10 Celeb Couples Who Should Have Never Broken Up

Couples break up everyday. Relationships are hard, and it takes a lot of work to stay together in spite of work obligations, money problems, the opinions of family and friends, and the simple fact that sometimes people just fall out of love. Imagine all those things plus the pressure of the spotlight for celebrity couples.

Fans get invested in a celebrity couple because they think they look cute together, and for some reason they think they're meant to be. But fans can't see what's actually going on inside the relationship, so they never really know if the couple is as happy as they appear to be on the red carpet. Celebrities are constantly trying to keep their private life private, but their personal lives are part of their appeal, so sometimes they can use their relationships as a way to stay in the headlines.

We all know we have no say over which couples stay together forever and which ones don't. But that doesn't mean we can't dream of a perfect world where every fan favourite couple lives happily ever after. No matter what, some couples will always be meant for each other in the eyes of their fans. Here are 10 celebrity couples we wish (probably in vain) would get back together.

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10 Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams


Ever since The Notebook, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have been that couple everyone thinks is going to eventually get back together. They are both Canadian, and were even born in the same hospital in London, Ontario. After co-starring in arguably the most romantic movie of all time, they dated for three years on and off. But now Ryan has a baby with Eva Mendes (which reportedly was tough for Rachel to hear), so the chances of them getting back together are slim. But you never know, right?

9 Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult


Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult met while filming X-Men: First Class and dated on and off for a couple years before calling it quits in 2014. Nicholas reportedly called it off because they barely got to see each other with their busy schedules. But no one can deny the A-listers are adorable together, and no one is thrilled with either one of current dates of choice (he's been seen with Kristen Stewart, and her with Chris Martin). There's always hope they could rekindle their romance one more time once they start doing the press rounds for 2016's X-Men: Apocalypse.

8 Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens


7 Heidi Klum & Seal


Not only did supermodel, Heidi Klum and her husband of seven years, musician, Seal, seem incredibly happy together, but they share four children (three biological, and one from Heidi's previous relationship). But they got divorced in 2012, and publicly said that the split was amicable. There were unverified rumors that Heidi cheated with her bodyguard while they were still married, and that Seal had an explosive temper. But they are still devoted to co-parenting their children, so they'll always be in each others lives.

6 Jake Gyllenhaal & Kirsten Dunst


From 2002 until 2004, Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst were one of young Hollywood's hottest couples. After they broke up, Jake went on to be a bit of a player, dating Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift (rumor has it he took her virginity, and then she wrote her entire Red album about him). Kirsten once told Allure that she and Jake don't keep in touch, but she'd like to see him again. Now she's dating her On The Road co-star, Garrett Hedlund, so maybe a Jake and Kirsten reunion is a long shot.

5 Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson


Every fan of The O.C knew that Seth and Summer were meant to be together, so when Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson started dating in real life everyone was thrilled. They were together for three years, but broke up before the show was cancelled in 2007. Rachel is now with Hayden Christensen and they just had a daughter together. Adam married Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester last year and they are expecting their first baby. Seems like Adam and Rachel are following the same path, but with different people.

4 Usher & Chilli


If Beyonce and Jay-Z are hip-hop royalty, then Usher and Chilli were R&B royalty. They broke up in 2003 right around the time Usher's album Confessions was released. Since most of his hit songs were about infidelity, people assumed that they were all about his relationship with TLC's Chilli. But she set the record straight in a US magazine interview, saying they had a good relationship and were happy together. Usher has since been married, had two kids (and an intense custody battle), and been divorced, so maybe a little less drama is just what he needs.

3 Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield


The Amazing Spiderman co-stars might not actually be broken up for good just yet. After dating for years, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield decided it was time to take a break. Some sources are saying it's strictly a break for practical reasons. Both of their careers are heating up, and naturally they have to be away from each other for long periods of time because of different filming commitments. But they've still been photographed spending time together, so hopefully they can find a way to make it work unlike so many other celebrity couples who break up for the same reason.

2 Drew Barrymore & Justin Long


1 Ethan Hawke & Uma Thurman


Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman were married from 1998 until 2005 when their divorce was finalized because of allegations of infidelity on Ethan's part. They met on the set of Gattaca and got married in part because Uma was pregnant with their first child. Ethan is now married to a woman who worked as the nanny for his two kids when he was married to Uma. Their relationship may not have ended on good terms, but they still have two kids together, so they still have to tolerate each other at the very least.

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