10 Cancelled Video Games That Would've Been Awesome

Every year, we get a ton of new video games to satisfy our gaming needs. Some of the games are too good to be true, while others are a waste of our time. Still, we’ve got the developers to thank for the onslaught of games we get every year. But not all titles share the same fate of being released to hungry gamers.

There is such a place wherein games currently in development will never see the light of day. Games stuck in this stage ultimately get cancelled, never seeing their place on GameStop or EB Games shelves.

There are a ton of reasons behind a game’s cancellation - it just isn’t working out, it’s getting horrible with each development stage, lack of funds and so on. It hurts our hearts to see a video game get canned. What hurts even more is that if the cancelled video game looked awesome, it could’ve been better then some of the titles we have now.

We’re listing down the top 10 cancelled video games that would’ve been awesome, letting gamers think about the what-ifs and the what-could-have-beens if these games were released. Take note that titles like The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV won’t be on this list as the developers were gracious enough to pull them out of development hell.


10 Sonic X-Treme


The speedy blue hedgehog currently has a bad streak of video games under his name. The developers can no longer bring back the glory days of our speedster. Speaking of glory days, Sonic X-Treme is the most famous cancelled Sonic game. The game was first revealed in E3 1996 and that’s it. It never left the development stage.

The game, unlike its predecessors, was supposed to be in 3D. It was supposedly the game that properly took Sonic into different dimensions. Sonic has a lot of 3D games now, but none of them have been critically acclaimed yet.

9 The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight trilogy was arguably the best set of Batman films in history. The series was a superb take on the world’s greatest detective, and having a game loosely based on the film sounds great. The game was supposed to launch along with the second film in the franchise in 2008. Before then, the game really wasn’t moving along that well. It only became known when Gary Oldman, who played Jim Gordon in the films, said that he contributed to the project.

Unlike other movie tie-ins, this one looked amazing. Even though we didn’t get this promising title, we got Batman: Arkham Asylum and the rest of the Arkham series instead - which is a great series of games as well.

8 Agent

With games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar and its branches produce good content. One of the promising titles is the cancelled stealth action video game, Agent.

Agent was first announced in 2007 and since then, it popped out very seldom, leading players to believe that the game was cancelled. The most recent development regarding that title was back in 2013, when Rockstar allegedly registered trademarks for the game.

7 Starcraft: Ghost

Blizzard had plans on creating a spin-off from one of its real-time strategy titles. We’re not talking about World of Warcraft from Warcraft. We’re talking about the cancelled Starcraft: Ghost from, well, Starcraft. The game was ultimately cancelled because Blizzard couldn't do everything all at once, and they had to let go of some titles.

This cancelled title is a far cry from Starcraft, as it was expected to be a third-person shooter game that gave players a better look at the battles going on in the Terran Universe. It would’ve been a fun take on the real-time strategy, but we really can’t blame Blizzard for setting their priorities straight.

6 Battle Of The Sith Lords

This isn’t the only cancelled Star Wars game appearing on this list. Battle of the Sith Lords is an action game starring one of the stars of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul. The game was dark and brutal, and it showed the beginnings of the future Sith lord.

Maul’s set of skills include his awesome dual-ended lightsaber skills that allows him to decapitate enemies. Some developers have showed interest in pushing through with the title and hopefully, this Maul game gets released.

5 Gotham By Gaslight

Batman is already a pretty cool detective, but when you add a steampunk setting to it, you’re over killing it with awesomeness. Gotham By Gaslight is an action game based on a comic of the same name.

It would’ve been a great Batman game. Maybe not as good as the Arkham series, but it’s surely a different take on the franchise. The game is forever stuck in development limbo, so fans of Bruce Wayne will have to make do with the comics that the game is based on.

4 Fallout Online


This MMO was being developed not by Bethesda, but by Interplay, the original publisher and developer of the Fallout series. This developer was responsible for Fallout 1, 2 and Fallout Tactics. Interplay was reportedly working on a Fallout MMO called Fallout Online. The game got cancelled when Bethesda bought back the rights to a Fallout MMO.

The deal was struck in 2014, solidifying the halt of development. With the success of the recent Fallout 4, we’re hoping that Bethesda will give us a Fallout MMO as it did with The Elder Scrolls Online.


3 First-Person Avengers Game

Video games based directly on films are infamous for being terrible. The reason for that is that developers are just riding the hype train from the movie and not really exerting much effort in the games themselves. The Avengers video game was different. This game developed by THQ was a first-person title based directly on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but had a different story to it.

It allowed players to use the different Avengers and each had their own set of skills. The game was astonishing to say the least. Sadly, the project slowly died down when THQ began its decline in 2011.

2 Star Wars 1313

Aside from Battle of the Sith Lords, there’s another Star Wars game that got the axe. This time around, the game has been on the far end of development stage. So much so that trailers were already released at E3. It’s deeper into development than the Battle of the Sith Lords, though.

What makes this Star Wars game different from the rest is that it focuses on Bounty Hunters and their gadgets instead of the Force. The game is supposed to revolve around Boba Fett during his early days. Now if that doesn’t make this game exciting, we don’t know what else does.

1 P.T. (Silent Hills)


This terrifying short horror game was made by the legendary Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro. The title is short for Playable Teaser and it’s just that for an upcoming Silent Hills game starring Norman Reedus. Despite giving players roughly 30 minutes of game time, P.T. exceeded all expectations and looked to be the scariest game to date.

Sadly, the Silent Hills game was cancelled after Kojima and Konami’s fallout. And just like that, possibly the best horror game ever was no longer in our reach. Only those who downloaded and never deleted P.T. can play it as it’s no longer available on the PlayStation Store. The game terrified the living soul out of us, but we’re still praying that the title will push through somehow.

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