10 Big Brother Houseguests That Stuck Out The Most

Big Brother is an immensely popular international reality series franchise. Different versions air in various countries, such as, the U.S, Spain, Canada, India and the U.K. In fact, it's actually based on the Dutch series that was created in 1997 by John De Mol. The series follows contestants or houseguests for three months, who are isolated together with no privacy and under constant surveillance. The American version premiered in 2000 and is currently in its 16th season. The show is hosted by Julie Chen and airs on CBS. The show has 12-16 houseguests that are competing for a grand prize of $500,000, and the runner-up for a prize of $50,000. Each week the houseguests vote to evict one of the participants with various competitions, challenges and obstacles along the way. The U.S version has had 195 houseguests, with 23 competing in multiple seasons. Some of the houseguests had unique personalities, made controversial comments or were just really good at playing the game. Here is a look at 10 Big Brother houseguests that stuck out the most.

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10 Zach Rance


Big Brother is currently in its 16th season and continues to produce memorable house-guests. Zach Rance is 23-years-old and unemployed. Most fans either love him or they hate him. He seemed to love to cause drama and be the center of attention. With his cocky smirk and "big mouth", Zach Rance made for a perfect villain. Some felt that he was an honest person who was just telling the truth, while others just found him to be irritating. Either way, he left his mark on Big Brother. Early on he formed an immensely popular alliance/bromance with Frankie Grande, known as Zankie. He was nominated for eviction for five consecutive weeks and was eventually eliminated on Day 35.

9 Chima Simone


Chima Simone is possibly one of the most controversial Big Brother contestants of all time. She was a well known journalist before her appearance on season 11. She had worked as a reporter for The CW, BET and MTV. She was expelled from the show by producers after she broke several Big Brother rules, including: covering up cameras, destroying her microphone and throwing it into the Jacuzzi. Simone claims that she voluntary left the show due to producers manipulation. At the time, the episode that featured her departure was the largest audience for Big Brother, since 2008.

8 Rachel Reilly


Rachel Reilly is a very well known reality television personality. She first appeared on Big Brother season 12, where she entered into a relationship with eventual husband, Brendon Villegas. During the season, she was known for her many feuds in the house, most notably Regan Fox. At the time, she was known to be immature, arrogant and catty. Her and Brendon, known as Brenchel, developed a huge fan-base, despite that fact that she irritated other houseguests. She returned with Brendon for season 13 and was the eventual winner. She returned with the intention to redeem herself from the previous season. She also competed on the reality series, The Amazing Race season 20 and 24 with Brendon. They placed third both times.

7 Danielle Reyes


Danielle Reyes is considered by some Big Brother fans, as one of the greatest houseguests to not win the grand prize. She is one of the strongest, most strategic players of all time. She had a very strong competitive nature, that served her well in season 3. She made it to the finals but ended up being the runner up. Controversy erupted and still remains, as many felt that she was robbed and should have won. Some attributed her loss due to her cocky, and some-what arrogant, diary room confessions, where she would sometimes mock other houseguests. She was seeking redemption for her loss on season 3 and returned for season seven: All Stars but was evicted on Day 18. She was an immediate target due to being a well known strong player.

6 Mike "Boogie" Malin


Mike "Boogie" Malin is well known for his multiple appearances on the hit reality series, Big Brother. He first appeared in season 2, where he formed the famous alliance, Chill Town, with Will Kirby. He returned for season 7: All Stars, where he reformed the alliance. Both times, they used the alliance and their strategy very successfully, as it led to Will winning season 2 and Mike would go on to win the All Stars season. Together, they would manipulate others and would do as little as possible. He returned once again for season 14, but was evicted early on. Recently evicted houseguest, Zach Rance has admitted that Mike "Boogie" Malin served as inspiration for his game play in season 16.

5 Aaryn Gries


The unique format of watching people 24/7 who have no privacy at all, gives the viewers the opportunity to see a side of some of the houseguests that may not come across in an edited one hour show. Aaryn Gries appeared on Big Brother season 15, and found herself at the center of controversy. She made several racist and homophobic comments. Some fans went as a far as to start an online petition to have her removed from the show. Her homophobic comments were directed at the eventual winner, Andy Herren, who is openly gay. She also had a fight with African-American, Candice Stewart, and mocked her with a stereotypical accent. She made it to day 70, where she was evicted 5-0 and placed ninth.

4 "Evel" Dick and Daniele Donato


Dick Donato is a bar manger best known for his time on Big Brother season 8. He was joined by his estranged daughter, as a part of the "rivals" twist. Although they had a tense relationship, Dick was the eventual winner and his daughter, Daniele, was the runner up, making them the only family members to win the top two spots. He used intimidation and personal attacks on other houseguests to get what he wanted. Evel Dick is also the oldest person to win Big Brother, at age 44. He returned alongside his daughter for season 13 but left due to personal reasons.

3 Dan Gheeslings


Dan Gheeslings works as a teacher at a catholic high school, where he teaches Physical education, Health and Biology. However, he is best known for his multiple appearances on the hit reality series Big Brother. Many fans feel that he is one of the greatest players of all time. To ensure that he would be cast, during the interview process he exaggerated his views going as far as to claim that he would move to Canada if a woman was ever elected President. He won season 10 playing a perfect game, which meant he had no eviction votes cast against him and is the first and only person to win with a unanimous jury vote of 7-0. He is the only houseguest to ever achieve a perfect game. He returned in season 14 and was the runner-up, making him the first person to make it to the finals two times.

2 Britney Hanyes


Britney Hanyes is considered to be one of the greatest social players to live in the Big Brother house. She appeared in season 12 and was known to be very comedic and opinionated. During season 12, she had a feud with Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas. She was the final female that season, and placed fourth. She was extremely popular amongst fans, especially because of her funny diary room confessions. She returned for season 14 and placed 8th. Many other houseguests consider her to be one of the most dangerous players.

1 Will Kirby


Dr. Will Kirby is one of the greatest and most influential houseguests of all time. His game play and strategy have been used by future houseguests. He appeared in season 2 and was the eventual winner, as well as in season seven: All Stars, where he placed fourth. He formed a very famous alliance with Mike "Boogie" Malin, known as Chill Town, that would help both win their respective seasons. The duo did as little as possible and used manipulation to get others to do their dirty work. Prior to Big Brother, Kirby became an osteopathic physician and received a degree in biology from Emroy University. He is also board certified in dermatology. Since his success, he has appeared on several television shows. He was a medical correspondent for Extra! magazine, made an appearance on The Young and The Restless and on The Doctors.

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