10 Celeb Success Stories Nobody Expected in 2015

Just like every other year, the year 2015 has had many memorable moments for these ten celebrities. But oddly enough, nobody would’ve expected their success to be as big as it was. And this goes without saying that there are certain celebs in this list who have behaved like total idiots in the past, so for them to experience success again was highly unlikely, seeing how arrogant they were at a certain stage in their life. Meanwhile, others enjoyed incredible success with the launch of their very own television programs, despite having being shut down by some of the biggest TV networks, who are probably regretting it now. It’s been a whirlwind year, but nobody saw the unexacting success stories of these celebs coming our way — they didn’t just win in their field, their success was so big, it left many of us gobsmacked.

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10 Justin Bieber’s Incredible Comeback


Justin Bieber really proved himself in the year of 2015, having made one of the biggest comebacks in music history. The Biebs, who was constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons, ended up taking a much-needed hiatus from the business, knowing that he needed to get back into a happier place before he could return to the studio. His run-ins with the cops, his break-up to with Selena Gomez, and his so-called friends, who often got him in trouble, were all spoken of in his new record Purpose, which sold 530,000 copies in its first week. Justin’s biggest first-week sales ever.

9 Kourtney Kardashian Finally Dumping Scott Disick


Many of us never thought this day would come, but it seems Kourtney Kardashian has finally moved on from ex-boyfriend Scott Disick. The twosome, who had been together for almost a decade, have three children together, but Kardashian knew that the relationship could no longer work after Scott reportedly cheated over the summer. The socialite made the daring move to kick her ex out of the house they shared, laying down new rules: the romance was over, and that he needed to find a new home to stay at because he wasn’t moving back in with her.

8 Lee Daniels’ Empire Breaking All Kinds Of Records


Lee Daniels must have been delighted when ratings for his hit show Empire, went through the roof during his first series this year. Having pitched the program to many networks, a lot of them supposedly passed on the idea, simply because the format seemed too similar to Glee. And when FOX had announced that they had given the show a chance, the public seemed unsure about another all-singing cast. But with almost 18 million people tuning in for the season finale, Lee was in the right all along.

7 Rihanna's Delayed Album Still Has Her Making Millions

Rihanna has been delaying her music since her 2012 effort with Unapologetic. Having teased her fans since the beginning of 2015 that she was readying up a new album, fans are still waiting to see what she’s been cooking up in the studio — but how much longer? Putting the music to the side, however, Rih-Rih has launched another clothing line this year, having also partnered up with Puma to release her very own sneaker collection. She also inked a $25 million with Samsung in support of her forthcoming record, meaning that she’ll promote their new line of phones through the release of her next album. Pretty impressive.

6 Kendall Jenner Modeling For Victoria’s Secret

Kendall Jenner has made it — she’s walked the runway for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which has been one of her lifelong dreams since she was a little girl. The model was approached with the offer just four weeks before the fashion show, and following her triumphant walk, she made it known on social media that this moment was for all the haters who had doubted her.

5 Jay-Z’s TIDAL Streaming Service


When Jay-Z first launched his very own music streaming serviced, TIDAL, everybody was confused about it. Firstly, it was highly overpriced at $20 for a month’s worth of membership to its service that claims to offer “crisp clear” audio. What does that even mean? So, despite its slow start to pick up interested customers, following exclusive releases from the likes of Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Prince, TIDAL has been doing a lot better. The company now boasts of 1.1 million active users, which is quite impressive, seeing that TIDAL only opened its doors in March.

4 Drake’s Untouchable Position in Hip-Hop

Nobody in Hip-Hop has had a better year than Drake, who not only made millions from a diss track aimed at Meek Mill, but also profited off his collaborative album with Future just months later. Following the whole Back to Back fiasco, Drizzy unveiled What A Time To Be Alive, a collaborative effort with his rap pal, which sold more than 320,000 copies in its first week. But aside from that, Drake had multiple top ten hits this year, followed with the release of his own clothing line, and his recent $19 million signing with Apple for exclusive rights to new music material. Nobody saw this coming.

3 Kevin Hart’s Soaring Success At The Box Office

Forget about Brad Pitt, comedian Kevin Hart is the one to watch when it comes to the success of movies these days. Hart, who is known to turn almost every film into a box-office hit, has had an incredible year, which certainly goes without saying that 2016 will probably be even better. Get Hard and The Wedding Ringer were both hits for the actor, but even bigger news came over the summer. Hart had signed on for Ride Along 2, Captain Underpants and The Secret Life of Pets, all to be released next year, meaning Kevin has made serious bank just by being a part of these films. From comedy to a credible Hollywood actor. What a surprise.

2 Lebron James Lifetime Nike Deal

Lebron James may not have been playing his best as of late, but his poor performance was enough for people to wonder why Nike has offered him a lifetime sponsorship deal. This means that James will have to promote Nike’s products for the rest of his life, including his very own sneaker collection with the company, followed by jersey shirts, etc. But for Lebron, he probably doesn’t care that he cannot wear Adidas or Puma anymore, for Nike is believed to have paid James a staggering $500 million to make the deal happen. Pretty impressive for a guy who’s been playing awful following his return to Cleveland, but maybe the new money will motivate him again.

1 Adele’s Record-Breaking Return To Music

Adele’s success with 25 shocked everybody, simply for the fact that many of us thought she had retired from music. The songstress was very quiet when it came to the release of the album, only announcing it late October, which didn’t matter because the record still ended up selling 3.3 million copies in its first week in the U.S alone. The album has since shifted more than 8 million copies worldwide, making it the fastest-selling record in the world. This sort of success was definitely unexpected from Adele, who had done very little promo in an effort to support the album. Wow.

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