10 Celebrities Who Are Afraid Of Water

Many people have irrational fears. Some people are afraid of closed-in spaces, some are afraid of spiders and others are afraid of heights. In the real world, celebrities are no exception. Some of the most famous people are aquaphobic. According to the dictionary, aquaphobia is “an abnormal fear of water.” This means that they cannot swim, or just will not go into the water; including swimming pools, lakes or even (and especially) the ocean. This makes it nearly impossible for those stars to earn roles where they need to be in a scene where they are swimming or even saving a life. Or does it? Some of these celebrities even faced their fears, and learned to swim at a mature age.  That just goes to show that it is never too late to learn something new.

10 Oprah Winfrey

9 Carmen Electra

8 Sandra Bullock

Some people are afraid of things and never do anything to fight that fear. Then there are people like Sandra Bullock, who conquer their fear by doing the exact thing that frightens them. Sandra learned to scuba dive after being afraid of the water, and is now a devoted diver. She played a role in the movie, The Proposal, where she had to be in the water for hours and ended up with hypothermia. Sandra is also afraid of flying, after being in a plane crash several years ago, but has been in movies where she needs to go on airplanes to conquer that anxiety. She also starred in the movie, Gravity, in which she had to practice inside an airplane that was made to appear like she was crashing. What a way to master your fears, Sandra!

7 Snoop Lion AKA Snoop Dogg

6 Eva Mendes

Having been in several movies; including Fast and the Furious, Glitch and Ghostrider, Eva Mendes has earned enough respect (and money) to have a beautiful house and a lavish swimming pool. The only problem with this, is that Eva has never learned how to swim.  She is actually terrified of the water, never having left the shallow end of the pool. Eva bought a house with a large swimming pool in 2011, but has yet to take a dive. It appears that she has a deep desire to learn, and has been quoting saying, “I can’t swim. I don’t know how to. I’m pathetic. I should know how to swim.”

5 Will Smith

4 Christina Ricci

3 Zayn Malik

2 Rihanna

1 Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood was a very famous actress back in the 1950s and 1960s, and was known for her lead roles in the movies West Side Story and Rebel Without a Cause. All of her life basically revolved around water; she met her husband while on a boat and even got married on a yacht. She had a very large swimming pool in her yard, as well, but Natalie never learned how to swim. She was terrified of the pool and never even went in it. Her husband even bought her a sixty foot boat that she would sail on, but Natalie was never happy about being so close to the water. Natalie ended up drowning one night while being on a small dinghy with her husband and another friend, actor Christopher Walken. It was ruled an accident, but the case has recently been re-opened since there were over twenty-four bruises found on her body on the night of her death in 1981. It is unknown whether her husband or Christopher had anything to do with her death, but it still remains called “an accident.”

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