10 Celebrities Who Use Their "Appeal" To Sell Themselves

Yes, it is a cliche, but unlike most cliches, it is not utterly meaningless. Someone was probably even trying to sell s*x to you this very day and you may not even have realized it. That article you clicked on to see a list of hot girls? Of course, "appeal" can only “lure” in potential customers - the product typically has to be of value for it to work out.

It goes all the way back to 1871 when Peal Tobacco put a young woman on the front of their package wearing zero clothing. Calvin Klein is one of the more recent brands to use s*x as a means to sell. In fact, they are considered to have spearheaded the idea, although advertisements for alcohol, perfume and cars heavily rely on "appeal" as a means to sell their products, too. With that, here are some of the top female celebs who use their "appeal" to sell: things like their TV series, their movies and themselves. Of course, the list doesn’t end here.

10 Megan Fox

If there was ever an actress whose looks were the only thing that got them their movie roles, Megan Fox is that person (and possibly Jessica Alba). Although, in defense of Fox, it is really the industry using Fox to sell their movies, but alas, Fox deserves a spot on this list. Again, her s*x appeal, and certainly not her acting abilities (bless her) is the sole reason why she has a list of acting credits on IMDb. The evidence in support of this fact is that the majority of her roles, if not all, involve her playing some sort of sexy part, from Transformers to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But no one is complaining, right?

9 Kate Upton

8 Pamela Anderson

7 Britney Spears

6 Jennifer Lopez

5 Nicki Minaj

4 Rihanna

3 Miley Cyrus

2 Lena Dunham

1 The Kardashians

The epitome of using "appeal" to sell would naturally be the Kardashians who quite literally used a s*x tape to launch the family, and particularly Kim Kardashian, into Hollywood fame and fortune. They continue to leverage their exotic beauty to stay at the top of their fame by creating a brand around their good looks, all the while injecting sex appeal into the mix whenever they can. Why else would Kim Kardashian be posting provocative selfies every other week? To stay relevant. From countless naked selfies to balancing champagne glasses on stripped down derrieres, the Kardashians exploit s*x from every possible angle to stay on top.


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10 Celebrities Who Use Their "Appeal" To Sell Themselves