10 Celebrities Who Cheated But Didn't Get The Boot

Ever been the most popular kid in school? Most of us have not been that guy/girl. But some have lived the dream in high school being the captain of the cheerleading squad of the star quarterback of the football team. This sort of stature comes with its share of perks. When you are the most popular you often get your pick-of-the-litter when it comes to the opposite sex. Enjoying celebrity status when you aren’t famous is very cool. Imagine when you are an actual celebrity with all the money and fame that comes along with it? Imagine how many people of the opposite sex would be clamoring to be by your side? That is the life of a celebrity. Whether you are a superstar politician, an actor/actress, a stud professional athlete or a successful musician, enjoying the perks of notoriety go a long way and can get you in a lot of trouble.

To maintain healthy relationships as a celebrity can be quite a challenge. There are literally thousands of beautiful people throwing themselves at you. With money and stardom, it can be difficult to have a good solid relationship with all the temptations in the world available and at your fingertips. Thus, celebrities cheat. Sometimes, they cheat once. Sometimes they cheat a whole damn lot, enjoying the fruits of their labor and having casual relations with the many available participants around them.

Being a celebrity can make having a normal relationship and family difficult. And many spouses don’t simply want to break up over the infidelities, wanting to continue to enjoy the celebrity world. Some of these celebrities have been rumored to have numerous improper encounters. Although the numbers can never be confirmed, there is a heck of a lot of smoke around these cheating rumors and a boat load of admissions.

These are 10 Celebrities Who Cheated But Didn’t Get The Boot.

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10 Ludacris – Spreading the Seed

What do you do if you find out your man had cheated and gotten that woman pregnant? Well, in the case of Ludacris and his long-time girlfriend, Eudoxie, they got married…like super-fast married. This story can be read into many different ways. Who knows how many women he "did" and didn’t use protection with. Eudoxie had put in her time and wanted a ring to be put on it. Also, Ludacris was facing a $7,000 a month child support bill and it is believed that he wanted to tie things up with Eudoxie to show a stable household environment and go for custody. Lastly, the proposal and marriage literally happened within 48 hours. Ludacris proposed on Christmas evening and were married by the very next day. Ludacris had to “Kobe-up” to make things right. They remain together today. And earlier this year, Ludacris did, in fact, win primary custody of his daughter. Boom.

9 Kobe Bryant – Diamond Apology

Kobe! Yes, the king of tossing up shots is a NBA legend and even though he is on his last leg, we still have much respect for Bryant’s abilities on the court. Off the court, however, he, like many NBA peers, have enjoyed the fruits of his labor and the many women waiting by their hotel room doors. One of Kobe’s infamous encounters almost turned into a life-long jail sentence when he was accused of raping a young Utah hotel worker. The crap hit the fan and the basketball star had to fight for his free life.

After he was cleared of criminal charges, Bryant had to return home and deal with marital charges. His wife, Vanessa, was embarrassed and angry. To ease her pain back in 2003, Bryant purchased jewelry estimated at $4 million. The apology worked as they are still together. One wonders how many road perks Bryant enjoyed before getting caught.

8 David Letterman – Late Night Action

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Once the king of late night television, David Letterman, had a very private issue become public and somehow was able to sweep it away with the same smile and ease he uses to deliver perfectly timed jokes. Letterman has been a distinguished and respected late night talk show legend for decades. His brand of humor is untouchable, but the long married Letterman got caught in a cheating scandal that went very public. Letterman, back in 2009, opened up to Oprah Winfrey (Oprah, the go-to for celebrities who stepped in serious sh*t) about the infidelities. Letterman admitted he had sex with “women” who worked for him on his show (class-action sexual harassment suit anyone?) including his assistant Stephanie Birkitt.

Although a number was never given, it's clear Letterman was dipping into the company ink for a very long time and had many extramarital affairs. Letterman’s wife, Regina Lasko, remained by his side and they are still married to this very day. I mean, Letterman is literally one of the richest men in Hollywood. So…yeah.

7 Anthony Weiner – Sexting Rep

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The last name alone makes this story worthy of this list. The former US Representative of 9th congressional district in the New York and actor (Sharknado 3) has enjoyed the many ups and downs his celebrity status in New York afforded to him. Some New York politicians have relished in the celebrity status The Big Apple provides (see Rudy Giuliani). Anthony Weiner is more of the “punch line” kind of guy when it comes to notoriety in New York. It all started when numerous texts showed Weiner’s extramarital intentions as he seemingly sexted as many beautiful women as possible and allegedly made some late night love connections. After denying he was sending inappropriate pictures of himself and sexting many women, he copped to his infidelities. Then, after supposedly putting these indiscretions behind him, Weiner once again attempted to enter back into the political spotlight.

