10 Biggest Kimye Moments During Their First Year Of Marriage

May 23rd marked the one-year anniversary for the power house couple that is Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West. Not many people believed that the two would last this long and shade was constantly thrown their way, but as of right now, they can laugh at those haters and relish in the success of making it as newlyweds with a baby. Their anniversary was celebrated in true Kardashian –West style with social media being heavily involved; Kim posted several pictures of their year in wedded bliss on her Instagram page. The best tribute yet might have come from Kris Jenner, who posted a video of the couple sharing their first dance as husband and wife to John Legend’s hit song “All of Me” sang by the musician himself. Kris captioned the video that perfectly summed up the couple's happy day. Stating, “Happy First Anniversary @kimkardashian #KanyeWest and thank you for taking us all on your Magical Mystery Ride,” she continued on to say, “One of the best weeks of my life…and thank you @johnlegend for this amazing memory… #family #love #allofme #florenceitaly”. That night was only one incident of the crazy, exciting, outrageous first year they had as husband and wife; this couple makes marriage look easy and appealing. Documenting Kim and Kanye’s first year of marriage, here is a list of 11 insanely entertaining things that happened during year one; everything from North’s bullet proof vest to the many incidents where Kanye smiled- read on to find out how they fared as newlyweds.


12 Kim Broke The Internet and Kanye Cheered Her On

In November 2014, Kim Kardashian shocked/pissed off the world when she “broke the internet”. Kim stripped down to nothing to participate in a cultural photo shoot for PaperMag, the shoot was appropriately titled NO FILTER and embodied the way Kim lives her life; with no filters. The interview attached to the photos talked about Kim being a social media phenomenon, her life as a mother, her marriage to Kanye and what she thinks about what her haters have to say. Her husband cheered her on by Tweeting #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple and being a constant support for the woman he believes is everything.

11 They Dressed Alike

Kanye and Kim have made it a mission to be a unit of one, and this includes dressing alike. When people date or are married for a while, they sometimes unintentionally begin to dress like one another, fortunately, every single time they have dressed alike it was intentional and possibly one of the cutest things ever. This couple thrives on fashion; Kim owns several retail stores with her sisters and has a clothing line sold in Sears. Kanye has interned with the best of them at Louis Vuitton, and has developed clothing lines for Adidas and Louis Vuitton. Is it any wonder that they have the same sense in fashion?

10 Kanye and North Vandalized A Hermes Purse As A Gift For Kim

For Kim’s 34th birthday, her husband combined two things she loves; fashion and her adorable daughter, North. Kanye gifted Kim with a beautiful Hermes bag that he allowed a then 16-monh old Nori to diligently paint with her hands. Along with the bag was a video that Kanye took of North painting the leather canvas. Kim Later Instagramed about the event saying, “Me & my bae out today,” she wrote. “Wearing my favorite bag painted by my little North.” Kim even bragged about how professional her daughter's painting skills are; “I had thought it was this new artist who had painted this purse”.

9 They Debunked All Divorce Rumors

For the last 365 days, Kim and Kanye have debunked every divorce rumor that has come their way. Hollywood life, TMZ and apparently even Kim’s own mother Kris Jenner, has been sparking divorce rumors since before the couple tied the knot. Considering how long Kanye has been in love with Kim (dating back to when she was dating Reggie Bush), he will certainly not be letting her go that easily. They have already lasted way longer than most haters thought they would. For almost every divorce rumor that went out, there were at least 3 sightings of them looking like happy newlyweds. It does not look like anyone can tear these two apart.

8 They Dressed North In A Bullet Proof Vest At NYFW

As per usual, Kim and Kanye killed New York Fashion Week 2015, but the real stunner was what they dressed North in at the premiere of Kanye’s Adidas line; a bullet proof vest. Yes, just like the ones the cops wear. What 20-month old could make a bullet proof vest look so cute and not offensive at all? Only the one and only North West; Kim Tweeted like the proud parent that she is, “Look at my little cutie!!! #BabyYeezyBulletProofVest”. The vest was one of the pieces from her dad’s Adidas line; what better promotion for oneself then their own flesh and blood?

