10 Celebs That Are As Hooked On Candy Crush As You Are

Confession time! The title is just a tad bit misleading in the sense that many people actually hate Candy Crush, and I especially detest its invites. But the people all around me that are hooked tell

Confession time! The title is just a tad bit misleading in the sense that many people actually hate Candy Crush, and I especially detest its invites. But the people all around me that are hooked tell me (stress on the fact, in fact) that because I've never even played it once, I would never really know. That is actually correct, one hundred percent correct if you were to be logical. But is anything about the Candy Crush plague really logical?

If you were to go by statistics, millions out there love Candy Crush, millions more are completely hooked on it and yet, more can’t survive without a daily dose of it, as if it were a drug. You’d think all of these were teenagers or people who had a lot of time on their hands, right? Well, think again! There are a great many celebrities on the list of people who are hooked on the phenomenon known as Candy Crush too. Don’t believe me, just take a look below:

10 Danica Patrick

For those that don’t know already, Danica Patrick is the hot race car talent on the IndiCar circuits. She is just as famous for her need for speed as she is for her exceptionally good looks, friendly demeanor and attractive photo shoots. Yet, among all of the numerous things she is busy with, she always seems to be making time for Candy Crush! An August 2013 tweet reading, “After waiting 1800 odd minutes…. Candy crush, I am back!” confirming her love for the game” Another tweet in September read “I am viewing this weather delay in Chicago as an opportunity to catch up on all things that need service (not candy crush). What's happening?” and another in October read “Swung by @IdealImageLaser today! Candy crush distracted me well!”. So anyone still have any doubts about this obsession?

9 Josh Groban

Josh Groban is another Candy Crush obsessed celebrity. Although, at one time he very emphatically proclaimed to have deleted his Candy Crush game but to tell you the truth, we don’t notice any changes, for the talented singer and musician just can’t stop with his still Candy Crush themed tweets. In November 2013 came the tweet that read, “I deleted candy crush. If I wanted to be forced to pay to be able to reach further levels I'd become a Scientologist.” And just as fans were heaving a collective sigh of relief came the tweets “K I'm not gay but I would maybe pay 1.99 a minute for the candy crush voice” and “Twilight and Candy Crush really aren't doing the word "saga" any favors in the credibility department”. Josh, you may no longer be playing the game, but you’re still addicted, just saying!

8 Rita Simons

Actress, singer and model Rita Simons is completely and thoroughly hooked on Candy Crush, and what’s worse is that she knows and accepts it! In fact, Rita even gives tips, advice and answers to people who come to her with Candy Crush related queries. On when a certain Nitin Ganatra asked Rita whether not speaking for 2 hours and having drool in the mouth was normal while playing Candy Crush, Rita came up with a fitting reply – “@GanatraNitin yeah dribbling/mutism all part of the disease. Also included are hallucinations and battery on 2% for the rest of ur life x” In March 2013, Rita dispensed the following advice “Candy crush is ruining my life. Don't press that download button kids. You'll regret it! X” So, definitely addicted we think, don’t you?

7 Emma Roberts

Last seen on We Are The Millers, actress and model Emma Roberts has been acting like an unpaid Candy Crush marketing rep for a while now. Her addiction to the game is apparent in her tweets. Some of the best ones are “Right now, sleep is something I do to kill time while I'm waiting for more lives on Candy Crush Saga #help #seriouslyhelp”, “#candycrush keeps locking me out for playing too much!!!” in August and “Can't sleep! Also can't beat level 72 of candy crush. What's everyone else up to?” in December last year. Completely and apologetically addicted, no?

6 Mandy Patinkin

Television actor Mandy Patinkin of the Homeland fame may not be upfront with his love for Candy Crush, oh but we can assure you it’s there, it’s very there. On the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, Mandy revealed just how good he was, not just with playing the game but also with teaching newbies how to really do it. When Jimmy was stuck on Level 6, Mandy gave away some of his handy tips to help Jimmy overcome the hurdle. In fact, if you Google it, you’d find a video of him doing just that all over the Internet! Is this enough to prove his albeit hidden addiction for Candy Crush or do only public tweets count?

5 Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy’s primary lyricist and bassist, is not shy of proclaiming his love for Candy Crush. In fact, when stuck on levels too long, he even hopes that a few public tweets will help in breaking the jinx and letting him proceed! September last year, he tweeted “im gonna make a new candy crush game but with meth called: hillbilly heroin... you play as a character named billy the pic. coming soon...”. Earlier in the same month he had tweeted “Can iOS 7 beat the level of candy crush that I've been stuck on for a week?” and “So excited for the show tomorrow – can’t sleep just stuck on the same level of candy crush forever but in real life it feels like (emoticon)” So many Candy Crush tweets in just a time of 1 month! Pete’s one hell of a Candy Crush fan!

4 Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum is not hiding with her crush on Candy Crush, just as she is never hiding anything else. While Emmy’s twitter handle does not go so way back that we could dig up more dirt on this crush of hers, we did however, manage to dig up one scandalous tweet that makes it all public! July last year, Emmy went ahead and broke up with Candy Crush and proclaimed publicly to the world that “It's enough already with the candy crush, I need my life back. #games #candycrush”

3 Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones, the American film and television actress is another Candy Crush Saga devotee, and a publicly known one too. One of her most famous tweets pertaining to the subject of her obsessive love for the game is “Right now, sleep is something I do to kill time while I'm waiting for more lives on Candy Crush Saga #help #seriouslyhelp” seen somewhere in September last year. Would you believe it? That particular tweet was retweeted 1.3K times and had about 1.4K likes. What is it with these Candy Crush tweets?

2 Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The Candy Crush crushing addiction extends to most modern families nowadays, and how could our favorite Jesse Tyler be behind in that rat race. While prepping for the Emmy’s night last year, Jesse posted a photo of him playing the game, on Instagram, with the caption “#Emmys Prep Step 2: While treating dark circles, it's best to pass the time with Candy Crush”. The same bit of information was also divulged via his Twitter handle. The Candy Crush twitter handle had a humorous response in store for the star, which entailed asking him whether he was on level 104 and if the state of his dark circle was now better? Candy crush conversations are just so much fun!

1 Adam Levine

Adam Levine of the Maroon 5 fame is famous for one more thing, other than his tattoos, his lifestyle and his ‘Jagger’ like moves, that is. People’s Sexiest Man Alive is hooked on to Candy Crush like nothing else. Not only is Adam notorious when it comes to constantly begging for the game’s lives, but on the Ellen DeGeneres show last year, he made a startling revelation too. The hottie made public that his obsession for the game was such that he had once used his fiance’s (super model Behati Prinsloo) fingerprints to access the game on her iPhone while she was sleeping! Gosh, now that’s what we call a real obsession!

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10 Celebs That Are As Hooked On Candy Crush As You Are