10 Celebrities Who Changed Careers

These are the people who probably never put "stardom" in their "what they want to be when they grow up" list but had that accidental celebrity charm. Some were put into the spotlight by some magic spe

These are the people who probably never put "stardom" in their "what they want to be when they grow up" list but had that accidental celebrity charm. Some were put into the spotlight by some magic spell right from the start, for they were born to do it. Others had to start at rock bottom doing menial jobs and make do with meager salaries, while there are some who enjoyed their celebrity status but still preferred other things over the spotlight.

When you've had a taste of Hollywood and you've made such a mark, people remember you. What happens after a wrap up? We don't actually know. We are only aware of them because of their celebrity status. So, here are 10 celebrity names who took big leaps in their careers as they underwent job switching before or after being media darlings.

10 Kathryn Joosten

It is uncommon for celebrities to have "psychiatric nurse" and "stay-at-home" mom in their resumes, but that's what Emmy Award-winning Kathryn Joosten,West Wing and Desperate Housewives star has.

9 Al Franken

Who goes way out of line, say, from comedian to a senator? Al Franken did and still maintains the position he has held since 2009. It could be hard to imagine one who squeezes out all your laughing juices to be taking a more serious seat in the name of service for the citizens and the country.

8 Alan Alda

Alan Alda is a professor with six Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe to his name. He’s an award-winning thespian who also happens to be a professor. Either way, this is how far Mr. Alan Alda has gone in two opposite worlds - on the media side where he could be a fictional character, and now on the academic forefront, tackling more serious issues in the world of non-fictional learning.

7 Jane Fonda

Enough of the confusion as to who that Jane Fonda is in your mother's aerobic video collection. Yes, she is Jane Fonda, the actress and an aerobics and fitness expert since the 80's. She has more than two dozen exercise videos that are still selling up to this day. So if you still find your mom adhering to old-school aerobics routines, chances are, you'll find one still stashed in her collection.

6 Ina Garten

For a renowned kitchen "Contessa" known for her homey and warm, not to mention extremely delectable recipes, Ina Garten surprisingly maintained a job that didn't require aprons and rolling pins. She had a stint at the Office of Management and Budget in none other than the most powerful office on earth - the White House, prior to invading the kitchen. Who would have imagined that this kitchen expert who makes lovely steaks, meringues and lemon pies, with her own show on the Food Network, several best-selling cookbooks and an Emmy Award, was once a nuclear policy analyst. Now that's an extreme switch in gears.

5 Goldie Hawn

Putting stardom behind the curtains for a more "golden" purpose, this natural comedienne jumped into more serious waters this time, giving more of her precious self to education.  Having started the Bright Light Foundation (now known as the Hawn Foundation) back in 2003, Goldie Hawn chose to focus on this upon noticing that there are a lot of negative issues plaguing the kids of today. Violence, for one, has been so rampant that it encourages teenage stress and depression, and that is what her advocacy focuses on. Their curriculum targets children's emotional, mental and social upbringings in hopes of bringing light to their young, aggressive, and susceptible minds.

4 Al Gore

From being the next in command to none other than the President of the United States, former Vice President Al Gore jumped onto the other side of the fence by joining that bandwagon that used to put him in the spotlights; the media. He co-founded Current TV, which he now sold to the Arabian TV network, Al Jareeza.

3 Magic Johnson

A sports celebrity in his own right, Magic Johnson may not have a thick Hollywood background to boot but his career with famed NBA team the Los Angeles Lakers made him a household name. What's more admirable is that he did not allow his HIV diagnosis to make his early retirement a breeding ground for negativity as how other victims do.  Instead of dwelling on the disease or how the cure remains evasive, he used it to catapult him on the philanthropy platform by building the Magic Johnson Enterprises. He embraced the world of business by catering to the needs of the African-American communities. He is truly a basketball giant that never got off the bench. He continues to play a game on a much nobler platform.

2 Arnold Schwarzenegger

From being the screen Terminator who usually takes matters in his own hands, this bodybuilding champion now acts on a more serious premise, being on the legislative forefront. Arnold Schwarzenegger combined the physical strength that he has been known for and that desire to be of service to other people. That's a big switch from swishing catchphrases that people remember to this day to promises that he needs to uphold for his California constituents.

1 Harrison Ford

That stroke of luck does come in the right time. Harrison Ford did not even have to audition for a particular role. He just had to be a carpenter and build cabinets for the film set of somebody named George Lucas. Working with wood and hammers for 15 years, had he quit carpentry and decided on being a salesman in a nice suit in hopes of having a better paying or more decent job, we might not have known him to be that President of the United States who escaped the hijack of Air Force One at one time - just on the silver screen though. His name is as stalwart and powerful as the roles he has portrayed, both in and out of the spotlight.

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