7 They Took North To Armenia To Celebrate Kim’s Heritage

Kim and her family took a highly publicized trip to Armenia to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. There were several things learned on this trip; 1. One of Kim’s cousin’s looks exactly like her, 2. Kim is very respectful of her culture, even sometimes covering her head like the native women did and 3. Kim jet set to Jerusalem to have North baptized at the historic St. John Cathedral. Of course Kim Tweeted about her trip saying, “I am proud to now say I have been to Armenia”. She continued to say, "I have seen the memorials and the people who survived and I am so proud of how strong the Armenian people are!” #PROUDARMENIAN

6 They Featured North in Kanye’s Music Video

Kim and Kanye decided to debut their little one officially to the world through her dad’s music video that also kind of premiered on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kanye’s single “Only One”, featuring Paul McCartney, is a testament to his love for his baby girl and his appreciation for his wife Kim. North’s performance is too cute for words and let’s be honest, has anyone seen Kanye smile as much as he does when he is with his family? The episode showed Kim praising her little girl for a job well done as they walk off set hand in hand. Could this family get any cuter?


5 They Are Trying For Another Baby!


Considering that baby North was such a success, Kim and Kanye are trying for another perfect child. It has been reported in tabloids and well documented on KUWTK that Kim and Kanye are “having sex 50 million times a day”. Khloe said it best with a simple “eewww”. However, it is exciting knowing that they are working on having another beauty. Here is to hoping that everything works out for this family and hopefully this time it is a boy to round out their union.

4 They Slayed The Met Gala

Kim and Kanye have been killing the Met gala game for years together, however, this year as a married couple they rivaled Jay Z and Beyonce for the top spot. They both wore Roberto Cavalli, Kanye in velvet and Kim in a barely there silhouette gown that perfectly accented her curvaceous body. Kim live Tweeted the whole event and shared pictures of some of her famous friends and fashion idols like Cher, Kate Hudson and Madonna. The reality star and now author proved how important her book Selfish was, by taking some of the best selfies of the night.

3 They Have Been Traveling All Over The World

The couple has been traveling non-stop; in addition to Armenia and Jerusalem, they have also been to Paris several times, and London (while Kanye tours). They hit the slopes in Utah in January, sunbathed in Mexico, made a visit to the famous Christ the Redeemer landmark in Brazil, and brought North along when they stayed in a Castle for their honeymoon in Ireland. Life does not look like it can get better for these two; they have also kept it low key by planning smaller trips to Miami, Santa Barbara and a low key trip to Prague. Who isn’t jealous right now?

2 Kim Actually Made Kanye Smile Several Times

Kanye recently came out and made a statement about why he does not smile; he stated, “back when I was working on Yeezus I saw this book from the 1800s , I looked at all these people’s photos, and they look so real, and their outfits were incredible, and they weren’t smiling. People, you know, the paparazzi, always come up to me: ‘Why you not smiling?’ And I think, not smiling makes me smile. When you see paintings in an old castle, people are not smiling because it just wouldn’t look as cool”. However, it looks like now-a-days Kanye cannot stop smiling, and who can blame him? He has a hot wife, a successful career, a beautiful kid and success in the fashion game.

1 They Celebrated Their 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

They made it!!! All the naysayers may feel a bit dumbfounded considering that many people were betting that this powerhouse couple would not see the end of their 1 year anniversary. Truth-be-told, they may be one another’s soul mates; they always seem happy together, their love affair has spanned more years than most people will believe and personally, Kim might be the only chick who ‘gets’ Kanye’s artistic mind and creative soul. Then again, it has only been a year and who knows what will happen in year two of their marriage, but so far they look like they are on the right path. And let’s be honest they bring out the best in one another, at least that's what it looks like.



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