10 Celeb Former Best Friends Turned Frenemies

Hollywood friends: one minute you are sitting at a fancy restaurant, gossiping about other stars and their scandalous life, the next you find out your so-called friend has been doing the same behind your back, ratting you out on personal information you most likely wouldn't have wanted the entire world to know. That's Hollywood. There has been a bunch of friendships formed between celebs, but it's very rare to see these bonds last. Those who once considered themselves the best of friends now hate each other and tell stories about personal conversations to media outlets just because they can't stand each other anymore. Awful. It begs the question as to whether celebrities can actually form genuine relationships when one is consistently wondering if people are being honest with them or not. From reality stars to those in the music industry, celebs all tend to go through the experience of losing that one friend that once meant everything to them — someone they would confide in during their darkest times.

Below, we've put together our top ten picks of friends-turned-frenemies. Celebs that everybody couldn't get enough of as a duo, then suddenly one hiccup leaves the entire friendship torn apart.

10 Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato


Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato first met when they were shooting scenes for an episode of Barney. Their friendship blossomed as the two became closer over the years, both landing their own TV-shows on the Disney Channel, followed with their very own princess-themed movie. But things turned sour when Selena began dating Justin Bieber. During that same time, Demi openly admitted to battling a drug addiction and needing professional help. Selena wasn’t there for Demi as much as she would've liked and, the two eventually started drifting away from one another. In an interview with Andy Cohen back in 2014, Lovato said she would “kill” Justin Bieber in a game titled ‘F**k, Marry, Kill’, before adding that she’s not on speaking terms with Gomez anymore.

9 Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton


Can you believe that Kim Kardashian was once Paris Hilton’s personal stylist? What a difference a decade can make, right? The former BFFs, who had been friends since they were teenagers, called off their friendship after Kim’s career started taking off with the hit reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It was said that Hilton became jealous of the attention Kim was getting and thought that distancing herself from Kardashian would mean the socialite would disappear from the limelight. Boy, was she wrong. Kim openly said during an episode of KUWTK in 2013, that Paris was envious of her success and it caused a rift in their friendship.

8 Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson


Ain't nothing better than a frenemy feud between two Brit lads. Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson supposedly parted ways in 2011 following Garfield’s split to then-girlfriend, Shannon Woodward. Reasons for the couple’s split were never explained, but sources say Pattinson sided with Shannon and therefore decided to end his so-called bromance with his former good pal. The Amazing Spider-Man actor went on to date Emma Stone just a couple of months later, showing clear signs he wasn't bothered by the break-up at all.

7 Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton sure knows how to make enemies. The socialite-turned-businesswoman and her former best pal, Nicole Richie, are far from the besties they were ten years ago. The twosome, who landed their own reality show, titled The Simple Life in 2003, publicly stated they had grown apart from one another. Meanwhile, sources claimed the reason Paris and Nicole were no longer pals was because Nicole wasn't treating Hilton with decency, having allegedly shown Paris’ sex tape to her friends at her Calabasas home. Paris and Nicole have not been photographed together in a very long time.

6 Ciara and Rihanna


Believe it or not, Ciara and Rihanna were very good friends at one point in their lives. Before becoming the risque star we know today, Rihanna was a really sweet girl who made it look easy to have genuine friendships in Hollywood. She befriended songstress Ciara, who - at the time - was much more successful than the Bajan-beauty. RiRi was not happy to hear Ciara saying she wasn't “the nicest person” when they ran into each other at an event in 2011. Rihanna joked on Ciara’s career downfall, claiming she couldn't even sell out a nightclub to perform at. Ci and Ri have not spoken since their public feud.

5 Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria


We were all rooting for this Latina friendship to stay solid but, when Jennifer Lopez was hearing about one particular day when frenemy Eva Longoria, sat on Marc Anthony’s lap, it was over. Marc, who is Jennifer’s ex-husband, was said to have allowed Eva in sitting on his lap as they joked with friends. J.Lo was nowhere in sight, making her wonder why her bestie was with her husband when she wasn't there. Awkward. Being the independent and strong woman that she is, Jennifer kissed her friendship to Eva Longoria goodbye and out of nowhere, filed for divorce from Anthony a year later.

4 Drake and Diddy


Drake and P. Diddy were apparently really good friends until Drake stole one of the music producer’s instrumentals, resulting in a beat-down. Diddy felt disrespected over a song that Drake had supposedly stolen from him. 0 to 100 is the song in question. Diddy claims the instrumental belonged to him, but Drake secretly recorded his lyrics over the beat and released it to the world. The song went on to sell 500,000 copies and earned Drake a Grammy nomination. Out of frustration, Diddy confronted Drake about the situation with an alleged punch to the face. It is clear at this point that their friendship is ruined.

3 Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy

Nickelodeon thought they made a wise move giving Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy their own show, titled Sam & Cat. Little did they know that just after one series, the program would see McCurdy threaten to quit after learning she was making much less money than her co-star/friend. Ariana and Jennette, who were friends before they landed their own show, butted heads over their salaries per episode — McCurdy was unwilling to cooperate with a paycheck that was notably less. Money not only tore their friendship apart, but also the program which producers decided to cancel soon after and, it was all down to money problems.

2 Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera


Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera seemed like they got along quite well in their early 20s, having spent a lot of time with one another during their off-time from music. The two, who first met during the filming of The Mickey Mouse Club show, would go on to launch successful pop careers that had them confide in one another. After all, they were going through all these changes in life at the same time. Sadly, their friendship fizzled out over the course of a few years. No more dinner dates, no phone calls… nothing.

1 Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag


Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag starred on the infamous reality show, The Hills, which saw a bunch of young adults deal with life and friendships in Los Angeles. Some friendships on the show seemed forced and far from genuine, but not with LC and HM. The two were the best of buds until Heidi started seeing Spencer Pratt — Lauren blames him for getting into her friendship with Heidi. Conrad told Heidi on numerous occasions that Spencer was a bad boyfriend, but Heidi wouldn’t listen and went on to marry him. Lauren and Heidi don’t speak anymore. In fact, while Heidi and Spencer went on to spend all of their fortunes, Lauren invested into business marketing and now has a reported total net worth of $25 million.

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