Just three years after he was “cured,” more inappropriate texts and photos of Weiner were discovered to have been sent by his phone (someone teach this man that technology and private servers mean different things!). Despite submarining his political career, Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin has remained by his side. Oh, yeah, she was pregnant during the sexting scandal. Now Weiner is somehow accepted as a political analyst on CNN and other venues.

6 Kristen Stewart – The Vampire Diaries

5 David Boreanaz – Broke a Bunny’s Heart

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From Buffy The Vampire Slayer to Angel to Bones, David Boreanaz has been solid gold on television. The small screen star also nabbed a Playboy Playmate for his efforts, marrying Jaime Bergman. However, after nearly 10 years of marriage, Boreanaz got caught with his dingie in the cookie jar. His affair with Rachel Uchitel (ironically one of Tiger Woods’ alleged “ladies”) went public. Naturally, Uchitel was more than happy to contribute the private text messages between her and Boreanaz to the world when he opted to stay with his wife.

What made matters worse was that Boreanaz’s Playboy wife, Bergman, was pregnant with their second child at the time. Bergman forgave her husband and Boreanaz later stated that the whole mess was an actual “bonding experience.” You know, Dave, there are hobbies you and Jaime can do together like cooking classes and wine tasting that don’t involve you dropping your pants and having sex with other women and allow you and your wife to bond. Just sayin’. I’m a problem solver.

4 Dwyane Wade – Uh-Oh

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Ever make an “uh-oh” face over something? You get caught off-guard and you’re like, “oh, sh*t!” Yeah, that was Dwyane Wade a few years back. Wade, the star of the Miami Heat in the NBA, had been dating girlfriend Gabrielle Union for quite a while. Then he announced a one-two combination punch to the press that would even make Mike Tyson blush. Wade announced that he was finally engaged to Union, and then followed it up with the revelation that he was going to be a father. Only problem? The soon-to-be-mother was not Union. Wade, like many celebrity athletes, got some good side action and failed to wrap it up. So, he naturally proposed to his girlfriend to show how much he loved her and she stayed with him (duh, the girl put in her time and wanted to get paid!). The two are still together to this day.

3 Josh Duhamel and Fergie – Cheating Makes Love Stronger

2 Hugh Grant – Nasty Divine

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What do you do if you’re married to one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment business? Naturally, you hit Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, looking for nasty prostitutes. In 1995, Hugh Grant was in a relationship with Elizabeth Hurley, the sexy British beaut. One night, Grant was apparently bored and drove his car down by Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. He was receiving oral sex from a nasty-looking prostitute named Divine Brown when the police discovered them. Grant pleaded no contest to the embarrassing act. Just days after his arrest, Grant incredibly went on The Tonight Show and told Jay Leno, “I did a bad thing.” It was amazing television as Jay Leno went easy on Grant and the popular British actor was forgiven and saved his flourishing (but nearly skewered) career. Even Hurley set aside her own embarrassment and forgave Grant for a while. They remained together for nearly five more years until Hurley finally wised up.

1 Bill Clinton – Slick Willy

Oh, yes, the Godfather of the cheating scandals. No scandal has ever been quite bigger than the President of the United States being accused of numerous affairs, one of which occurring inside the Oval Office itself. This one was special. William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, is one of those rare talents that not only got his wife to accept his cheating ways, he got the majority of voters in the United States to accept it. Everyone knew about the Paula Jones scandal and we heard rumors of numerous inappropriate sexual relations Clinton had behind the scenes prior to being elected President. But in the White House, Clinton was having sexual encounters with staffer Monica Lewinsky behind closed doors in the Oval Office. Clinton’s handlers actually transferred Lewinsky from her post working so closely to the President because they actually cited the two were becoming “too close and spending too much time together.” Then, Lewinsky, like any excited gossip girl, started sharing the revelations of her affair with a co-worker (Linda Tripp). And Tripp, like any good friend, started secretly recording Lewinsky so she could try and single-handedly take down the Presidency. And then Clinton was answering questions before Congress who sought to impeach him when he famously questioned the meaning of the word “is.” Today, much of Clinton’s behaviors are a distant memory but the legend remains. I mean, in the Oval Office! What a freakin’ nut! Of course, Bill remains married to wife, Hillary Clinton, and she currently is making her own run at the US Presidency.

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