10 Celebs Who Don't Have A Hollywood Star On The Walk Of Fame

Every little girl or boy wishing for stardom, has dreamed about earning a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star plaques that are embedded in the sidewalks on Hollywood Boulevard have become the ultimate symbol of achievement for those that work in the entertainment industry. Millions of adoring fans flock to the Chinese Theatre from around the world just to take a photo of their favorite celebrities star.

For those that have “made it”, earning a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a rite of passage and a top honor. Or is it? According to Time, it is not such an elusive reward. An application can be submitted by the management of a celebrity who has been famous for at least 5 years, along with a $30K fee and a written commitment to attend the induction ceremony if selected.

Once received, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will review the application and notify those approved. The stars management must“pitch” their client, including information about all of their accolades, to a panel that consists of other peers in the industry. Still sound amazing?

It is no wonder that some industry veterans are simply not interested in having a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Gone are the days of imagining your Hollywood star amongst the stars of icons like Marilyn Monroe and Gene Kelly. When you can wind up buying a star right next to Kermit the Frog, Chris Rock, or Judge Judy, it does not have the same allure.

Which top names are among the celebrities that do not have a Hollywood star? The list may surprise you:

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10 Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is one of the stars being openly solicited to apply. In a 2013 interview with Time magazine, The Walk of Fame’s VP of Media relations, Ana Martinez mentioned that hey have a space reserved for Eastwood. He is rumored to be uninterested in the fanfare of a ceremony.

The actor, director and producer started his acting career appearing in Westerns during the 1960’s. The Academy Award Winner now has a production company that is responsible for such films as ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ and ‘Changeling’.

9 George Clooney

Hollywood leading man and ‘Gravity’ star George Clooney has not shown any interest in acquiring a shiny bronze star of his own, though he is certainly qualified. Clooney began his acting career in 1978 and has gone on to win two Academy Awards and branch into screenwriting, directing and producing. He made history for being the only one to ever be nominated for Oscars in six different categories during one award season, according to Deadline.

8 Julia Roberts

7 Robert Redford

Famed actor, director and producer Robert Redford is among the stars listed in this years TIME 100, as one of the "Most Influential People in the World." Redford’s career has spanned 55 years, and he has appeared in theatre, on television and in films. He won an Academy Award for his directorial debut ‘Ordinary People’. Redford continues to be a power player in Hollywood. Like Eastwood, Redford is a Hollywood icon that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce would readily approve if he were to apply for a star on the Walk of Fame.

6 George Lucas

'Star Wars Saga' creator, George Lucas, is also conspicuously absent from the Walk of Fame. The screenwriter, director and producer began his film career in the 1960’s and is known for his work on the popular films 'Indiana Jones', 'American Graffiti ', 'Star Wars' and 'E.T.'. Though Lucas has never been awarded an Oscar, he has been nominated several times. The close friend of Steven Spielberg continues to be an influential figure in Hollywood.

5 Angelina Jolie

If you try looking for a star with Angelina Jolie’s name on it, you will not find one. A star for the Academy Award winning actress is also missing from the Walk of Fame. When her nemesis Jennifer Anniston received a star in 2012, it left people wondering why Jolie had not received the same recognition. Jolie has been starring in films since she was a child, appearing in ‘Looking to Get Out’ alongside her father Jon Voight. She won an Academy Award for ‘Girl Interrupted,’ but is constantly in the tabloids for her romantic union with actor Brad Pitt, Anniston’s ex-husband.

4 Al Pacino

'The Godfather' actor Al Pacino does not have a star on the Walk of Fame. The distinguished actor has been acting in films since 1969. Well respected in the business, the Academy Award winner has been successful on stage and in films. He is best known for his roles in the 'Godfather' trilogy. Pacino was nominated for a Golden Globe last year for his work in the HBO film ‘Phil Spector’.

3 Denzel Washington

Actor, director and producer Denzel Washington has been a mainstay in Tinseltown since he landed a role on 'St. Elsewhere' in 1982. Washington has found success on television, in theatre and in films, winning Academy Awards for ‘Glory’ and ‘Training Day’. Washington joins the ranks of Hollywood A-Listers that do not have a star on the Walk of Fame.

2 Diane Keaton

1 Robert De Niro

Highly respected actor, Robert De Niro, has been on the scene since 1973 when he starred in the film ‘Bang the Drum Slowly’. The actor, producer and voice actor won his first Academy Award for his work in ‘Raging Bull’ in 1980. De Niro is best known for his roles in ‘Cape Fear’, ‘Deer Hunter’ and ‘Goodfellas.’ According to the BBC, De Niro has starred in over 90 films. De Niro is yet another notable actor without a star on the Walk of Fame.

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