dustin Hoffman is a Hollywood legend. He’s seemingly been there and done that for years. He most recently popped up in the Meet the Fockers movies along the side of Ben Stiller. But when Dustin hits the red carpet, his eyes start to wander. Hoffman, not tall in stature, is almost the perfect height for a tall actresess with breasts. Here, he is gazing right down at Jolie’s twins during pregnancy. Certainly, Jolie’s engorged breasts are tough not to see as she showcases the cleavage, but Hoffman is all-too obvious in his stare. Poor form, Hoffman. We know you can act a little better than that.

5 Kanye West And Kim Kardashian's Breast

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Kanye West can pretty much stare however he wants at Kim Kardashian now. The two got married and have a second child on the way. It’s not as if this is insane news. A man can pretty much gaze at his wife’s breasts (with her approval of course) whenever he wishes. And stare he does. There are numerous photos of the two out and about in which West can be pictured staring right down at Kardashian’s (now West) set of hooters. West put a ring on it, so he can stare at it all he wants.

4 Jay Leno And Karolina Kurkova's Breasts


Leno, now retired, has interviewed many, many women. On this day, he got an exquisite beauty to speak to in Karolina Kurkova. The long-standing, retired late night host seemed awestruck by Kurkova’s breasts in this candidly caught moment. Leno hardly tries to hide it with his eyes nearly popping out of his head and his face wanting to bury itself into her ample cleavage. The photo is a priceless moment and one we cannot blame Leno for. Kurkova, a Czech model, former Victoria’s Secret Angel and actress, is pretty damn hot.

3 Stanley Tucci And Anne Hathaway's Breasts


Acclaimed actor Stanley Tucci has played a ton of character roles in Hollywood. He works regularly as an extraordinary talent in both feature films and television. But the great actor couldn’t play off this stare at beautiful actress Anne Hathaway and her cleavage. The sexy young female star is known as an infectious energetic spirit that never shies away from attention. Here, Hathaway clearly drew Tucci’s attention; as in drew him right toward her boobs.

2 Woody Allen And Scarlett Johansson's Breasts

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Ah, Woody Allen. What can we say that hasn’t already been said before? Allen, best known for his propensity toward attractive young females, always enjoys a good talented female star on the rise. He is a well-respected writer/director and in Scarlett Johansson (second time on the list for Scarlett…somethin’ about them boobs!) he found an actress he could really work with. The two have paired together for multiple films and we can see why. Allen can’t get enough of Johansson’s famous set of knockers which seems to draw more than its share of attention. We can’t blame you on this one, Woody.

1 Hillary Clinton at Christina Aguilera

Credit: AFP Photo/Paul J. Richards

This is the best of the best. Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been in the news for decades now. The wife of former President Bill Clinton has been put through the ringer over Bill’s attention to attractive women. He made headlines prior to running for President for supposed infidelities. He also had issues in office. Either way, this photo of Clinton (Hillary Clinton that is) posing with pop singing star Christina Aguilera turns the tables a bit. Hilary is either impressed by Aguilera’s breasts or searching for something buried in her cleavage as her eyes can’t help but fall deep into Aguilera’s bosom. Hey, Hillary, we let Bill off the hook so you can have a pass also. But you did make No.1 on our list!

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