10 Celebrities That Were Caught With Prostitutes

Evidently where a lucrative, mega-business lies, scandal is close to follow. Throw sex, celebrities, millionaires, and adultery in the mix, and you've got a newsworthy breaking story. While the rise and fall of Hollywood Madams such as Heidi Fleiss may have taught us a thing or two about the habitual practices of prostitution in LaLa Land, it certainly didn’t warn us about who we'd find behind those closed doors. Whether busted by the police, their former lovers, wives, or personal confessions, we've tracked down a list of public figures that have one thing in common; they were all caught for soliciting sex.


10 Hugh Grant

A British actor and producer, Hugh Grant is best known to fans of the silver screen as the quirky Englishman who could make the shyest girl swoon. While his alluring charm won over Bridget Jones temporarily, it seems his on screen cheating ways may have foreshadowed life events. Evidently the talented actor has faced his own share of cheating mishaps, particularly with soliciting paid sex. According to various entertainment reports, and an inclusive interview with one of his paid sex partners Divine Brown, Grant is unable to exhibit self-control, and gets “bored of women.” Brown was caught performing a sex act on Grant in 1995. Evidently Divine has since made over a million dollars from selling the story, describing the night when Grant paid her $50 for oral sex and they were busted by the LAPD in the actor’s BMW. His girlfriend at the time, Elizabeth Hurley, “dumped him” after the infamous incident.

9 Charlie Sheen


Notorious Hollywood bad boy, Charlie Sheen, may be just as infamous for his paid call girls, as he is for his mighty tiger blood. The youngest son of actor, Martin Sheen, Charlie seems to be a regular on Hollywood entertainment segments, gossip tabloids, and even daily news outlets, perhaps even more so, since his nasty split with Warner Brothers and the American sitcom Two and a Half Men. The actor’s now infamous rant about ‘winning’ and ‘losing’ the battle with the studio gave him a platform to well, rant further about his life, and all the private details.

In a 2012 interview with Playboy magazine, the nearly 50 year-old womanizer spoke about stealing his dad's credit card to pay for his experience with a prostitute, claiming he had the "greatest night of his life with flame-haired Candy in a Las Vegas hotel room.” The actor went on to admit, he didn’t know if he would be with a prostitute again, describing parts of the interaction as “soulless” and others as “nourishing.”

8 Tiger Woods

Perhaps one of the most surprising cheating scandals was that of the world’s most infamous golf pro, Tiger Woods. Woods was busted by his wife Elin Nordegren, after she discovered text messages from one of his mistresses, NYC club hostess Rachel Uchitel, and unfortunately for Nordegren, the list didn't end there. There was cocktail server Jaimee Grubbs, Las Vegas club promoter Kalika Moquin, Las Vegas lingerie model Jamie Jungers, trailer park waitress Mindy Lawton, failed model Cori Rist, former porn star Holly Sampson, playboy model and hooker Loredana Jolie, cocktail waitress Julie Postle, bona fide cougar mistress Theresa Rogers and Raychel Coudriet, his college aged neighbor. If that wasn't bad enough, reports from the New York daily news claim that the pro athlete paid huge sums of cash (up to $60K) for kinky sex with madam Michelle Braun’s call girls. The Hollywood Madam claims Woods had an insatiable appetite for women, preferring group sex as opposed to paying for just one girl. Apparently the girls were quite impressed with Tiger’s stamina, politeness, and gentleman-like behavior.

7 Jerry Springer


The name Jerry Springer is infamous for one thing in the United States, trash. Daytime, trash TV that is. Since 1991, The Jerry Springer Show has been synonymous with disgruntled lovers, liars, cheaters, brawls, and has been at the centre of much controversy for glamorizing much of the contentious behavior appearing on his stage. Springer also had a brief run in politics in the 1970’s but resigned in 1974 after admitting to hiring a prostitute. Springer’s prostitution scandal was discovered after a Cincinnati brothel was raided, and checks written by Springer were discovered.

6 Eddie Murphy

American comedian, actor, writer, singer, director, and musician, Eddie Murphy, is one of the highest grossing actors in the United States. A regular on Saturday Night Live in the 1980’s Murphy is also rated 10th amongst the greatest 100 comedians of all time. Murphy was married to Nicole Mitchell with whom he had five children. Prior to their divorce, Eddie made headlines when he was caught with a known transsexual prostitute in his car. According to Atisone Kenneth Seiuli, Murphy picked her up from a known ‘tranny area’ and they drove a short distance before being pulled over by the LAPD. Murphy was let go while Seiuli was arrested on an outstanding warrant. Murphy maintains he was simply giving a helpless person a ride, while Seiuli made her tabloid rounds, claiming Murphy had placed two hundred dollar bills on her leg, and went on to ask her about sexual activity.

5 Ted Haggard


American evangelical pastor, Ted Haggard founded the New Life Church in Colorado as well as the Association of Life-Giving Churches, and served as leader of the National Association of Evangelicals from 2003-2006. In 2006 allegations surfaced about ‘Pastor Ted’ paying escort and masseur Mike Jones for sex for three years, as well as purchasing and using the drug crystal meth. Days after the allegations surfaced Haggard resigned from all positions. Later a second scandal surfaced when a former church attendee claimed Haggard performed a sex act in front of him as well as sent him sexual messages. Haggard has never admitted to being homosexual.

4 Danny Bonaduce

Actor and radio personality, Danny Bonaduce became a household name as an American child actor in the Partridge Family. While Danny has admitted to growing up in a dysfunctional family, he has had several run-ins with the law, two of them being high profile. The first was for attempting to buy cocaine and the second arrest was for assault on a transsexual prostitute. According to Bonaduce, he picked up the prostitute on the street thinking she was a female and when realizing she was a transsexual, hit her and requested his money back. Police officers found the actor hiding in the closet.


3 D’Angelo


American R&B singer/songwriter D'Angelo is infamous for his soulful vibes, sexy videos, and comparisons to Marvin Gaye, and Prince. He is actually accredited for igniting the ‘neo-soul’ movement in the 90’s. D’Angelo dated and later had a son with soul singer Angie Stone. In March of 2010, the soulful singer was arrested and charged for soliciting prostitution. Apparently the musician, had approached an undercover female police officer for oral sex in New York.

2 Wayne Rooney

In 2003, Wayne Rooney made his international debut as an English footballer and was the youngest player to represent England (he’s also England’s youngest goal scorer). The athlete’s accolades include England Player of the year (2008, 2009), and 88 international caps. Rooney dated his now wife for six years before marrying in 2008 (they met in middle school). The footballer has admitted to soliciting prostitutes in Liverpool before settling down with his wife, while a prostitute going by the name of Helen Woods has alleged that Rooney paid over $1,000 for a threesome while his wife was five months pregnant.

1 Lamar Odom


The demise of former Los Angeles Laker, and hubby of reality star Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, is perhaps the most disappointing of all cheating profiles. While Khloe Kardashian fans everywhere were pulling for the Armenian American beauty to finally find love, they were also weeping with her when her now estranged husband went A-wall on her, and their marriage. Apparently the Odom’s Brady Bunch life, wasn’t so Brady after all as the pro athlete had been binging on cocaine and high priced call girls throughout their marriage. It was also discovered that Odom’s recent DUI arrest was not his first arrest; evidently the basketball star was also arrested in 1997 for soliciting prostitution in Las Vegas.


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