10 Celebrities Who Have Taken Drinking Too Far

We shouldn't feel ashamed because we've all been there. A few too many drinks and suddenly, we are up on the bar dancing up a storm, or walking out of the club and we trip and fall, or getting out of

We shouldn't feel ashamed because we've all been there. A few too many drinks and suddenly, we are up on the bar dancing up a storm, or walking out of the club and we trip and fall, or getting out of the taxi we accidentally flash the crowd in front of the bar. Now imagine if there were a slew of paparazzi there to catch it all on tape, only to show the entire world? While some celebrities accidentally get a little silly, some of them love to get wild and crazy and do the darndest things when they are drunk. Drunken mug shots, appearances in court, nip slips, eyes rolled back in your head, award show blooper. It seems celebrities have shown us all their many sides, and in many ways, have made us feel better about our own drunken slip ups. This list counts down the most ridiculous drunken celebrity moments. Not only will it make you laugh, but it will probably help you deal with the shame from last weekend!

10 Britney Spears

Britney Spears was our favorite public meltdown for a few years. Her drunken antics put us all to shame. Not only did she flash the paparazzi a few times, but she gave us all an eye full as she stumbled around various red carpets. Who can forget her awesome performance at the VMA’s in 2007? The stumbling, the confusion, the hot mess! Or how about the home video shot by Kevin Federline, where she is clearly not in her right mind and rambles on for three minutes. Britney, you make us feel alright!

9 Kanye West

Apparently, Kanye West guzzled back a bottle of Hennessy at the 2009 VMA’s and was seemingly feeling no pain, as he stood up and interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video. West stormed the stage, grabbed the mic from Taylor and loudly proclaimed that the award should have gone to Beyonce. Not only did he shock the entire audience, but he scared poor Taylor. You know you have gone too far when President Obama weighs in on the issue and calls you an "a** hole." He later apologized saying that he had taken a little sippy sippy before the ceremony. A little? More like a lot!

8 Deena Cortese

Leave it to Jersey Shore to serve up a side of drunk and ridiculous. Deena Cortese often appears on the Shore, knocking back shots and getting crazy. She recently appeared day drunk on the Jersey Shore Boardwalk. She was apparently so drunk that she snuggled a giant pink stuffed toy. She lost all control and fell off the bar while trying to dance, and was yelling incoherently to strangers. She tried to run when police attempted to pull her off the road but she was so drunk that she didn't get far. When the officers told her she was under arrest she slurred out, “what for”? Deena is comedy gold when she is drunk. Can you say, 'hot mess'? Thanks Deena for reminding us that alcohol can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

7 Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has affectionately been dubbed, 'Drunktina'. How cute is that? The singer apparently loves to guzzle back a bottle or two of wine. Christina appeared on television drunk several times and was arrested for public intoxication, not long after her divorce. The best way to get over heart ache is often to get on the bottle and that’s exactly what Christina did. She reportedly showed up uninvited to Jeremey Renner’s 40th birthday, drunk as a skunk and passed out on his bed. Now that’s what we call party crashing. We doubt that Renner was happy about the intrusion.

6 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is a go-to-girl for drunken antics and plain old tomfooleries! Lindsay has been struggling with her addiction issues for years. Her crazy antics have earned her the nickname, Little Red Car crash because of her DUI fueled crash a few years ago. Not to mention the fact that her party girl ways have landed, what could have been a successful career, in the ditch. In her most recent boozy adventure, Lohan was so drunk at the showing of her OWN documentary that she could barely stand. She reportedly was swaying back and forth and reeked worse than a distillery. She was also caught taking a shot at Coachella last week. Lohan  has been to rehab at least 6 times. Talk about crazy.

5 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is known for drunken debauchery. All you have to do is Google Paris Hilton and drunk, and you will find pages of entertainment. She seems to have spent her 20s in short cocktail dresses, while dancing poorly on any bar she could get on. In 2013, some dude passed out drunk at a party and Paris was not far away. Her friends and her dressed him up in a bikini top and purse and posed with his unconscious body. Additionally, her hard partying ways landed her in jail after she was convicted for driving while under the influence, and then violating her probation orders.

4 Courtney Love

Courtney Love seems to have done so many crazy thing,s that it is hard to keep them all straight. She went on David Letterman's show in the early 2000s, and flashed him and his entire audience. She jumped up on his desk and pulled up her shirt and then fell off the desk and stumbled backward. She was later arrested that night and the incident started what she calls her “lost Letterman years”. She was recently caught puking in the bushes outside an LA hotspot. At 49 years old, Love always has something in store for us.

3 Zac Efron

It was recently reported that Zac Efron slipped on a puddle outside his home, and broke his jaw. Yeah right! Recent reports have challenged that story, saying that the star actually crashed face first through a glass coffee table at his home, after a night of hard drinking. According to the UK Dailymail, the star broke his jaw so badly that he required a bunch of stitches and had to have his jaw wired shut. Talk about a hard night! The incident came after two stints in rehab for an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Thankfully, he now seems like he is on the sober track.

2 David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff was captured on video by his daughter. She released the tape to the public, in an attempt to curb his party hardy ways. The video features him drunker than drunk and eating a cheeseburger. He is slurring and making no sense. You practically don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or cry, after watching the video. The internet went crazy when this tape was leaked. His drunken antics have gotten him kicked off airplanes and landed him in his fair share of headlines. Thanks for reminding us to be ever vigilant while partying with a camera, David.

1 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is a comedy gold mine. Even his drunken antics actually changed the English language. His catch phrase “winning” went viral and made it into the English vernacular. Sheen is notorious for his drunken debauchery. His public meltdown was just one drunken rambling escapade after another. From trashing hotel rooms to rambling incoherently, Charlie seems to have done it all. Watching him ramble on in a drunken stupor on television. Winning!

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10 Celebrities Who Have Taken Drinking Too Far