10 Celebrities Most Likely Going To Prison In 2016

Celebrities (oddly enough) are no strangers to a jail cell; one would think that when you have an image to uphold, you would want the cleanest record possible, meaning no contact with a jail cell for

Celebrities (oddly enough) are no strangers to a jail cell; one would think that when you have an image to uphold, you would want the cleanest record possible, meaning no contact with a jail cell for any reason. Clearly this is not the case and sadly enough, celebs going to jail is more of an epidemic than celebrities being actual role models. There are a select group of notable figures that you can almost guarantee will get arrested, go to jail or get in trouble with the law at least once a year. It makes you wonder why; is this a way of staying relevant? Is this a simple case of trouble just following them around? Could their luck really be that bad? 2015 has brought out the worst in a few notable figures like Bill Cosby, Shia Labeouf, Chris Brown, etc, getting arrested for sexual abuse allegations, violent domestic fights and the familiar drunk and disorderly. There is a tiny bout of narcissism behind these arrests and allegations, and because some of these charges are so significant chances are these celebs will be dealing with these charges as we roll into 2016. Once you have drawn attention to yourself with the law there is a side of you that will always be a target, especially when you keep committing the same crimes over and over again (Chris Brown). So here is a list of celebrities that will most likely do some time behind bars in 2016, because hey, why change now when you have already gone too far?

10 Conrad Hilton Jr.

Hilton Hotel heir Conrad Hilton Jr., comes off as an entitled brat every time he gets arrested; whether it is for drugs, alcohol or flat out breaking into his girlfriend's house, he is a loose cannon. It has become more apparent that he is making a name for himself as a straight up troublemaker. He is only 19-years-old and has already racked up an impressive rap sheet, so where does he go from here? That’s easy, most likely another arrest and quite possibly jail. He is already getting dinged for violating the restraining order his ex-girlfriend put on him and he cannot seem to control his alcohol. We all know that an obsessive ex boyfriend and alcohol never mixes well together.

9 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is seen by most as a young punk who causes a whole lot of mischief. He has a couple of mug shots and they are hilarious to look at, simply because he looks like a little boy. Bieber has already gotten arrested for a lot of ridiculous crap. Most recently, Bieber had a warrant issued for his arrest in Argentina for ordering his guards to attack a local man back in 2013, and before that he was wanted in Rome for the same incident. It looks like he is travelling around the globe racking up charges. Do not be surprised if he actually has to face those charges in the near future. 2016 might be his year of jail; let’s see how this pretty boy does behind bars.

8 Chris Brown

Chris Brown seems to be an easy target these days. He was recently detained in the Philippines, he always seems to be on probation, he does not know how to keep his hands to himself and he seems to be obsessed with getting Karrueche Tran back (which could mean more trouble for him). He was recently caught following Tran home and refusing to leave until she opened the door (obsessive much?). Chances are this is not the last time Brown will piss Tran off and chances are, he will get himself arrested for acting a damn fool and flat out not knowing how to control his anger.

7 Scott Disick

Scott Disick currently has no pending charges against him (that we know of) but he always seems to find himself in some kind of trouble with the law. Disick has a whole new field to play considering he is no longer with Kourtney Kardashian; this means he is free to get in trouble without having someone to nag him for all the crazy positions he puts himself in. It has already been reported that Disick has been drinking heavily and has fallen all the way off the wagon. Can you see the several DUIs in his future? Maybe now he will step his game up to something that could put him in jail for more than one night. For the kids sake, let’s hope all goes well for him.

6 Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard has been in an epic, never ending feud with his ex-wife Michelle Ghent, who has laid several damaging allegations against him. The latest allegation is sexual assault; not just any sexual assault, she is alleging VIOLENT sexual assault (believe it or not there is a huge difference), during their marriage in 2013. She is suing him for domestic violence and it does not look good for Howard. He may be on two hit shows but there is no way to hide from the law. He should hurry up and finish filming all of his scenes because the evidence is seriously piling up against him.

5 Caitlyn Jenner

Although she seems to be kind of in the clear right now, Caitlyn Jenner was involved in a deadly accident back in February of 2015. A woman was instantly killed and almost immediately, talks of manslaughter charges were brought up. Although a video surfaced that showed that Jenner may not be totally at fault for the accident, she is currently being sued by two people involved in the accident; the step children of the woman killed instantly, and another driver who sustained significant damage. How unfortunate for Caitlyn considering she is currently catching her second wind in life. 65 is not the age you want to start racking up a rap sheet at.

4 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, Snoop Doggy Dog (whatever his name is) and the law simply do not get along. Not only does he openly get high in public places, he also raps about getting high and how much he loves the mind altering narcotic he calls ganja. Snoop recently got arrested in Sweden for, according to him, what was 100% racial profiling DWB (driving while black). Even across the world he cannot stay away from a jail cell.  So what will he get arrested for in 2016? There are a number of possibilities; disturbing the peace, drug possession the list goes on and on. He may not intentionally be getting himself in trouble, but it definitely seems to follow him.


June 2015 marks the latest arrest for rapper DMX, for allegedly failing to pay child support. The rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, allegedly owes $400,000 in back child support. Simmons is no stranger to jail, having been arrested in the past for drug charges, jumping bail and robbery. This latest charge could be the one that makes him spend some real time in jail and let’s be honest, if this charge does not get him, another one will. He just seems to attract drama and is constantly screwing up.

2 Nick Gordon

So far it looks like the DA is going to try and charge Nick Gordon with involuntary manslaughter, for his participation in the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown. Gordon, who has always maintained his innocence, was suspiciously sitting around the house while Brown was drowning in her bathtub. None of this looks good for Gordon or Max Lomas, the friend who came to visit them and discovered Brown in the tub. There is a good chance that if Gordon does get charged he will end up doing a little bit of time in the big house. 2016 may turn out to be a bad year for him.

1 Bill Cosby

It is a very real possibility that once beloved TV dad Bill Cosby, could go to jail for a long, long time; with allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting over 30 women reportedly beginning in the 70s. The evidence is really piling up and it looks like Cosby has begun to run out of excuses. Although the statute of limitations has come and gone for several of the allegations, this case is so severe that it looks like he has a very slim, tiny, minuscule chance of beating this. At least he can eat all that jello he has been promoting for years in his new 6x8.


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10 Celebrities Most Likely Going To Prison In 2016