10 Celebrities Who Had Totally Pointless Cameos You Probably Missed

What do 80s Rock N’ Roll legends Guns N’ Roses, powerhouse actor George Clooney, and basketball sensation Patrick Ewing have in common? They’re just three of the ten celebrities listed below who had some of the most pointless or downright confusing cameos in popular movies.

Yes, cameos are a lot of fun, and seeing someone famous unexpectedly pop up for a few minutes in a movie is bound to make anyone smile or at least talk about it during the drive home from the cinema. Remember Christopher Walken’s brief yet captivating performance in True Romance (1993)? I know I do, because it was an awesome cameo. How about when Leonard Nimoy showed up as Spock in the rebooted Star Trek movies? Those were cool, too. The celebrities that I’ve listed, however, showed up in movies but were either completely unnoticed or had to play roles that quite literally could have been done by anyone else. Simply put, these are the cameos that made no sense, didn’t need to be there, or just left you wondering “what the heck did I just see?”

10 Patrick Ewing – The Exorcist III (1990)

9 Guns N’ Roses – The Dead Pool (1988)

8 Mr. T and Richard Kiel – Inspector Gadget (1999)


7 Ron Jeremy – Ghostbusters (1984)


6 Peter Jackson – Hot Fuzz (2007)

5 Glenn Close – Hook (1991)

4 George Clooney – Thin Red Line (1998)

3 Dan Aykroyd – Temple Of Doom (1984)

2 Bruce Campbell – Fargo (1996)

1 Stan Lee – The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004)


If they gave out awards for best cameos, Stan Lee would probably win a few for his fleeting yet memorable scenes in almost every Marvel film. But wait, The Princess Diaries 2 isn’t a Marvel movie… so what’s Stan Lee doing here? This would have made sense if The Princess Diaries 2 was a comedy with a slew of pop-culture references, but it’s not even close to being that kind of movie. Did the filmmakers not understand that Marvel is connected by the same creative tissue and that’s why Stan makes appearances there, and instead assumed that having Stan Lee pop up was the new “in-thing” that movies just did for fun? The scene is so odd that it sticks out like a sore thumb, almost ruining the flow of a relatively decent film for its respective genre.

Sources: IMDB.

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10 Celebrities Who Had Totally Pointless Cameos You Probably Missed